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Headley Village Hall in 1925


A most generous gift to the community by Mr McAndrew of Headley Park, the Village Hall was built in 1925, primarily so that the Headley WI, started by his wife, should have a pleasant place in which to meet; more convenient than the Carnival Hut, but also, of course, for the benefit of the whole village.

The site had originally been a gravel pit and, after a few years, buttresses had to be built along the side walls. Throughout the years it has been the centre of village life, managed by Trustees representative of the organisations which use it.

In 1983 it was modernised and enlarged at the cost of £55,000, with a new foyer, kitchen, toilets, cloakrooms, Library (now, sadly, closed) and an upstairs Office for the Parish Council, and the whole building was re-roofed with clay tiles.

[From 'To the Ar and Back' by Joyce Stevens]

"The Village Hall is built on the village gravel pit. Alton used to buy the gravel for our roads, as there were no surfaced roads in those days.

"My husband was chairman of Headley Parish Council when the Hall was built, and the council had a lot to do with it as it was on parish ground. My daughter Joyce presented Mrs McAndrew with bouquet of pink carnations at the opening and there was a hitch with the key at the unlocking. It was a very cold day too."

[Beatrice Snow, writing in 1975]

Some notes from the past:

"In 1915, while the Kirklands gravel was being extracted for the Seven Thorns Camp, much siftings was carted into the gravel pit [699 on OS 25" of 1869] on the NE of Headley Green. The District Council (or rather the old Highways Board) had in former years taken much gravel from No. 699, and by these siftings the floor of No. 699 was a good bit raised." [Note by Mr Laverty at end of parish register No. 18] — This is where the Village Hall was built in 1925

Sat 15 Oct 1927: Central heating - The heating apparatus which was installed when the Village Hall was erected two years ago has just been replaced by central heating. The work has been carried out by Messrs Tily & Brown of Farnham. [Farnham, Haslemere & Hindhead Herald]

