Calendar Girls — 12th & 13th October 2012

The Poster

The Calendar!

Photos taken by Deb Williamson on last night, 13th October:—

Act I

In the beginning … The girls do the 'Tibetan yak'

Marie (Dil Williamson-Smith) confronts Chris (Tina Wareham) about a lack of flowers in the Hall

Pru suddenly discovers she has many lines to learn in a short time – and there's no smoking!

Chris, Annie (Pru Harrold) and Cora (Mel White) are enthralled with a talk on broccoli by Brenda Hulse (Wendy Downs)

Chris inspects the 'Westlife' still-life of Ruth (Mavis Standing)

"Mr John Clarke (David Burnham) is in the house" with his Knapeley Kneetrembler brew

Marie enters dressed for a Victorian Christmas

Rod (Martin Wellen) has supplied Marie with the wrong sort of truck

John as Santa appreciates the outfit worn by Celia (Karina Farnlucher)

Ruth (dressed as a rabbit, or is it a beaver?) doesn't think that Chris can bake a cake

John, now in a wheelchair, tells Annie about the sunflower seeds

Lady Cravenshire (Jean Teuten) arrives to announce the competition results. Marie's hat outdoes hers.

Chris is embarrassed as she wins a prize for her M&S-bought cake

John gives his final instructiuons …

… and then leaves for the pub. Not needed now till the walkdown!

Chris: "Can you see my nipples?" Answer: Depends where in the audience you were sitting!

Lawrence (Mark Spiller) is called in to share his thoughts for a calendar …

… then realises what he's got himself into!

He and Rod set up the props for the shoot.

They leave, and the girls come in to take Dutch courage!

First up is Celia – Miss September. They called for "considerably bigger buns," but never got them!

Lawrence had to get to grips with it himself …

Then Cora, the vicar's daughter and church organist – Miss July …

Then Jessie (Jill Turner) – Miss January – who, it transpires, was once Lawrence's teacher …

Annie – Miss February – hides her lights behind a tea service at the serving hatch …

Ruth – Miss November – attempts (riskily) to conceal herself behind marmalade-making …

… and Chris makes a flower-bedecked appearance as Miss October.

Then, just when you thought it was all over, the massed choir gave us a musical December spread!

Much to the surprise of Lady Cravenshire and Marie who had just walked in – and it was all too much for Marie. Quick curtain!!

Act II

Annie nervously addresses the Annual WI Conference in London …

… aided by a firebrand of a Chris.

The calendars had already been printed. (These actually were our own)

The girls practise 'the pose' for the Press.

Then out they go to face the flashes: first Ruth …

… followed by Annie …

… then Jessie & Cora …

… then Celia, without the need for props …

… and finally Chris – wow!

It's Tuesday, badminton night, but where's the net gone? Marie & Ruth play on regardless – then it arrives having been used as a banner at the Yorkshire Show.

Marie tells Chris a few home truths.

Letters float down – the girls read them out aloud

Chris gets hold of a set of smart little black dresses: Jessie, Celia & Cora can't wait, but Ruth is preoccupied

Rod wants Chris to help him at the Bridal Fair – but she wants to be on TV

A make-up session is arranged for the TV show – Elaine (Claudia Ridgely) has come from the local Spa

Unfortunately it seems that she has also previously come in Ruth's husband's car - and Ruth bravely tells her to F-off!

Annie enters, dishevelled.

Doing 'the pose' again …

… until they find they're really there to take the dresses off and put the 'flowers' on …

… and Chris is to cover her bits with 'the Product'!

Ruth offers to go 'Up the Zambezi in a canoe'

And we end as we began, with Tai Chi, but this time amongst John's sunflowers.

"Sod it girls. Go and get some chips!"

John is resurrected for the walk-down.

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