Robin Hood — 15/16 & 22/23 January 2016 in Headley Village Hall

– see photos from performances of the same script in 1991 and 2003

The poster. See cast details. See rehearsal schedule. See photos from the 2003 production.

Pre-production photos by Angus McKay:

Someone's making an ass of the Director (Rod Sharp)?

Maid Marion (Zya White) and Mother Hood (Cavan Syrad) horsing about.

The sheriff's men (Thomas Edser, Thomas Hiller, Jess Shaw) manhandle Robin (Rachel Spiller)

And the band played on…
(Jo Levy, piano; Jo Smith, bass; Nick Webb, guitar; Zak White, drums)

Mixture of photos taken at the Second Dress Rehearsal by Angus McKay & Janet Hardinge; and on the Last Night by Deb Williamson

Act I

Queen Berengaria (Penny McKay) and King Richard (John McGregor) are persuaded by Blondel (Jo Smith, on last night only) to abandon their Mediterranean cruise and return to England

The chorus in Nottingham tell us that "Fings ain't wot they used t' be"

One of them (Wendy Downs) comes in with an arrow in her head. What a way to send a message!

Having hidden the message from the Sheriff and his men, they all decide to "Hang out our washing on the Sheriff's line"

Marion (Zya White) to Mother Hood (Cavan Syrad) "My goodness, what sort of a family have you got?"

"I seem to have let the Puss out of the Boot!" Puss (Ellie Bradford) makes an all too rare appearance.

Custard pies? In a pantomime?? Much Binding (Abby Hibberd) gets it from Friar Tuck (Martin Wellen) while Nun Better (Karina Farnlucher) looks on …

… and the Friar gets one back, to the amusement of Little John (Jonathan Neil)

Marion is introduced to the Merry Men – Little John to Robin (Rachel Spiller): "A spy!"

But all seems well: "Consider yourself at home"

Meanwhile, deep in the forest, Queen Fay (Dil Williamson-Smith) and her fairies are getting restless, and decide to "weave some magic round the wood"…

… just like that!

Private Shrub (Thomas Hiller), Sgt Beech (Jess Shaw) and Major Oak (Thomas Edser) on parade for the Sheriff

The Merry Men sing "Robin Hood"

Mother Hood offers Friar Tuck some 'Jugged Hare'

Who could forget the Nuns versus Friars cricket match?

Sister Susie (Maggie Farnlucher) at the crease. The wicket keeper (Mavis Standing) wears boxing gloves for protection.

Marion, captured by the Sheriff's men says she's lost her dog, General Dogsbody, in the forest.

The Merry Men are "Off to see the Sheriff" to get Marion back.

Meanwhile, King Richard feels seasick but Blondel persuades him, by the power of audience participation, to carry on …

… and Queen Fay decides to have a "Nice Cup of Tea". Such is pantomime!

Back in Nottingham Castle, the chorus are rather reluctantly "Looking out for a Hero"

Mother Hood arrives to be interviewed for the job of Chief Cook and Bottle-washer. That's assuming the Sheriff wants a Dolly Parton lookalike!

The interview proceeds. The Sheriff (Mark Spiller) is not too sure, but by her powers of persuasion 'she' is accepted.

Robin decides to shoot a message for help back to his Merry Men – but things got a little out of hand on the last night!

The Sheriff decides that interviewing the prisoner is more important than helping the new cook.

So we end the first Act with castle attendents offering to help her "9 to 5"!

Act II

At the start of the second Act, apparently "Happy days are here again" in the forest …

… so they spend some time on an archery competition …

… until they're told of Marion's capture – so then it's off to her rescue without delay – but first, a song!

Meanwhile, Marion's in sore trouble in the Sheriff's dungeon.

But Mother Hood has a cunning plan …

… and saves her with some 'pot luck' (not to mention a quick change of dress and hairstyle!)

Meanwhile the Royal entourage has arrived at Watford Gap, and the Queen is complaining that "a girl can only take so much"!

But Blondel has found a lorry driver (Tina Wareham) who can get them to Nottingham in an hour.

Outside Nottingham Castle, the chorus for some reason sings "I've got rhythm". Who could ask for anything more?

Our Merry Men need to ask the way to the secret entrance: "Ask a policeman".

Robin Hood and the Sheriff meet at last!

He says he knows all the marital arts! (which is just as well, as the wife's watching).

Robin ends up in the pillory.

Just then, King Richard arrives from foreign parts in then nick of time.

So, who's in the pillory now, then?

Blondel (Nigel Owens), the king's minstrel, turns up with a horse to take the Sheriff away.

Robin & Marion duet: "Till there was you".

"Will you marry me?" Let's hope so!

And so to the inevitable Community Song scene, led by Queen Fay and her fairies …

… with the assistance of Little John and Much Binding.

Mother Hood produces something for the wedding feast which 'isn't deer'.
(Take your pick of Blondels and hair styles!)

"The Night they invented Champagne" leads us to the last scene.

Robin & Marion end the traditional cast walkdown …

… personally, I blame it on the medi-evil times we live in.

All up for the final bow. Now, we can all go home!

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