The Swan Queen and the 3 Dwarves— 10/11 & 17/18 January 2014 in Headley Village Hall

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The press came to take photos at the Sunday dress rehearsal – and managed to get the name of the panto wrong!

The scenery, costumes, lights and sound are professionally produced – and we're ready for the off!

Photos taken by Deb Williamson and Janet Hardinge on the final night

It all begins with Nursie (Martin Wellen) and King William (Mark Spiller) looking back. No, further back than that!

The chorus tell us 'It's a Lovely Day Today' - and so it is!

Penny (Paula Henderson, on right) confronts her daughter Joanna (Ana Kendall, left) and step-daughter Kate (Abigail Brittain)

Punge, the magical cat (Luke Oates)

Edward (David Burnham) tests the hole in his boot.

Ah, so that's how it's done! Tony Wareham previously being handy.

The spiders dance under UV lights in the attic (you'll just have to believe me on this one!)

What's a Blues Brother or two doing in a nice show like this?

Edward is drawn into marriage by Penny.

Nursie and the King are back again – with their respective steeds.

Edward and the cat discuss matrimony – well, it is panto!

Penny has put Kate in a paper dress and sent her out into the snow to fetch firewood – as you do.

But the magical cat saves the day by lighting her damp twigs.

Time for a cup song!

We're introduced to the magical dwarves: R to L Shorty (Rod Sharp), Stumpy (Jo Smith) and Squat (Zya White)

Kate arrives at the Dwarves' house with an over-acting cat!

The cat is operated on – and the dwarves retrieve some strange objects.

Op over – stagehands clear up the mess.

The King and Nursie appear again, on a hunting expedition with ass and duck!

Heigh-ho! It's the minor dwarves in chorus.

Joanna arrives at the dwarves' house and is asked to do some chores. She refuses and is cursed three times.

Back home, Joanna coughs up toads while Kate coughs up gold coins. They've been hexed. Penny is perplexed and vexed.

Kate is sent out to collect water from an icy river, and finds true love in the King – but only as a puppet!
End of Act I

The secret workings of of the puppets.

Act II begins with Nursie's fine aspect. And the King and Kate have had a child (quick work for puppets!)

Penny and Joanna wheedle their way into the Royal bedchamber…

…and cast Kate into the icy river below. Grimm!

But the magical dwarves rush after to save her. Less Grimm.

Nethertheless, we find ourselves wedged in a crafty computer game or two…

…as explained by the Game Expert (Victoria Kendall)

We need a mod? We got a Mod (Hugo Millard). Stumpy looks stumped.

Back in the Queen's bedchamber, the dwarves accost the cat.

Penny (now promoted to a Doctor) plots with Joanna who is pretending to be Kate.

But the real Kate turns up as a Swan Queen (gottit?) surrounded by cygnets.

Twice she comes, and twice she goes away again.

But the third time, the King is primed and ready to act…

…in a flash!

Kate is, OMG, like, transformed…

…and Joanna is cursed with green spots!

In the dénouement Penny and Joanna are accused of their crimes agains humanity.

And so to this year's Community Song. "'D' you're a donkey?"

Then everybody's up and at it. Was there anyone left to watch?

The palace guards (Tom & Vikki Sharkey) restore some sort of order…

…and the entire cast congregates to salute the band…

…and the Narrator (Teresa Marsh).

The Director (Mel White) is happy – and Zak beats his head with a drumstick!

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