Flora Thompson (1876–1947)
author of
'Lark Rise to Candleford,' 'Heatherley,'
'Still Glides the Stream' and 'The Peverel Papers'

Flora Thompson - bust in Liphook (8K)
Sculpture of Flora Thompson at Liphook by Philip Jackson
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Photographs of Flora Thompson — other photos
war memorials to her brother and son

These below are believed to be all the known photographs of Flora Thompson

Flora Thompson portrait

The 'standard' photograph most often seen of Flora – often said to be of her 'in her twenties'. However, on the card frame is written 'Corin, Haslemere' – Walter C. Corin was a Haslemere photographer, so presumably the picture was taken there. According to the records of Haslemere Museum he didn't start business in the town until 1920, when Flora would have been 44 years old!

This is supported by the fact that the cardigan she is wearing looks to be the same one as in the photo of her taken at her typewriter in 1921.

She used it soon afterwards to illustrate an article written about her in The Civilian dated 14th May 1921, and it may have been for this purpose that she had the picture taken professionally. It was also used as the model for the sculpture at Liphook carved by Philip Jackson in 1981.

Photograph included in Martin Greenwood's book 'Fringford Through the Ages' – said by some to have been of Flora, taken 'in the 1890s'.

[There is some doubt as to whether this is actually of Flora – possibly one of her sisters?]

Flora (top left), one of her sisters (Betty Timms? - top right), their mother Emma Timms (bottom right) with an unknown lady. Probably in the 1890s.

Flora Thompson and daughter Winifred, 1906

Flora and her daughter Winifred taken in 1906 at their house in Bournemouth by their next-door neighbour, the father of Mr NK Phillips.

Mr Phillips says, "My mother used to tell me that Mrs Thompson was clever and wrote stories in her spare time."

Flora Thompson and son Basil, 1911 Flora and her son Basil taken in 1911 at their house 'Grayshott' in Bournemouth.
Flora Thompson c.WW1

Photograph of Flora taken presumably during or soon after the First World War, since Flora is wearing Edwin's regimental badge as a brooch (see enlargement below).

Edwin joined the 2nd Eastern Ontario Regiment on 5th May 1915 and was killed on 26th April 1916.


Flora Thompson in her kitchen at Liphook, 1921
Flora in her kitchen at Liphook – appeared on the back of the Daily Mirror dated 3rd March 1921, after her 'Bog-Myrtle & Peat' was published.
Flora Thompson at her typewriter in Liphook, 1921
Flora at her typewriter in Liphook – appeared on the back of the Daily Mirror dated 3rd March 1921, after her 'Bog-Myrtle & Peat' was published.
Flora Thompson at her typewriter in Liphook, 1921

Flora with husband John Thompson – date and location unknown.

[Authenticated as being John and Flora Thompson by Flora's granddaughter, Elizabeth Swaffield. Place and date are unknown to her, but Flora's shoe style, cloche hat (both still worn into the early 30s), her 'provincial' skirt length worn just below the knee (1925?) and John's suit, could be 1920s, which would make them in their late 40s – Tony Webster.]

Flora Thompson at her typewriter in Liphook, 1921

Photo said to be of Flora with husband John Thompson – date unknown.

[There is still some discussion as to whether this is really Flora & John]

Flora Thompson in 1939
Photo of Flora at the time of publishing Lark Rise c.1939.
Flora Thompson in 1945
Photo of Flora thought to have been used with her article ĎA Country Child Taking Notesí published in early 1947.

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