'Green Room' evening— 28th February 2020, in Headley Village Hall

Photos taken by Angus McKay


'Shall I compère thee …?'
Jo Smith starts the evening by introducing the acts.
(In his hand, a bass ukulele!)

First act: Dil playing 'Autumn Leaves' on the squeeze-box.

Kathryn and Rufus in a scene from 'When Harry met Sally' (no, not that scene) with Rachel playing waitress.

Annaliese, Allison and Karina doing a workout.

Rachel multi-tasking, playing the piano and singing 'Promise Me'.

Penny read a comedy piece about 'The Workout'

Chris and Clare took us to the interval with 'Lush Life' – after which we fell about the food.

After the interval, Wendy sang 'Evergreen' …

… then Pru appeared as multiple Father Christmases!

Following that, Jo blasted his way manfully through 'Round Midnight' …

… before we got some proper entertainment from Shirley & Jonathan in the sketch 'Saved'.

Here Jonathan appears to be cutting off his nose, and it did at times seem a close thing!

Nick fiddled with a ukulele for the first (and maybe the last) time.
Turned out nice again!

Chris & Clare were back to give us 'Chemins d'Amour'

Then, for what must surely become a standard closing act for Green Rooms, the ad-hoc All-Stars Grand Kazoo Band gave us a spirited rendition of 'Show me the Way to go Home' – which it did!

For some it was a serious business, handling this new and scary instrument!

For the few who were still left in the audience, it was truly a moment to be savoured!

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