Photographs from Headley Theatre Club's production of the 'Allo 'Allo supper evenings, July 2019

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The Poster – the cast

Programme cover (right)

The programme below

Photos by Deb Williamson, 13th July 2019

Act 1

René's Cafe – the set at the start of the show – 'ow peaceful it all looks!
Jo Smith as René "Do not laugh; 'ere comes the wife!"
Edith (Dil Williamson-Smith) to René : "One day, you and I will be old and up in the bedroom banging"
René to Yvette (Mel White): "That is all we have time for, but I will remember where we left off"
Denise (Michaela Green) and Michelle (Kathryn Witts) to René: "I will say this only once"
René: "I think I will try for the Spanish border. It is only six hundred miles"
L to R: Denise, the British airmen (Jo Levy & Louis Clist), Fanny (Angela Berry) & Michelle
René to Herr Flick (Rod Sharp): "I did not realise you were a musician"
Helga (Karina Farnlucher) and Herr Flick …
… and the inevitable striptease!
Two French lady customers (Wendy Downs & Jill Turner) look on incredulously as …
… Edith inspects her new waitresses!
René: "Already toupee, Colonel?" [L to R: Engelbert von Smallhausen (Zak White), Col Von Strohm (Mike Pennick) René & Capt Alberto Bertorelli (Rufus Kendall)]
Mimi (Zya White) to René: "I will put in their drinks a Resistance suicide pill"
Bertorelli: "Donta breathe on my medals or you makea them go rusty"
Crabtree (Jonathan Neil): "I found myself pissing your coffe"
Leclerc (Simon Coyte) arrives with a dead parrot
Lieutenant Gruber (Martin Wellen) has one of his 'cosy chats' with René – and leaves us with a 'tricky situatuion' to resolve during the first interval
During the first interval a chanteuse (Rachel Spiller) entertains us …
… with Monsieur Alfonse (Jo Levy) playing the piano

Act 2

René tries to explain "for those of you who may possibly have lost the thread of this tapestry of intrigue". He has to organise a diversion.
"Edith, you must do your cabaret. I have been inundated with requests!"
Michelle of the Resistance turns up as a 'French crumpet'
René to Michelle: "You are giving this place a bad name"
Edith's cabaret begins …
The music brings Fanny down from her bedroom
Then Leclerc arrives again – this time selling stolen boots and shoes
René buys two pairs: "You are never off your feet in this job"
Fanny's sister Hortense arrives offering her granddaughter Annabelle as a waitress
L to R: Annabelle (Annaleise Farnlucher), Fanny, Hortense (Shirley Neil)
One of the airman waitresses (Louis Clist) is ordered to drink with Herr Flick & Helga
Crabtree arrives again: "I am hair to wine you about stolen gods"
Yvette help René to stretch his new, squeaky shoes. Edith does not approve!

Act 2

René is on his way to Switzerland – until Yvette stops him …
… then Mimi …
… then Crabtree and the Resistance.
Every chamber is full!
Crabtree: "We are polusmon. Follow moo and do not forget to swong your trincheon"
René: "Not you, ladies. I am talking to this bird here"
Lieutenant Gruber is back at the bar …
… and then the other officers come demanding their table …
… folowed by Herr Flick & Helga wanting theirs too …
Herr Flick to Yvette: "I have come to talk about my sausage"
Edith & Mimi notice the explosive cheeses on the bar
René sums up his dilemma to the audience. "Things could hardly get worse"
But things do get worse, as first the airman waitresses appear …
… then Leclerc offering a follow-up service for the squeaky shoes …
… and finally Crabtree with Michelle of the Resistance dressed as a German soldier.
And just when you think it's all over, Mimi tries to cut the explosive cheeses for bar snacks!
Time to bring the whole sorry show to an end. Thank you, and goodnight!


Edith's bridge rolls
Jo Levy, a lady of many parts!
Louis, back and front!! With Jill
Fanny and her ear trumpet
Capt Alberto Bertorelli
Col Von Strohm without his wiglet! Crabtree, Hortense & Bertorelli in attendance
Denise fraternising with the wigless Von Strohm – but he has bottle!
Engelbert von Smallhausen, Leclerc and Wendy (overlooked by a headless Helga!)
Helga gets her head back, with Gruber
Cheers from the occupiers …
…and from the bar staff
Mimi waits for the raffle …
… to see who gets the booby prize!!


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