MacHamlet — 22nd & 23rd April 2011 in Headley Village Hall

See cast details — see also Bard Again! 2013 and MacHamlet Goes West! 2015

Pictures taken by Janet Hardinge at the Dress Rehearsal on Sunday 17th April:—

The Three Witches: Jo Levy, Mel White, Wendy Downs

Great Scots! – L to R: Birnam Wood (Jill Turner), Banquo (Pru Harrold) & Duncan (Martin Wellen)

Polonius (David Irwin) and Ophelia (Karina Farnlucher) – or Polony and Feely to you!

Lady Godiva (Vicky Meadows) and Skye Blue (John McGregor), the sporty pair from Coventry!

The Hamlet family: Claudius (John Preskett), Gertrude (Kay McGregor) and the eponymous Hamlet (Luke Oates)

L to R: Horatio (Mavis Standing), Bottom with ass's head (Louis Clist), Claudius (John Preskett), Carl (Natasha Hibberd), Gertrude (Kay McGregor), Hamlet (Luke Oates), Berg (Nick Webb) & Polonius (David Irwin)

Why is Lady Godiva the centre of attraction? Is she about to get her kit off? …

Well, yes - and no. And is Claudius about to get a red card?

Pictures taken by Janet Hardinge at the Last Night performance on Saturday 23rd April:—

How we laid out the hall for a medieval feast.

The wenches were ready and waiting in the foyer for the invasion! (L to R: Tina Wareham, Sheila Wareham, Janet Hardinge)

The Scots and Danes meet for the first time

William McGonagall (Rod Sharp), bard of Scotland

Hans Christian Andersen (Nick Webb), bard of Denmark

Ophelia (Karina Farnlucher) and Polonius (David Irwin) discuss the off-side rule

Polonius: "I very much hope we don't know what you mean!":

Lady Godiva (Vicky Meadows) and Hamlet (Luke Oates) – "Somebody should write a play about it"

Witch 1 (Mel White) shows Lady Godiva her referee's kit – "Can't have you in the buff, can we!"

Macbeth (Mark Spiller) to Lady Macbeth (Rachel Spiller): "I drink to the general joy!"

Skye Blue (John McGregor) interviews some handy supporters for their comments, starting with Bottom (Louis Clist) …

… then Puck (Natasha Hibberd) …

… Malvolio (David Irwin) …

… Henry V (John Preskett) …

… Cleopatra (Dil Williamson-Smith) …

… and finally Romeo (LukeOates) and Juliet (Karina Farnlucher), who are having a 'domestic'

Witch 3 (Wendy Downs) and Witch 2 (Jo Levy) in their linesmen's kit, try to get fit with Lady Godiva …

… then everybody joins in!

The Danes and Scots back in the pub – note the bottle xylophone on the bar

The Danes have their own bottle xylophone in their hands!

It's all too much for Birnam Wood (Jill Turner) who's 'B flat'

Godiva shows Skye her strip!

The cheerleaders and officials at the start of the football match

Godiva tosses a groat between the two team captains: Duncan (Martin Wellen) and Claudius (John Preskett)

The match in progress: hold on to your drinks in the audience!

The losing side – the doleful Danes

The victorious Scots

Polonius presents the trophy, made from a well-known Danish export of the future …

… which sadly gets broken as the two team captains make a grab for it. 'Que lastima' as they say in Madrid!

And so to the final bow: and the rest is silence!

Close-up of the magnificent trophy waiting to be presented to the winning team!

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