Reflections — 11/12 July 2014, in Headley Village Hall

The Poster – see Programme

Picture for the Press: Mel White, Jo Smith, Ellie Bradford reflecting the three parts of the show: before, during and after WW1

Trying out the backcloth, designed and painted by Dil.

How we set the tables out in the Hall. There was also three gazebos outside : one for food prep, one for men's changing, and one for Zak's games and sales.

And so, on with the show. Pictures taken at the Dress Rehearsal and the Last Night performance by Angus McKay

Teresa Marsh held the show together at the front.

Before the War, life was good.
Here Tina 'Does like to be beside the Seaside'

The Juniors introduce us to 'Poor Little Pierrette'

Tina and Mavis, buddies at the beach.

Behold, the sea itself! And Neil's feet trying it out for size.

This was who it was really for! The Juniors practise some synchronised swimming…

…with a better selection of legs.

Back on dry land they take their bow.

Nigel & Sam Owens, not wanting to play in each others' yards!

Nick Webb & Jo Smith, sporting a sling, sailing along on Moonlight Bay.

David Burnham & Mel White once more tickle the fancy of the Little Green-Eyed Yellow God.

Act 2

After an Act of gaiety, Teresa Marsh & Rod Sharp take us into War.

Penny McKay leads the chorus: Your King & Country Want You.

Pru Harrold is Sister Susie, sewing shirts for soldiers…

…which seems to raise a titter or two!

Mel: If he can fight like he can love, then it's goodbye Germany!

Abby & Sam will make a man of any one of us!!

Then it's Goodbyee to the men.

Dil laments: After you've gone…

Wendy keeps the home fires burning…

…and Thomas tells us what he will do when this lousy war is over!

Neil prises himself from the lighting board to tell us of the Christmas truce in 1914.

Into a musical finale for Act 2 –
David sings 'The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' …

Deb gives us 'No man's Land' …

… and Nick sings 'Poppies' with appropriate effects.

Act 3

War is over!
How ya gonna keep them down on the farm?

Sam: Dillying and dallying on the way!

Nigel: Down by the old Bull & Bush, mush mush!

Mel & David, sampling a little Madeira, my dear. (Before the cat was flung offstage!)

The finale of the show…

…and the Juniors join us for the last blast!

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