"Now We Are 65" — 21/22 April 2017 in Headley Village Hall

The poster & programme (below)


Dress Rehearsal on Easter Monday, 17th April — photos taken by Angus McKay

The logo on the backcloth, designed and painted by Cavan & Loretta Syrad.

Rod Sharp acted as Narrator through the show.

Act 1: after the audience had finished their starter course

We began, appropriately enough, with the entire cast singing "Another Opening, Another Show"

Then we drifted into "Dream", accompanied by Nick Webb on guitar.

Abby Hibberd interrupted Rod for the "Robinson Crusoe" sketch — "Land Mine!"

The 'Restoration' sketch: Penny McKay as Fimple the maid with Pru Harrold as her miftress…

…and with Martin Wellen as her Feducer.

Nick Webb arrives as the cuckolded hufband – but Fimple faves the day by telling fibs!

Rachel Spiller sang "Tell Me On A Sunday"

Nick was back for a Beatles set, with backing by Sam Owens (and Nigel Owens too, on performance nights)

In a scene from "Fawlty Towers": Karina Farnlucher (Mrs Richards) discusses the suitability of her room with David Burnham (Basil Fawlty) and Neil Hardinge (Manuel)

Penny McKay sang "Music of the Night"

David Burnham was joined by Mel White (left) and Sam Owens (right) for a rendition of "Fall at your Feet"

Jo Smith did a 'commercial' for our next play, "Riot!"

And for the final set of the first Act, Mel White and Thomas Hiller led the cast in "I Could Be Happy With You" – with choreography!

Act 2: after the audience had been fed their main course

We began on performance nights with Dave Horne singing "Old Fashioned Saturday Night" (even on the Friday!)
– but he wasn't there to picture at the Dress Reheaersal.

And so to a scene from "'Allo 'Allo" – Jo Smith is René Artois; Mel White (Yvette) and Sam Owens (Mimi) his waitresses.

Martin Wellen played the German colonel, here with cheese in his ears to save himself from hearing Edith's singing.

Jill Turner and Wendy Downs play customers whose only role is to sit and drink wine!

Mimi tells René of the suicide pill which she will slip to the Germans. 'One swallow and they will never see another summer.'

Thomas Hiller arrives as the English poloceman who thinks he speaks French. He was just pissing by the cofé.

Then Nick Webb comes in disguised as a 'parrot & cockatoo seller'
– "It is I, Le Clerc. Perhaps your girls would like a cockatoo?"

Jo 'corpsing' on the 1st Dress Rehearsal!

In the performances, Sarah Horne sang "Georgia" here, accopmanying herself on a backing track – but she wasn't at the Dress

Mel and Sam did their duet of "I Know Him So Well"

Thomas, as Dr Who, interrupts the flow of time – which strangely brings us to …

… Mark & Rachel Spiller giving us a scene from MacHamlet, about Viking cruises.

Jo and Dil tried to "Remember it Well" – with the aid of a small paper prompt in his case!

In the performances, Deb Williamson sang "When I Need You" here.

And we ended the second Act with the entire cast giving a "Flash, Bang Wallop" …

… in which, among other cameos, Karina played Napoleon's 'Josephine' and we cut Neil Hardinge loose from the lighting board once more to play her gallant Hussar …

… and David Burnham "banged it on the big bass drum"!

Act 3: after the audience had been fed their pudding

The cast came on in choreographed stages to sing "Thank You For The Days" …

… and stayed on for a Finale based on the Last Night of the Proms, with participation from the audience!

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