HTC at Headley Village Fete, 15 September 2018

Photos by Angus McKay and Jo Smith

The poster

Our ladies in procession to the arena, dressed for the Fete theme of 'Votes for Women' …
[L to R: Penny McKay, Jo Levy, Mel White, Wendy Downs, Dil Williamson-Smith, Jill Turner]

… and here singing the'Pankhurst Anthem'

… and here joined by Barbara Parry, Nick Webb and Jo Smith to sing 'The Last Tommy',
in reference to the other theme of the Fete, which was the end of WW1

Then Jo went back to look after his book stall …

… while various members looked after the adjoining HTC stall,
running a very successful 'Water or Wot?' lucky bottle dip and a mask-painting table.
Here it's Maggie Farnlucher.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field next to the beer tent, there was live music.
Here's Barbara again.

David Burnham and Sam Owens duetting.

And all together to end the day on a high note.

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