Headley Village Hall

Information for hirers


Not all of the light switches in the hall are in obvious places, so here is a brief guide as to their position and function.

Foyer: There are three switches on the same wall as the outside doors (turn right as you come in) – two operate the foyer lights, the third is now redundant.

Main Hall: Two rotary switches on the foyer wall, facing you (diagonally right) as you enter, illuminate the dimmable centre lights inside the hall. Other boxes here control the 'Chinook' air circulation fans in the roof of the Hall.
Note that there is another pair of non-rotary switches in the chair store room which duplicate the function of the Hall centre light switches in the foyer. These are located immediately to the left of the door as you enter the room from the Hall. (The chair store is the room to the left of the stage)..
For 'mood' lighting, there are dimmable side lights in the Hall which are operated by the rotary switches on the wall at the rear by the trophy cupboard.

Chair store: The switch for the chair store light is on the wall at the far side of the room, by the door to the back corridor. (The ones you probably first tried as you entered the room turn the lights off in the main hall – see above.)
Note: The switch by the door to the stage operates the 'cleaning light' on the stage.

Stage: The 'cleaning light' (see above) is a single fluorescent tube which illuminates the stage area sufficiently for most non-drama uses. It also lights your way to the controls for
Two pairs of spotlights are fixed on the beam in front of the stage to give enough extra illumination for most activities on the stage. These are operated by two switches on a metal box on the left-hand side of the stage (that's 'stage right' to you thespians). There are three switches on the box, one of which is redundant.

If you require 'theatrical' stage lighting, please refer to the Hall Trustees, or directly to Headley Theatre Club (01428 712892) who own the equipment. Please give them reasonable notice – they cannot guarantee availability.

Kitchen: Switches for lights in the kitchen and servery (the room to the right of the stage) are, unusually, where you might expect them to be.

Sound System

Equipment is available on site to play tapes, CDs, memory cards and sticks, etc, through the loudspeakers above the stage. Bluetooth connection can also be used.
Microphones may also be used through the same system.
The apparatus is stored in a cabinet behind the curtains at the front of the stage (right-hand side as you look from the hall). Access is via the fixed steps from the servery, or moveable steps at the front of the stage.
There should be a torch hanging on the wall at the top of the steps from the servery to help you find your way to the cabinet. Please replace it afterwards.

To operate the Sound System, turn on the big red switch on the wall above the cabinet.
If the cabinet is locked and you need to open its door (for instance to play CDs), use the key in the Information Cupboard in the servery.
For further information, see the 'How to Operate the Sound System' sheet.

Loop System: The loop system picks up its signal automatically from the main sound system when this is in operation.


Please note: Hire of the hall does not guarantee full use of the stage facilities unless these have been specifically requested. In particular, theatrical lighting is available only by prior arrangement, and you may occasionally find scenery in place for the next drama production. If you need full use of the stage, this can normally be arranged - but please do ask when booking.

Chairs and Tables

There are approximately 120 upholstered chairs, 11 large and 2 small aluminium tables stored in the room to the left of the stage. Please replace them as you find them.

There are two trolleys which you can use for moving stacks of these chairs (note, it is easier to pull these than to push them when loaded, especially when negotiating the doorways). Chairs should be stacked 6-high with seats facing outwards for ease of storage.

NB: Upholstered chairs should not be stood on, or used for jobs which might soil them (eg. painting) and should on no account be removed from the premises - please use plastic chairs stored in the side passage in the foyer for such purposes.

Note: There are a number of old chairs and tables stored in other locations which can be brought into use for events which may need them, such as craft fairs or outdoor events. If you think you may need them, please ask.

Stage Steps

Moveable steps to access the stage from the hall are stored behind the central doors at the front of the stage.
Note: It is easier to slide these in and out if you put them in step-side first (ie. back to front).

If needed, removable handrails for these steps are stored usually beside the piano at the rear of the hall. Fix them onto the sides of the steps with the butterfly screws.

There are also fixed steps to access the rear of the stage from the chair store and servery. These are accessed through the sliding doors. Please use these stairs with care as they are somewhat steep and narrow.

If you need some basic light on the stage, use the switch beside the sliding door on the chair store side to turn on the 'cleaning light'.


Hire of the hall allows you full use of the gas cooker and green crockery in the unlocked cupboards. If you need quality settings (cutlery and plates, etc) for your banquet, we can supply these at a reasonable charge.
Please, please clean the oven after you have used it, particularly the inside – this is not part of the caretaker's duties and, regrettably, we have had to withhold deposits in the past in order to have the oven and gas jets professionally cleaned.


There is a flip-top bin in the cupboard under the left-hand draining board in the kitchen. There should also be spare black plastic sacks for use if the bin is full.

There is a wheelie bin outside (on the Parish Council side of the hall) which is kept padlocked shut to prevent misuse by outsiders. The key to the padlocks is in the Information Cupboard in the servery – please replace after use.

Alternatively, leave any full sacks in the kitchen for the caretaker to remove. Please don't leave them outside, or the foxes will have a field day!


Our caretaker is employed to keep the hall clean and tidy for all users, but we appreciate your help in leaving the hall in the state in which you found it. Brooms, a mop and a vacuum cleaner are kept in the servery or in the corridor behind the stage – please use them to clean up any 'incidents' which may happen and to get rid of footprints on the floor.


In general, access to the hall should be by way of the main front doors only. Emergency exits at the side and rear must be kept clear. If you do open them, please ensure they are properly closed from the inside before you leave – their bolts do not always engage fully if closed from the outside..


The window catches should be left closed and locked, to avoid break-ins. There may be a small key for this on the set you have been given. There is also one in the Information Cupboard in the servery.


Temperature in the hall is controlled by the thermostat on the left-hand wall. It should be set at 15 degrees when you leave. Please don't set it high and then forget it!


Toilets, including a facility for the disabled, are accessed from the foyer.

There are also two 'unisex' toilets off the corridor behind the stage.
Note that during working hours, the staff in the adjoining Parish Office will need access to these toilets.

Note: Spare toilet paper is kept in a plastic container on the floor both in the disabled toilet and in one of the toilets behind the stage.

Fire extinguishers

Please familiarise yourself with the position of the fire extinguishers, and ensure they are not moved or covered up.

Skittle Alley

If you have booked the skittle alley, this will be already set out for you when you arrive. It will also be cleared away for you after you leave.


Please don't leave cars parked on the concourse in front of the main doors, or directly outside the emergency exits. This can block the way for emergency services.


Check list for when you leave:—

Thank you.

Useful phone numbers: Hall bookings 07762 277947 (answerphone only) – Headley Theatre Club (01428) 712892