Christmas Concert — 13 December 2014 in Headley Village Hall

Photos by Angus McKay

The programme as planned. It didn't quite turn out that way!

The Scenery for Act I

Members of the Headley Theatre Club start the show by singing 'Snow Falls'

Jo Smith as Master of Ceremonies explains that there will be changes to the published programme as: "Cruel winter has cut through like the reaper" and some cast members have been laid low.

David Burnham waits to sing 'Run, Run Rudolph', one of the numbers added to fill the gaps.

The Hilary Bishop School of Dance & Drama give us "Everything Stops for Christmas"

Alison Morgan performs to "Stella Maris"

Mel White is a 'child at prayer', though not quite as you know it!

Nigel Owens telling us he believes in Father Christmas – wistful or what?

Zya White reading 'The Night Before Christmas'

Headley Theatre Club back with their Ilkley Moor version of 'While Shepherds Watched'

Interval entertainment from the ASH Puppets …

… and the Arford Bells.

Jo 'Fingers' Levy prepares to give us three piano pieces at the start of Act II

Marion Davey relives her time as a schoolteacher at Nativity time.

Jo & Dil fill another gap in the schedule with their nearly-remembered rendition of "Baby it's cold outside"

Karina is every inch Eartha Kitt with orders for 'Santa baby'

The Hilary Bishop flower girls wanting a Room Somewhere.

And so to the Finale, when the entire cast led the audience in singing a few favourite Carols.

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