'Green Room' evening— 24th February 2017, in Headley Village Hall

Photos taken by Angus McKay

The programme for the evening.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening Jo Smith, caught with glass in hand!

Off to a good start, with mother and daughter (Karina & Annaleise Farnlucher) telling us of the impossibility of getting Cheap Flights.

Jonathan Neil told us, in a roundabout way, of the trials and tribulations of his first job – in which a maroon Morris Marina figured prominently!

Then Annaleise was back, this time with Pru Harrold. Hallelujah!

Jo Smith tried to accompany himself on the bass guitar while singing in French – the mad fool! Some things are unrepeatable.

Fortunately, Wendy Downs followed to give us a tuneful rendition of "Downtown" …

… and Rachel Spiller, organiser of the evening, followed with "Whistle Down the Wind."

Anne Flanagan told us the story of the "Deck of Cards" …

… Penny McKay told us of her less usual "Favourite Things" …

… and Sarah Horne came all the way from Kent to sing "Lazybones" …

… with herself on a backing track, under the watchful eye of Neil Hardinge and her husband Dave Horne.

The interval followed – and the photographer caught a rare sighting of Janet "Properties" Hardinge outside her normal habitat.

John McGregor started the second half, telling us some "Terrible Twos" jokes.

Then Annaleise was back again, this time with one of her ASH puppets miming along to "Walking on Sunshine."

The MC followed, this time reading one of his own short stories, "Down the Tubes" – a rhythmic ride undergrind.

Nick Webb and Mel White gave us a couple of melodious numbers.

Dil Williamson-Smith brought a lump to our throats with her rendition of "Send in the Clowns."

Mark and Rachel Spiller told us of possible additional costs of a funeral.

Dave Horne sang an unusual folk song about a Supermarine Walrus operating in WW2.

And the evening finished with Pete and Barbara (aka Rough Ditch Folk) giving us selection of their work – ending with the true and original version of "Waltzing Matilda"!

Thanks to all – it was a good evening.

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