MacHamlet Goes West! — 24th & 25th April 2015 in Headley Village Hall

See cast detailsvideo — see also MacHamlet 2011 and Bard Again! 2013

Photos taken at the first Dress Rehearsal, Sunday 19th April, by Janet Hardinge:—

The cast outside Headley Village Hall

The Islanders: Miranda (Abby Hibberd); Prospero (Richard Weller); Ariel (Sam Owens) & Caliban (Nigel Owens)

The Scots: Banquo( Jill Turner); Birnam (Wendy Downs); Duncan (Martin Wellen); Morangie (Rod Sharp); Macbeth (Mark Spiller); Glen (Peter Glinn) & Lady Macbeth (Rachel Spiller)

The Danes: Horatio (Pru Harrold); Gertrude (Anne Flanagan); Carl (Mavis Standing); Claudius (Louis Clist); Hamlet (Luke Oates); Polonius (David Irwin); Berg (Ellie Bradford) & Ophelia (Karina Farnlucher)

The Witches: Morag (Mel White); Bella (Dil Williamson-Smith) & Kirsty (Jo Levy)

Scots at the bar, stage right (left) & stage left (right)

Danes discussing protocols on the longboat
The Scots fail to find their sea-legs as the longboat departs
Ariel welcomes the Witches to the Island
Caliban (with broom) is none too happy about the invasion of the Island
Prospero and Polonius compare notes on daughters
The 'invaders' start to enjoy the Island life
Caliban has trouble remembering how to erect a deckchair
Miranda sympathises
And it all ends up in a silly game of beach volleyball!

How the tables were set for the Friday performance …
… and here's how we set them for the Saturday performance.

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