'Everyone's Gone to the Moon' — a 1960s evening — 13th & 14th July 2012

Photos taken by Janet Hardinge and Deb Williamson:—

The Poster – another Janet Hardinge creation

The Juke Box backdrop – Ollie West the artist is on the left

Jo Smith paces out the Abbey Road backdrop

Lights, sound & stage are ready to begin (L to R: Harry Lewis, Neil Hardinge, Paul Wareham)

The Youth Group, picking a pocket or two

Teresa Marsh (foreground) reading the links; Claudia Ridgely and Wendy Downs wait to perform

Jo looks perplexed at a love-in (well, it was just a rehearsal!)

The Youth Group perform pieces from 'West Side Story'

The entire cast and audience play out with 'Hey Jude'

Meanwhile, backstage the party goes on!! (Pete Horne and Luke Oates)

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