Bah Humbug! — 13/14 & 20/21 January 2017 in Headley Village Hall

The Poster and Programme. See cast detailsvideo

Pre-production photos:

The Ghost of Christmas Past (Rachel Spiller) with Scrooge (David Burnham) near a too-modern post box!

The Ghost of Christmas Present (Martin Wellen) trying his hair on.

A mixture of memorabilia from the First Night and the final Saturday (photos by Angus McKay, Janet Hardinge & Jo Smith)

Charles Dickens (Rod Sharp) himself sets the scene and starts the story.

The angelic quartet (Mel White, Sam Owens, Bryony Garrett and Dil Williamson-Smith) link the lines and sing the story along.

The curtains open, and we see a scene of street traders on the day before Christmas: "Let it Snow"!

Scrooge (David Burnham) arrives on the scene, and is accosted by a begger-woman (Rachel Spiller) – we see her again later as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Scrooge then meets a musician (Martin Wellen) asking for money – we see him again as the Ghost of Christmas Present

We soon see Scrooge in his Counting House with his clerk Bob Cratchit (Steve Baker)

Scrooge's affable nephew Fred Boodle (Thomas Hiller) arrives to wish his uncle 'Merry Christmas'. No joy!

Two charity collectors (Pru Harrold & John McGregor) turn up asking for a donation. No joy either!

Scrooge arrives home to be met by his housekeeper (Penny McKay)

Shortly the clanking ghost of Marley (Nigel Owens) arrives to warn Scrooge of visiting Spectres…

…and leaves through the window! [Note our 'shades' holding the frame]

On cue, the Ghost of Christmas Past (Rachel Spiller) arrives, to lead Scrooge through the same window.

She leads him to visit places in his past …

He sees himself as a schoolboy (Toby Spiller) in his old schoolroom …

…visited by each of his three imaginary friends [who we see, right, at the walkdown: Ali Baba (Poppy), the Parrot (Lily) & Puss in Boots (Izzy)]…

… and he sees his sister Fan (Victoria Kendall) come to take him home.

He sees his first employer Mr Fezziwig (John McGregor, right) with his youthful self (Zak White, middle) and his pal Dick (Tiana Howard).

Mr Fezziwig greets his wife (Caroline Stephenson) and others to the merry party he always organised at Christmas…

… and here the youngsters of his employees give us a dance.

Then Scrooge sees Belle (Ana Kendall) breaking up with his younger self because his love for money became greater than his love for her.

After the split Belle sings a powerful solo 'Somewhere in my Memory' before leaving through the audience.

Soon, it is time for the Ghost of Christmas Present (Martin Wellen) to arrive.

He shows Scrooge how Bob Cratchit's family live happily even on the little money he gives them.
L to R: Bob (Steve Baker), Tiny Tim (Holly Pellow), Young Cratchits (Endeah Boorah & Iona Hibberd, on floor), Mrs Cratchit (Karina Farnlucher) , Peter (Sid Levin) & Martha (Holly McGoldrick)

Time for an interval: the cast lead the audience in singing "Deck the Halls"

The band take a well-earned break.
Jo Levy (piano & musical director), Nick Webb (guitar), Jo Smith (electric bass)

The Stage Manager (Paul Heath), after selling ice creams, draws the all-important raffle…

…while Neil Hardinge checks his lighting & effects script for the next part of the show.

Dickens gets us going again for the Second Act.

Scrooge's nephew Fred and his wife (Abby Hibberd) are holding a Christmas party to which Scrooge was invited, but never came.

There are games and merryment: here one of the guests (Allison Sutcliffe) gives them a riddle to solve.

Then Christmas Present leaves, and in his place glides the eerie, silent Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Zya White)

They hear two men (Jo Smith & Nick Webb) discussing Scrooge's death.

What next? The spirit points to …

Women (Tina Wareham & Penny McKay, Scrooge's housekeeper!) selling Scrooge's possessions to Joe (Nigel Owens) the pawnbroker

… the Tanner family (Allison Sutcliffe, Jonathan Neil and children), relieved to be free of Scrooge and his loan

…and the Cratchit family mourning the death of Tiny Tim.

Finally, Scrooge is shown his own gravestone.

He wakes to find it's all been a dream – but he's a jolly reformed character, to the amazement of his Housekeeper.

Through his window (held aloft by 'shades' Ellie Bradford and Kevin Stephenson) he spies a boy (Toby Spiller) and sends him to find the biggest turkey and take it to the Cratchits

…the charity collectors come back and are offered a large sum

…and Bob Cratchit gets a pay rise!

A happy ending, and something wizard for the whole cast and audience to sing about!

Not forgetting the 'Shades' who swiftly, surely and surreptitiously moved the scenery

…here unveiled as Emma Worman, Ellie Bradford, Kevin Stephenson and Erika Webb!

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