Extracts from the Minute book covering March 1949 – May 1969

Trustees: Miss Mary L McAndrews, Mrs Beatrice M Snow, Mrs P Thomson-Glover, Miss Davis, Mr HT Watkins, Mr Turner, Rev JS Tudor Jones
May: Estimates accepted for providing new soakaway for kitchen sink (£4.10.0), supplying and fixing new posts and chestnut fencing where required on boundary adjoining the Village Green (£21.1.8), supplying and fixing oak gate posts, fixing gates and fencing on the front boundary (£15.12.6) - [Mr Turner secretary, Rev JS Tudor-Jones chairman]
Aug: Agreed to defer the fencing on the front boundary, but to have a strand of barbed wire erected on top of the fence on the Village Green boundary.
Nov: Child Welfare Centre complained of the poor heating in the hall; Mr Lickfold instructed to install an electric point in kitchen for a double-bar electric fire. Caretaker (again) warned in writing that cleaning was still not being satisfactorily performed.
Dec: Cost of Performing Rights Licence £7.1s per annum. Caretaker given a fortnight's notice. Rector gave details of a proposal to recondition the stage lighting.
Jan: Interviewed 3 candidates for caretaker - Messrs Berry, McGhee and Kinning - Mr Berry appointed. Fencing on the Green boundary had been broken in three places, and a letter was written to the Headmaster on the subject.
Feb: Granted permission for Horticultural Society to erect a Challenge Shield in the Hall.
Mar: Estimate of £115 from CWM Ltd of Haslemere for stage lighting - agreed not to spend more than £75, and Rector empowered to arrange a further discussion with the Electrical Engineers through Mr Stonehouse.
Jun: CWM Ltd paid £46 in payment of the portion of the stage lighting - Mrs Thomson-Glover drew attention to the glare from the spotlights. Letter from Entertainments Inc Mobile Cinema regarding a reduction of fee from 30/- to 25/- for the two weeks in June was approved - the Secretary was instructed to ask the cinema promoter to keep better order during the shows. It was agreed the caretaker should be responsible for putting up and taking down the stage curtains and locking them up; also the curtains should only stay up for the performance for which they are paid.
Aug: Total cost of stage lighting amounted to £62.
Oct: 150 copies of an appeal for funds sent to local residents. Agreed that the Nissen huts at the rear of the Hall should be disposed of as soon as a suitable purchaser could be found, the price not to be less than £5.
Dec: Football Club had commenced PT classes on Wednesdays. £44 received to date from special appeal.
Jan: Rector asked permission to bring a billiard table into the Hall. PT gear to be stored in a cupboard in the disused lavatory at the entrance.
Festival of Britain Pageant held in the village.
Nov: Agreed a charge of 7/6 should be made for use of the stage curtains, 2/6 of which being paid to the caretaker. Cinema night had been changed to Wednesday. Mr Turner gave formal notice of resignation as Secretary - Mrs Thomson-Glover took over. The caretaker would be leaving the district shortly, and resigning as from 10th inst.
Nov: Renter for the cinema could not make it pay, and asked for reduction in rental to 10/- per night - Trustees decided it was not possible. Two applicants for caretaker interviewed, and Mrs O'Lochlin appointed.
Feb: Mr White welcomed as a new Trustee.
May: Inaugral meeting of Headley Theatre Club.
Jul: First AGM of Headley Theatre Club.
Jul: Recorded deep loss at the recent death of Miss Davis, an original Trustee. Mrs Pauline S Buck was welcomed as a new Trustee. Thanked Major Casey for presentation of 30 Green Canvas Chairs - Proposed "that until such time as more Green Canvas Chairs are available they should be reserved for the use of Stage plays and entertainments only" - on no account should these chairs be used at a Cinema show, or be hired out. After use, the Manager of the Hall should see that chairs are returned to the lobby where they should be kept under lock and key.
Aug: Agreed that the paint for the window frames should be Chocolate Brown.
Oct: Vaudeville - first production by Theatre Club
Oct: Trustees examined the front stage curtains which had been shortened by the Theatre Club - the Treasurer was asked to contact Mr Stonehouse regarding the removal of distemper at the back of the stage, and to remind him that any other alterations the Theatre Club wish to make should be made in writing to the trustees.
Dec: Caretaker warned that if any more complaints were received, she would have to finish. Mrs Thomson-Glover had asked for an estimate to heat the Hall by electricity.
Dec: 'Blithe Spirit' by Headley Theatre Club.
