Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Jobsworth, 16th April 2005

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This was a series of three radio sketches performed on stage – see second series – and see also the 2018 production

Drain Damage – L to R: Vicky Chappell, Mike Measures, Wendy Downs, Peter Glinn, Simon Coyte, Kay McGregor, Nick Webb, Dil Williamson, Paul Heath
Sweet Charity – L to R: Rod Sharp, Dil Williamson, Laure Lewis, Mike Measures, Jo Levy, Nick Webb
Sound Effects crew – L to R: Lesley Mather, Jo Levy, Vicky Chappell, Deb Williamson, Paul Heath


The theme of the Jobsworth episodes revolves around the life of a caretaker at the Assembly Rooms in the small town of Binford, and the diverse characters and situations which he comes into contact with in the course of doing his job.

Drain Damage

Bill Turner – Mike Measures
Fred Nesbitt – Nick Webb
Mrs Brenda Pressing – Kay McGregor
Geraldine Thackeray – Wendy Downs
Rev Simon Best – Peter Glinn
Moira Tripp – Vicky Chappell
Dan Faucet – Simon Coyte
The time is early summer, and all the local societies in Binford are busy preparing for their various summer shows. Naturally they only know about their own activities, the needs of others being entirely superfluous. Unfortunately there seems to have been a double booking and, to make matters worse, the drains to the loos are blocked.

*** INTERVAL ***
– A ploughman's meal will be served during this interval –

'Allo Beenfor'

Bill Turner – Nick Webb
Fred Nesbitt – Peter Glinn
Mrs Brenda Pressing – Dil Williamson
Geraldine Thackeray – Lesley Mather
Rev Simon Best – Rod Sharp
Henry Pennington – Mike Measures
Madame Frederica Guillotine – Jo Levy
The town council has decided to twin Binford with a French town of supposedly similar characteristics, and a grand ceremony is planned to welcome the first visitors and dignitaries in the Assembly Rooms. But harmony is disrupted when the French mayor's formidable personal assistant thinks Fred Nesbitt is her long-lost British father.

– Pudding will be served during this interval –

Sweet Charity

Bill Turner – Rod Sharp
Fred Nesbitt – Mike Measures
Mrs Brenda Pressing – Jo Levy
Geraldine Thackeray – Dil Williamson
Rev Simon Best – Nick Webb
Moira Tripp – Laurie Lewis
Needlecraft lady from Stinton – Wendy Downs
The annual Christmas Charity Fair generates less 'good will to all men' than it should when table allocations become mixed up, Father Christmas arrives late from the pub, and someone sets the decorations on fire.


Author – Jo Smith
Director & Comestible Provisioner – Pru Harrold
Chief Technicians – Paul Heath/Martin Wellen/Simon Coyte
Technical Assistance – Deb Williamson
Sound FX – Members of the cast

Our thanks to the Victoria Players, Fordingbridge, for being the first brave enough to prove that it is possible to run these scripts on the stage!

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