'Green Room' evening— 14th February 2014, in Headley Village Hall

Photos taken by Deb Williamson

Act 1 line-up

Hugo 'get me to the church on time' Millard.

Jo Smith, who claimed he'd never had sax on stage before!

David Burnham offering Mel (who is safely out of shot!) some Madeira, m'dear.

The same David Burnham offering musical assistance to Jonathan Neil singing of 'Red, Red Wine'

'The Complete Rook' with John & Kay McGregor as customers of the surly Rod Sharp.

To close the first half of the evening, billed as 'The Opposite Direction', was it going to be 'The Full Monty'? …

… no, it was Tom Jones' "Delilah" delightfully performed by a plethora of personages, some of whom had sworn they'd never be seen on stage! Now thay have!!

Act 2 line-up

Kicking off the second half, we had F.U.N! — Luke Oates with Mark & Rachel Spiller.

The dynamic duo of Jo & Dil Smith bring 'Fever' to a new pitch!

Shirley Matthews tells us of a liaison with a former Prime Minister!

David Burnham and Mel White do the double with the 'Green Eye of the Little Yellow God'

There was more, but these were the moments as captured by Deb

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