Dec 20: Meeting called chiefly to discuss a letter which was sent to Mrs Rabbetts as producer of "Blithe Spirit" by Headley Theatre Club. The Treasurer spoke first of the letter he had sent to Mrs Rabbetts, the outline of which had been given to him over the telephone by the Rector. The Rector reminded the Trustees of a rule passed many years ago, "That no alteration could be made to the lighting of the Hall without the consent of the Trustees". A very long discussion took place and it was proposed by Miss McAndrews and seconded by Mrs Thomson-Glover that the existing rule should be displayed on the stage lighting switch board. The Trustees drafted a letter to send to Mrs Rabbetts and one to Col. Digby, producer of the next production by the Theatre Club. They went on to discuss the possibility of an electrical adviser.
Further complaints had been made about the caretaker, and it was decided to dispense with the services of Mrs O'Lochlin. Mrs Thomson-Glover offered to approach Watson, and if he were not interested the Treasurer would see if Hardy would take on the job.
Jan: An additional insurance policy for 3/9d had been taken out with the Royal Insurance Co to cover the use of additional electrical equipment by the Theatre Club - the cost to be added to the Theatre Club account. Jim Hardy was to start as new caretaker from 11th January.
Jan: 'Robinson Crusoe' - first panto by Headley Theatre Club.
Jul: Mrs Thomson-Glover offered to redecorate the inside of the Hall and hang new curtains at her expense - it was accepted with "very deep gratitude".
Jul: Elizabethan Pageant in village to celebrate Coronation.
Aug: Mrs Thomson-Glover stated she now had a plan drawn up by a competent Heating Engineer to alter the heating of the Hall, which in effect would mean there would be one extra radiator on each side of the Hall, and the boiler after being repaired would be put at ground level in the spare outhouse - also an electric booster would be installed.
Sept: The redecoration of the Hall was complete, the new curtains were up at the windows, also the new stage curtains would be hung soon.
An 'apron stage' first used during this year.
Oct: It was proposed by Mrs Thomson-Glover that the Trustees organise a United Effort Entertainment by the various organisations in the village - W.I., Holme School, Youth Fellowship, Theatre Club, Guides were suggested.
Interesting to note that when Hall funds ran low at these times, the reaction was always for the Trustees to run a jumble sale or some other fund-raising activity - the idea of putting up hire charges was never mentioned.
Dec: The cost of refilling the fire extinguishers would be 15/- each. A letter had been received from Dr Mendus Edwards on behalf of Headley Theatre Club asking permission to hire the Hall for a Club dance on 16th January, at which they propose having a Bar on the stage. The following proposal was made: "In reference to an application from the Headley Theatre Club, the Trustees had the matter of the sale of intoxicating drink in the Hall under consideration, and decided that in the opinion of the Trustees bonafide private parties may, with the special permission of the Trustees, sell intoxicating drink. Such permission will in no case be granted if admission by the general [public] is allowed by payment at the door or otherwise."
Jan: Mrs Snow raised the matter about the Trustees signing the declaration in the minute book. It was proposed by the Rector that the position regarding the Declaration of Trustees taking office should now be brought up to date. The Secretary was asked to write to the Board of the Charity Commissioners for eight copies of the existing scheme regarding this Hall, and also to ascertain the position regarding personal responsibility of the Trustees in any third party claims for damage suffered in the hall that exceeded current insurances.
Jan: 'Ali Baba' pantomime by Theatre Club
Feb: Before the Trustees met in Committee, they had a meeting with representatives of the Theatre Club, W.I., Youth Fellowship & Holme School. These organisations very kindly agreed to stage a show in aid of the funds of the Village Hall on Saturday 8th May. The production would be in the hands of Mrs Rabbetts who would be assisted by Major Casey and Miss Deane.
Agreed that new locks should be fitted to both doors.
Mar: Discussion on the Gala Concert of 8th May - organisations asked to name their cast - decided to ask Mr Peter Ellis to advise on posters, tickets, etc and ask him to meet them on 6th April with the Producer.
May: Entertainment [Gala Performance] on 8th May had been a great social and financial success, showing a profit of £34.11.6d. A letter of thanks was drafted to the producer, Mrs Rabbetts, and to the secretaries of the various organisations who took part. The Treasurer was asked to see North about dry rot in the kitchen floor.
Sept: Agreed to refuse an application by the Rector and Dr Edwards for a Bar at a Youth Fellowship dance unless the Hall was booked in writing by Dr Edwards himself.
Oct: Discussed the charge for rehearsals - for many years the charge had stood at 3/- a rehearsal without heat, and often rehearsals lasted some hours with all possible lights turned on. It was agreed that "The charge for rehearsals be raised to 5/- for a period of up to 3 hours." The secretary was asked to inform the Youth Fellowship and the Theatre Club.
