Humpty Dumpty— 12/13 & 19/20 January 2018 in Headley Village Hall

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The Poster
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Scenery construction:

Cavan, Loretta, Janet and Neil

Paul Heath tests the strength of the Wall!

First Dress rehearsal:

The cast at the end of the first Dress Rehearsal

Photos from the Second Dress rehearsal, taken by Angus McKay:

Paul Heath and Paul Wareham have relinquished their normal back-stage role (to Abby and Lola, with a little help from Janet) and are driving the lights and sound for this show.

The show begins with Humpty (Rod Sharp) giving a Prologue.

The juniors sing "If you knew shoesies" with the chorus.

Widow Welly (Mavis Standing) laments that she's set her house on fire again.

Jack (Emma Worman) and Jill (Tiana Howard) are sent to fetch water – but there's a hole in their bucket!

Inevitably, the chorus come on and sing 'Goodby-ee' to send Jack, Jill and Tom (Annaleise Farnlucher) on their way.

The Widow's children come out to play.

The Duke of York (Zak White) and his Captain (Neil Hardinge) exercise the troops, marching them up to the top of the hill and down again.

We see Miss Muffet (Karina Farnlucher) and her henchmen Wee Willie Winkie (Kathryn Witts) and Georgie Porgie (Mel White) hatching plans to take over the farm.

The chorus 'Down on the Farm' in Nursery Rhyme Land.

Mary (Victoria Kendall) will 'Never find another ewe'.

But beware – the Wolf's about! He kidnaps Mary's lamb …

… and Widow Welly makes a faux pas by mentioning that tonight's supper consists of 'a nice leg of lamb'!

Meanwhile, Old King Cole (Kevin Stephenson) is enjoying a pipe and a fiddler (Puss, played by Dil Williamson-Smith)

He is disturbed, first by the Queen of Hearts (Penny McKay) and then by a deputation complaining of the 'lambnapping'.

And so, as this is panto, everyone comes on and sings a song!

The baddies are on their way to the Wall to steal the deeds to the farm.

And meanwhile, at the Wall, a rather small Humpty is complaining to a rather large Duke of York about the lack of competence of the King's horses and King's men.

The baddies arrive and hatch a plan to get the deeds from the drawer in the Wall.

But Miss Muffet is frightened away by the Spider …

… and the other two pick up what they think are the Deeds and make off with them …

… but as Humpty explains, when they get home they'll find it's just a nursery rhyme story.

Which, of course, means that everyone sings another song, led by Puss, and we arrive at the Interval!

We start the second half with everyone getting ready to leave the farm.

Little Bo Peep (Holly McGoldrick) and Boy Blue (Simon Fairhurst) tell the tale of woe – the Muffet mob are to take over the farm.

What will the little pigs do?

The Wolf tells a tale of his mis-treated youth, to get our sympathy.

The deputation returns to Old King Cole for help. He authorises the King's horses and King's men to sally forth.

At the Wall, the children are going through nursery rhymes with Humpty.

Suddenly the Muffet mob are back with a wrecking ball and chain. The King's men arrive in time to stop them, but in the mayhem Humpty gets knocked off the Wall.

The Duke of York emerges with Humpty in pieces and asks the audience to help put him together again.

A bemused Humpty is offered 'get-well' gifts after recovering from his 'break-up'.

The King and Queen arrive on the scene …

… and the valiant Spider is put in charge of Miss Muffet.

And so our show ends with the baddies defeated, and everyone takes their bow.

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