Bard's Night — 26/27 April 2019


The poster

Photos by Deb Williamson on Saturday:—

The audience, eating their potage, awaits the start of the show

…witch comes with a cackle from the Wyrd Sisters (Mel, Pru and Tina)

…introducing our superannuated fairies for the evening (Wendy, Jill, Angela and Maggie)

Jo (as compere for the night) is interrupted by a New World trader (Alun) trying to interest him in a new product – tobacco!

That dynamic duo, Jo and Nick, are soon 'Brushing up their Shakespeare' (and mussing up their lines!)

Next we had the Dogberry sketch from 'Much Ado About Nothing' – L to R: Alun, Rufus, Louis and Kathryn

Mel once more tried to convince us that she hates men.

Then that New World Trader was back again, this time trying to interest us in – coffee.

Romeo (Nick) & Juliet (Karina) have a spat about football – Jo acts as referee!

Wendy reads us a sonnet …

… then joins the other 'songbirds' to sing us a madrigal
  (L to R: Maggie, Pru, Karina, Michaela, Wendy, Kathryn, Mel, Dil, Clare).

Jo Levy gives us music in the interval.

The second part of the show begins with a Prologue – from A Midsummer Night's Dream
Here we see (L to R) Zya, Pru, Jill, Rufus (in motion) and Dil – and Alun is hidden behind Pru.

Dil sings 'Sigh No More' accompanied by Nick & Jo on their stringed instruments.

Rufus gives us 'Greensleeves' on the oboe.

L to R: Zak, Rod, Zya and Louis in a snatch from 'Upstart Crow'

A rap from (L to R) Rod, Mel, Michaela and Rufus about the 4 Shakespeares.

The New World Trader is back again – this time offering us potatoes.
(He appeared later offering us a dead parrot, but we didn't catch it on film!)

Dil and Angela offer us commentary on one of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Clare and Chris give us a World Premiere of their 'Much a-Blue about Nothing'.

Annaliese and Karina tell us how 'Hamlet' might have been edited.

And the evening ends with the cast helping themelves to left-overs from the banquet!

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