Toad of Toad Hall— 11/12 & 18/19 January 2019 in Headley Village Hall

The Poster — Cast

Photo-shoot of Toad's car in front of Headley Village Hall:

Rufus Kendall as 'Toad'

And Toad's caravan, refurbished courtesy of Messrs Heath and Wareham

Pictures from the 1st Dress Rehearsal, 6th January (no make-up) & evening of 12th January (with make-up!):

Photos taken by Jo Smith and Deb Williamson

The show begins with Marigold (Holly McGoldrick) and her Nurse (Wendy Downs) on the riverbank

Marigold talks to her friends on the telephone

One by one her friends appear: here are Mole (Katheryn Witts) and Ratty (Rod Sharp, reprising the role he played on this very stage in 1970!)

They decide to have a picnic, and are joined by Badger (Nick Webb) and Toad (Rufus Kendall)

The caravan arrives …

… pulled by Alfred, the horse (Tina Wareham)

The Wild Wooders have the blues!

Toad is concerned in the wild wood; Mole and Ratty reassure him

The woods go red, and Toad is lost!

Ratty finds Badger's door-scraper (actually, it's mine!)

Badger is visited by Carol singers, and tells them to come back later (Bah Humbug!)

Toad makes it to Badger's house

Oops!! Badger's chair collapses – not in the script

The Carol singers pass by the window …

… and come in to sing.

'A few weeks later', an incarcerated Toad comes a cropper driving indoors.

But Toad tricks Ratty into leaving him alone in the hiouse – and escapes into the second half of the play!

The second half opens in ther court room where Toad is being tried for dangerous driving – and the Usher (Jo Smith) is trying to get some hush!

Toad is calmly drinking tea!

The Judge (Kevin Stephenson) takes his place, and the trial begins

Toad is sentenced to 20 years, but ends up dancing his way out of court

The prison Washerwoman (Caroline Stephenson) and Phoebe her niece (Abby Hibberd) take pity on him

By the canal bank, a family of rabbits discuss their latest find – Toad, disguised as a washer woman …

The policeman (John McGregor) and Judge are searching for Toad, who disguises himself effectively as a bird in a tree!

A Bargewoman (Angela Berry) turns up, and toad makes off on her horse

Free again, Toad peers through Ratty's window

Toad is told that, in his absence, the Wild Wooders have take over Toad Hall

Badger, Ratty Mole and Toad are in the secret passage to Toad Hall …

… where the Wild Wooders are supposed to be having a party – though in rehearsal it looked a bit more like an identity parade

It got more lively in front of an audience!

A fearsome fight with our fearless heros ensued, with all the force that pipe lagging and blow-up cudgels could muster!

Toad with a penitent prisoner – "Do you sing at all?"

Whatever the answer was, it seems to have hit Toad where it hurt!!

Ratty thinking he's Al Capone!

Toad tells the subservient Wild Wooders how he intends to celebrate his return

Toad "having his hour" as the rest of the cast re-appear on stage

"For he's a jolly good fellow" after all.

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