Hi-De-Hi — 6, 7 & 13, 14 October 2017

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Photos by Janet Hardinge

Fred Quilly (Rod Sharp) in discussion with Peggy Ollerenshaw (Karina Farnlucher)

Jeffrey Fairbrother (Cavan Syrad) reads out a memo to Gladys Pugh (Rachel Spiller), Mr Partridge (Nigel Owens), Sylvia Garnsey (Mel White) & Peggy.

Hilary Bovis (Tina Wareham) visits Jeffery to talk to her husband Ted (Martin Wellen) with the Bailiff (Nick Webb) waiting outside the office …

… ready to enter on cue and issue Ted with a court order to pay his alimony.

Spike Dixon (Ayrton Barrow) gives his advice to Ted.

Peggy tidies Jeffery's office.

Jeffery prepares for Egyptian evening.

The staff attend a meeting, L to R: Ted, Peggy, Fred, Barry Stuart-Hargreaves (Jonathan Neil), Betty Whistler (Abby Hibberd), Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves (Kathryn Witts), Dawn (Angela Berry), Tracy Bentwood (Shirley Neil) & Sylvia.

The cast in song, showing the lower area used for staging the restaurant.

The cast celebrating the end of the Last Night.

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