"Here We Are Again" — 24 & 25 September 2021

Our first live show after the Covid lockdown


The Poster

The Scenery

Photos from the Saturday show (John Bustin) and the Dress Rehearsal (Angus & Penny McKay):—

Act 1

The opening number: 'Here We Are Again'

'Old Fashioned Saturday Night' – not as serious as it looks!
Jo, Mel, Nick & Dil

Rod Sharp gives us the 'Subaltern's Love Song' (no singing involved!)

Sarah Horne sings 'Lean on Me'

Chris Millard reads us the 'School Register'

Martin Wellen tells Abby Hibberd to 'Hand up her sticks'

Stevie & Emma give us 'Love Letters' straight from their hearts

Karina tells us she could have 'Danced All Night'

Cavan Syrad, alias singer/songwriter Pop Starr, performs a couple of numbers

Rachel Spiller tells us 'Someone Else's Story'

'Dew on Summer Meadows' (Mel, Deb, Sarah Horne) performed some of their typically demure numbers

Despite many petitions against, Jo & Nick were back to perform 'Whispering Grass' as only they can (or should!)

Clare & Chris gave us something bravely Brazilian

Jo & Dil, pretending as ever to 'Remember it Well'

A touch of class from Jonathan, Nick & Neil in 'The Class Sketch'

Deb Williamson gives us her barefoot rendering of 'Jolene'

The cast rounds off Part 1 of the evening with 'Thanks for the Memory'

Act 2

Rufus & Kathryn give us a taster from 'Private Lives'

Chris Millard is back with 'Word Association'

Clare & Chris, front of tabs with 'Malagueña Salerosa'

Karina & Rachel reprise their jokes from 'The Vicar of Dibley'

Dil tells us 'It's Only a Paper Moon'

Cavan is back, this time as magician 'Tom Arto'
– bravely sawing his own arm off!

And Deb's unafraid to sing 'Yellow'

Mel White & Sarah Horne as 'Barry & Freda' remember Victoria Wood
with their rendition of her 'Let's Do It'

Rod is back, looking every inch William Shakespeare (or it it GBS?),
telling us of the Upstart Crow's complaints about lock-down

Sister act: Sarah on clarinet and Emma on vocals with Stevie on guitar give us 'Them There Eyes'

Angela recites Pam Ayres poetic reflections on 'The Coronavirus'

Mel leads us into the Finale with 'There'll Always Be An England' …

… and we end the evening with our own International version of 'Show Me the Way to Go Home'
– here Karina & Rufus give us their German version.

And our thanks, as ever, to Jo Levy at the pianoforte.

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