Wyrd Sisters— 13/14 & 20/21 April 2018 in Headley Village Hall

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The Script

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Press release photo.
The three Wyrd Sisters: L to R, Nanny Ogg (Tina Wareham), Granny Weatherwax (Pru Harrold) and Magrat Garlick (Mel White)

Dress Rehearsals on 8th & 12th April — photos taken by Steve White & Nick Webb

Act 1

"When shall we three meet again?" – the three Wyrd Sisters start the show: L to R, Nanny Ogg (Tina Wareham), Granny Weatherwax (Pru Harrold) and Magrat Garlick (Mel White)
The baby is given to the witches, but the soldier with the crossbow (Jo Smith) demands it back. A first soldier (Nigel Owens) lies dead on the floor, and the second will join him soon!
We start to see the naughty nature of the Duke (Rufus Kendall) and Duchess (Karina Farnlucher)
The witches meet with the actor manager (Rod Sharp) and his wife (Shirley Neil) – a convenient couple to care for the redundant babe.
Meanwhile the Duke's sergeant (Nigel Owens) is given orders to 'Bring back a witch, in chains if necessary' – he's none too happy about this.
The witches prepare for an invocation, using the clothes boiler …
… to summon a Demon (Sam Owens) who tells them, under duress, that 'the land is unhappy'.

Soon after, the Duchess threatens a carefree Nanny Ogg sitting in stocks in a deep, dark, dank dungeon.

The Duchess doesn't know that Nanny Ogg has the ear of the ex-king Varence, who keeps her amused with a game of 'I Spy' while waiting for her torturers to return.

The peasants are revolting, led by Jo Smith who recounts a long and ever-changing list of their Rights to Granny Weatherwax.
There are four fine soldiers guarding the entrance to the Duke's dungeon: L to R, Rod Sharp, Jonathan Neil, Allison Sutcliffe and Chris Millard.

The Fool (Kathryn Witts) foolishly tries to intervene, but Magrat's dagger saves the day.

The Fool convinces the Duke & Duchess that Words have a way to win the day, and is told to find a Playwright.
Meanwhile the witches are weaving a plot to play with time …

… and somehow Magrat ends up in a 15-year embrace with the Fool!

Time for the audience to move away and enjoy a rat on a stick during the interval.

Act 2

The second act starts with the Fool getting a kicking in the old Ankh-Morpork.
Seen here: L to R, Hwel (Simon Coyte), Robber 2 (Mary Coyte), Tomjon (Zak White), Robber 1 (Jo Smith) and the Fool on the floor.

Hwel agrees to write a play for Vitoller (Rod Sharp) to manage.

Tomjon will play the part of the King.

In the audience watching the play: the Fool, ex-king Verence, Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax and Magrat.

Horror! They see three actors pretending to be witches. That won't do!!
L to R: Mary Coyte, Allison Sutcliffe, Abby Hibberd

Chris sounds the end of Act 1 of the 'play within a play'

The Duke and Duchess look on as the play proceeds.

It seems that Pratchett can't help bringing a cameo of Death into his stories, however peripheral to the plot, so here's David Burnham enjoying the role – before and behind the gauze.

The play continues, but is disrupted when the Wyrd Sisters take the place of the actor witches on stage.
Jo Smith and Jonathan Neil stand speechless while Tomjon keeps the action going.

Granny Weatherwax moves in to mould it to her cause with the Colour of Magic.

This has the desired effect on the Duke, who goes mad, stabs the Fool (here) and then goes on the stab himself.
But it's only an dummy actor's dagger, isn't it, so no harm done – at least, not in this scene.

Magrat gives the Fool a good checking-over – he's in heaven, but alive.

The Duchess is persuaded to leave the stage, and eventually gets eaten by animals we're told – Grimm!

And here is the cast at the end of the first Dress Rehearsal. All we need now is an audience.

Breakfast in the marquee on the Sunday after the last night, as we clear up.

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