Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Red Riding Hood, January 2004

Kate Shemilt of the Bordon Post doing pre-publicity shots, 6th January – Kay McGregor (Lady Penelope), John McGregor (Lord Bertie), Rod Sharp (Bill Tidy)

The banner, one of two prepared by Rachel Whittaker for the show

Photos taken at the Dress Rehearsal:—

Cast of Red Riding Hood assembled before the Dress Rehearsal (some caught unawares!)

Bill Tidy (Rod Sharp) and Maggie Tidy (Wendy Downs) in conversation

Lord Bertie (John McGregor) and Lady Penelope (Kay McGregor) try to organise their villagers

Red Riding Hood (Justine Carter) caught in the Wolf's larder

Photos taken by Jo Smith at the matinée and evening performances on Saturday 24th January 2004:—

Act 1 Sc 1

Edwina: You'll soon get it from Lady P if you don't!

Lady Penelope: Come, Bertie, we shall complete our tour of inspection

Edwina: Miles from anywhere, no-one to talk to – I couldn't live there

Inspector Spectre and his merry men

Fanny, Larry & Edwina exit pursued by a Wolf!

Wolf: I can get ahead of her in a flash!

Maggie: You likes your beer too, and more than we can afford

Act 1 Sc 2a

Morag: Och, there's plenty on wolves – but not on how to take the magic out of them

Act 1 Sc 2b

Junior chorus and Red Riding Hood: 'Whenever I feel afraid'

Act 1 Sc 3

Sergeant: Well done, sir – I can't fault your logic

Edwina: It's in this little book …

Edwina: Goodness, we've found ourselves in a Brownie pack meeting!

Act 1 Sc 4a

Bill: They can't go against the law of the land – it's in violet

Lady Penelope: Ah, Bill Tidy – just the man I was looking for

Lord Bertie and chorus: 'Dem poles'

Act 1 Sc 4b

Gwynedd & Siobhan: It's the whisky – for Morag – she can't do without it

The Elven Queens: 'Sisters are doing it for themselves'

Act 1 Sc 5

The Wolf enters Granny's house

Wolf: All the better to eat you with!

Siobhan: Behind you!

Edwina: As dear John used to say …

The Wolf bursts through the chorus line in 'The Chain'

Act 2 Sc 1

Junior chorus: Doing the Maypole Dance

Junior chorus take their bow after the Maypole Dance

PC Dingle: Can't anyone hear me?

Act 2 Sc 2a

Singing 'Little Red Riding Hood' – the encore with visiting stars from Churt and Alton!

Wolf carries Red Riding Hood off: Nag, nag, nag – some people are never satisfied!

Act 2 Sc 2b

Siobhan: Rather your arms than mine (after a surprise entry on the last night)

Chorus doing 'Hot Stuff'

Elven Queens doing 'Hot Stuff'

Act 2 Sc 3

Wolf exits showing the code for the lock

Elven Queens: 'To Nat the cat!'

Bill: I'll do more than question him!

Act 2 Sc 5

'Pelting the Wolf' on the last night

Puss: Purrfectly pretentious!

The Finale (and Dingle drowning his sorrows on the last night!)

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