Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Snow White, January 2005

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Bordon Post pre-publicity shot – six of the seven Dwarfs

Laurie Lewis and Penny McKay

Photos taken by Deb Williamson at the first performance on Friday 14th January 2005:—

Act 1

Festa to Minestrone: 'I've not come to talk about names'

Subito: All teacake and yoghurt

Chorus to Minestrone: 'You'll get yourself a reputation'

Snow White and Lisa: Wrap your troubles in dreams

Animals: Chameleons - Deer - Unicorns - Dragons

Prince Fidelio from Phoojiagfa

Snow White disarms Subito

Leo to Minestrone: 'I believe this knife was meant to finish her off'

The Dwarfs: Silly Song

Act 2

Snow White is tempted by the apple – Don't do it!!

… and she lies dead among the animals

Leo, Lisa, Minestrone and Chorus: Sing as we go

Prince: 'And is she …?'

Chorus: On a Wonderful Day like Today

Queen to Festa: 'Where is Machiavelli?'

King to Queen: 'I wish to have a word with you, in private'

Maxwell the Mirror arrives!

King: 'Just seeing things in a different light, that's all'

Mirror: 'My terabytes of processing power are primed and ready to run'

Leo to King: 'There is someone else you should have a word with'

King to Snow White and Prince: 'Then you have my blessing'

Snow White and Prince: Love's Always There

Machiavelli to Leo and Minestrone: 'They don't believe I am a reformed character now'

What is Machiavelli doing to Maxwell the Mirror now, boys and girls?

Machiavelli with relevant words during the Community Song scene

On stage for the Community Song

Dwarfs and Chorus in the final scene

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