The Darling Buds of May — 10, 11 & 17, 18 October 2014, in Headley Village Hall

The Poster – see Programme

Photos taken by Angus McKay at the Dress Rehearsal

Pop (Mark Spiller) comes home with the kids, who immediately switch on the TV!

Ma (Karina Farnlucher) with Pop, under the flying ducks…

…and by the musical drinks cabinet!

Pop meets the Brigadier (Martin Wellen)…

…and invites him home for a meal. By this time Mariette (Katherine Wellen) and 'Charley' (Thomas Edser) are there.

The Tax Inspector (Rod Sharp) arrives – and for the time being leaves again

Pop with Miss Pilchester (Pru Harrold)

Mariette fights for her man with Pauline (Abby Hibberd)

Discussion at the party: Sir George Bluff-Gore (John McGregor), Lady Bluff-Gore ( Kay McGregor) and Angela Snow (Penny McKay).

Charley & Mariette alone.

The children: Zak & Zya White, Jess Shaw and Annaliese Farnlucher

Pop sweet-talks Angela (Penny McKay)

Lady Bluff-Gore (Kay McGregor) chats to Ma (in front of a bucolic scene painted by Cavan Syrad)

Pa gets ready to make his speech.

All together now…

Time for drinks before…

…the walkdown.

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