Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Jobsworth, 5/6th October 2018

See also Jobsworth in 2005 & Jobsworth in 2006

The poster. See the Programme and Cast List

The hall layout (2nd night) before the invasion …

…and after.

Caught front of house: (L to R) Paul Heath, Wendy Downs, Dave Downs, Tina Wareham & Shirley Neal.

And in the kitchen, you can get the staff – Pru, Sue and Loretta for starters!

The Sound System, with Jill ready to pour!

Neil ready at the lighting board – so we're ready to go!

The cast of 'Drain Damage' (Cavan hidden)

The cast of 'Allo Beenfor' (Penny hidden)

Cavan and Penny

Mel and Rufus

The cast of 'Round the Bard'

Martin, Cavan and Rufus (in full thespian mode)

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