'Noises Off' — 9th/10th & 16th/17th October 2015 in Headley Village Hall


The set under construction – front view
Paul Heath & Ellie Bradford

The set under construction – 'backstage' view
Paul Wareham & Paul Heath

The cast in rehearsal –
L to R standing: Luke Oates, Karina Farnlucher, Thomas Edser, Neil Hardinge (standing in for Rod Sharp), Katherine Wellen, David Burnham, Ellie Bradford (also Director of the play);
L to R sitting: Martin Wellen, Pru Harrold.

A jumblage of shots from the First Night:

The set for Act I




Setting for Act II


Tim, let me tell you about my life…







Turning into Act III


They always come in threes!

A happy ending!!

The 'walk-down'


Enough to drive one to drink!


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