Canterbury Tales— 20th & 21st April 2012

Photos taken by Janet Hardinge at the Dress Rehearsal, 15th April and sent to the Press:—

The reprieved Knight (Luke Oates) and the 'Old Hag' (Terrie Howey) in the Wife of Bath's Tale

The line-up at the end of the Nun's Priest's Tale – L to R: Chaucer (David Burnham), The Fox (Ollie West), Chickens (Penny McKay, Jo Levy), Pertelote (Wendy Downs), Chanticleer (Jo Smith), Chicken (Kay McGregor), Widow's daughter (Katherine Wellen), Widow Gwen (Jean Teuten)

Absalom (Rod Sharp) kisses the backside of Alison (Vicky Meadows) through the window while the Miller (John McGregor) looks on, in the Miller's Tale

Final line-up for a song – The Tabard Inn

Photos taken by Deb Williamson at the Last Night Performance, 21st April:—

The coffin goes past in the Pardoner's Tale. At the table are Tom (Peter Glinn), Dick (Rod Sharp) & Harry (Martin Wellen) surrounded by wenches.

Dick has a bright idea! and Geoffery Chaucer (David Burnham) makes sure the audience knows.

The shopkeeper (Jean Teuten) sells him bread, cheese, cider and poison – all you need for a picnic really.

Dick puts the poison into the cider. The wenches are wery worried.

The dastardly plan backfires, as Dick is stabbed by the other two, and they perish from his poison. The Old Hag (Julie Findley) looks on as Death (Terrie Howey) hovers over the three of them!

The Bartender (Louis Clist) introduces us to the Wife of Bath (Jo Levy)

The Queen & King (Penny McKay & John McGregor) accost the wayward Knight (Luke Oates) for having sown his seed wildly.

The Knight asks a passing 'Dame' (Martin Wellen) what he would like most!

But an Old Hag (Terrie Howie) gives him the correct answer, and claims her place in his bed for it.

Curtain call for the cast of the Wife of Bath's Tale.
L to R: Louis Clist, David Burnham, Jean Teuten, Penny McKay, Peter Glinn, Luke Oates, Terrie Howey, John McGregor, Kay McGregor, Martin Wellen & Jo Levy.

Chaucer introduces Pertelote (Wendy Downs) and Chanticleer (Jo Smith) in the Nun's Priest's Tale.

The chickens are agitated when they see the Fox (Ollie West) creep up on Chanticleer.

Widow Gwen (Jean Teuten) goes 'down on her arse' in a chase to catch the Fox. Her daughter (Katherine Wellen) tries to help her up.

Curtain call for the cast of the Nun's Priest's Tale.
L to R of Chaucer: Penny McKay, Ollie West, Kay McGregor, Vicky Meadows, Wendy Downs, Jo Smith, Katherine Wellen, Jean Teuten, Natasha Hibberd, Jo Levy, Mavis Standing.

The audience enjoying their medieval banquet of spit-roast hog during the interval …

… and being entertained by a passing band of troubadours who we just happened to find.

The Reeve (Jo Smith) introduces the wily Miller (Martin Wellen) at the start of the Reeve's Tale.

Two Cambridge students Alan (Luke Oates) and John (Peter Glinn) decide to fool the Miller. The Miller's wife (Kay McGregor) and daughter (Mel White) don't seem to hear the plot.

The students take their horse (Ollie West & Natasha Hibberd) for a tour through the audience.

Molly, the miller's daughter (Mel White) flirts with Geoffrey Chaucer (David Burnham) during her saucy song.

And inevitably, this being Chaucer, everybody ends up in bed together!

Curtain call for the cast of the Reeve's Tale.
L to R of Chaucer: Kay McGregor, Martin Wellen, Jo Smith, Peter Glinn, Luke Oates, Mel White, Rod Sharp, Natasha Hibberd.

A different Miller (John McGregor) introduces his Tale.

Nicholas (Luke Oates) shows us how big his lance is!

Absalom (Rod Sharp) asks to hear the 'latest confession' of Alison (Vicky Meadows).

Nicholas tells Alison's aged husband John (Peter Glinn) that he has a message from the stars, 'from Uranus out of Mars'!

Absalom's back, and with his guitar. The Miller looks on, he won't get far!

Alison's dimpled bum appears through the window.

And as if that wasn't enough, we get Nicholas's too!!

Curtain call for the cast of the Miller's Tale.
L to R: John McGregor, Rod Sharp, Luke Oates, Vicky Meadows, Peter Glinn.

Final curtain call for the entire cast.

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