Blackadder II — 17/18/19 April 2014, in Headley Village Hall

The original Poster (the performance on Thurs 17th April was added later, due to high demand for tickets)
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The cast at Dress Rehearsal, Sunday 13th April

Baldrick (Rod Sharp) and Blackadder (Luke Oates) at Dress Rehearsal

Blackadder with Queenie, Melchett and Sir Walter Raleigh at Dress Rehearsal

Headley Village Hall prepared for the banqueting

Directed by Jill Turner

From the first performance, Thurs 17th April

Act I — 'Bells'

Kate's father (Louis Clist) plots his daughter Kate's future roll [sic] in life.

Meanwhile Blackadder (Luke Oates) is enjoying a spot of archery in his chambers – Baldrick (Rod Sharp) is the target.

Percy (Mark Spiller) tries his luck with the bow…

…and Baldrick is pinnioned by his lucky willie.

Kate (Rachel Spiller) arrives at Blackadder's chambers disguised as 'Bob'

Percy takes a shine to him/her (he'd better, she's his wife!)

Whoops! Blackadder trips over 'Bob'.

He consults a quack (John McGregor) to find a cure for his disorder – but he only offers leeches.

On his way to seek another cure, he first meets the Young Crone (Mel White)…

…then the Wise Woman herself (Wendy Downs).

Back home, he encounters Bob's bottom…

…and then 'his' top!

Do you smoke after? Don't know, I've never looked.

Nursie's (Kay McGregor) knitting gets longer with the passage of time throughout the play. How does she do that?

A wedding is planned, with Baldrick as bridesmaid.

Percy fancies the bridesmaid…

…until he realises who it is!

And so the wedding party is finally ready to leave for Queenie's palace…

…where they arrive to find no Best Man.

…but he soon arrives in a Flash! (Nigel Owens as Lord Flashheart)

…and takes the bride from under Blackadder's nose. Queenie (Karina Farnlucher) is not amused.

The new lovers exchange clothes (yes, at this point the plot gets silly!!) and gallop off to the sound of coconut shells.

Act II - 'Potato'

Percy has a new hat to welcome home Sir Walter (what a large boat I've got) Raleigh.

And so has Baldrick.

Melchett (Martin Wellen) too.

Blackadder: It's rhetorical question. Baldrick: No my lord, it's a potato.

Queenie is also ready to welcome the sailor home (Peter Glinn as Sir Walter).

Blackadder is not impressed. He plans to sail round the Cape of no hope.

He meets the legless Captain Rum (Nigel Owens, again) to plan the voyage.

Meanwhile Percy plans to make himself scarce, by hiding in a trunk…

…but Baldrick spills the beans.

Queenie recites a farewell ode…

…and meets Captain Rum for the first time.

Baldrick scratches his back with a lobster (was that in the script??)

And the seafarers settle down in the ship's cabin.

Abby counts the days, and the days after the days…

…until the day of urine-drinking arrives. The boys get busy…

…but only Baldrick can squeeze anything out – two bottles-worth!

Just before they imbibe, they hit land – where there are streams of molten lava and a steamy mangrove swamp – and a crowd of beckoning natives rubbing their tummies and pointing to a large pot.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, Queenie's feeling blue, and using Sir Walter as a hoop-la post..

Blackadder arrives with gifts. "Is it a stick, Lord Blackadder?"

Percy throws the 'stick' out of the window, and we listen (and listen) for a whirring sound before it comes back to hit him and knock him to the ground.

The gift for Raleigh…

…and for Melchett is a sample of fine wine!

Guess where it came from? There is an inexhaustible supply!

Mel sings us out on a high note…

…and the cast assembles to take well-deserved applause.

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