Dramatic Walks in 2019

Organised this year around Waggoners Wells to commemorate the centenary of the acquisition this property by The National Trust in 1919
and on Hindhead Common in conjunction with the second Haslemere Walking Festival, September 2019

Waggoners Wells, Monday 26th August 2019

- see pictures from our previous performances in 2008 and 2013

The walk was organised in association with the Friends of Ludshott Common and the National Trust.
We were blessed with another gloriously sunny day, even though it was a Bank Holiday!

Photos by Angus McKay

The cast lunching in the car park before the show

The dynamic duo at large again! Jo Smith and his cardboard twin Sir Robert Hunter.

Arthur Conan Doyle (Cavan Syrad) and George Bernard Shaw (Rod Sharp) discuss a local amateur production of 'As You Like It' which the latter had seen and not enjoyed.

We meet a pair of broomsquires (Mary & Simon Coyte) in their camp

There may be trouble ahead! Commoners (L to R: Steve White, Alun Diamond, Pru Harrold, Penny McKay, Jill Tuirner & Allison Sutcliffe) are unhappy that Mr Hooke had built his ponds here without consultation …

… and some surprisingly similar Commoners, this time agitated about incursions by folk from the neighbouring manor.

Sir Robert meets Flora Thompson (Mel White) by the wishing well …

… and Alfred Tennyson (David Burnham) on a perambulation from Grayshott Farm.

Louis Clist as the 'merry tinker' cooks his bacon …

… while Dil Williamson-Smith recounts his tale from Heatherley – an ethereal voice from above!

Sir Robert chats to the audience while waiting for back-markers to catch up – there were estimated to be around 40 in the audience

Hindhead, Saturday 28th September 2019

- see pictures from our previous performances - see background story to this play

The walk is to take place as part of the Haslemere Walking Festival …

The poster for the Hindhead walk

The cast lunching in the car park before the show

Jo Smith as 'Sir Robert Hunter' addresses his followers

Alun Diamond the footpad, on Gibbet Hill

Mary and Simon Coyte were the Broomsquires in residence

The Sailor (Nick Webb) is murdered – a bit publicly!

The perpetrators (Neil Hardinge, Zak White & Martin Wellen) flee. Did anybody see them do it??

Two women (Jill Turner and Rachel Spiller in this case) were, apparently, the only witnesses. You can just about make them out in the crowd!

Redundant cast members (including Flora Thompson!) follow the departing crowd.

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