Nov: Reported that Mrs Rabbetts would be glad to put on a show in the Spring in aid of Hall funds. The question of the second piano in the Hall, which belonged to Mrs Thomson-Glover, was raised - she stated she would be willing to give her piano to the Hall, but there was some doubt about which was the best piano.
The Rector raised the question of Sunday opening of the Hall, and observed that recently it had been used for rehearsals on two Sunday afternoons by the Theatre Club [1-act plays]. A long discussion took place, and it was agreed that those who put on a stage show should be able to find ample time during the week for rehearsal. It was agreed "That the Trustees have decided not to let this Hall on Sundays, except for a Religious purpose." The Rector thanked the Trustees for supporting him in this Vital matter.
Jan: 'Goody Two Shoes' pantomime by Theatre Club.
Mar: Mrs Thomson-Glover stated that she would soon be removing her piano from the Hall. The Secretary was asked if he would see about having a front put on the Hall piano. The W.I. have been given the use of the kitchen cupboards.
Apr: Mrs Rabbetts was present by invitation as producer of the forthcoming play. The following was agreed: two performances to be given on Fri 6th and Sat 7th May, both to start at 7.30pm. Price of tickets 5/-, 4/-, 2/6, 1/6, the proportion to be in blocks of 3-3-4 and 2 rows of each price. All but the last two blocks would be numbered and reserved - 12 seats in a row [144 seats]. Mr Chamberlain to be asked to sell tickets at the Post Office.
May: As a result of the recent play "The Happiest Days of Your Life", there was a profit of £28.13.6d. The receipts amounted to £45.0.0 and the expenses £16.6.6, which included £9.9.0 for royalties. The Treasurer reported that as a result of the play, the overdraft of £8.0.0 at the Bank had been cleared. The secretary was asked to write and thank Mr & Mrs Rabbetts, the Theatre Club, the Youth Fellowship, the W.I., the Young Conservatives, Mr Chamberlain, Miss Deane and Miss Coglan.
Discussion as to whether the Trustees could afford to pay caretaker Hardy during the summer when bookings were so low.
Sept: Hardy had agreed to stand off until the autumn - decided to ask him to continue from the end of September at £1 a week, to be increased to £1.10s when fires start.
Jan: Mrs McAndrews welcomed Mr Rabbetts as a new Trustee. Mrs Thomson-Glover took over as Secretary-Tresurer until a new one could be found. A letter from the Parish Council was read regarding a proposed Public Library - it was agreed that the Hall would be available, but the trustees would like to meet the head Librarian to discuss the placing of the shelves and the times of opening. A donation of £15 from the Flower Show [for flowers?] was gratefully accepted, but the Trustees were dubious about the life of the plants in such an unprotected site. Mr Rabbetts offered to get out plans to put the stage light-heat on a separate meter.
'Sleeping Beauty' pantomime by Theatre Club.
Mar 9: Fire! Held at the Village hall, this meeting was about to start work when it was found that the grass at the back of the Hall was well and truly on fire. The Fire Brigade was summoned, but before they had arrived a great deal of damage had been done to the boundary fence. The Fire Brigade having arrived, it seemed to be almost out and anyway, in their capable hands, the meeting started again. The question of insurance both against frost damage and fire was discussed, and the Secretary asked to go into the matter very fully.
Mr Rabbetts had made out a very full and clear suggestion for the new lighting arrangements on the stage. This would mean that two pre-payment meters were installed and that lighting and heating of the stage and kitchen would be separate from the main meter, so that people who use the stage and its lighting would have to pay for it. [Installation] would cost about £11.
The question of the large amount of damage that had been done due to frost was discussed.
May: Peter Ellis nominated as Trustee. The United Effort had just been held, and it was found that £46.15s had been taken and with expenses only being about £4, just over £42 was the total profit. The frost damage had amounted to £79.19.9d. It was agreed that caretaker Hardy should not be regularly employed after the end of May, but that he be paid to cut down the undergrowth round the boundary. Ten new chairs, a gift from the Theatre Club, had arrived, and a letter of thanks had been sent.
Oct 3: Mr Rabbetts and Mr Ellis were to go into the matter of the kind of new heater for the stage, and this was not to cost more than £25. The question of repairs to the coal shed was to be kept under review.
Hall seating capacity 160, according to Theatre Club records.
Jan: Pantomime by Theatre Club (title unknown, written by Mrs Fry).
Mar: The matter of connecting to the main drain was discussed - thought it would cost at least £300, and the Secretary was instructed to ask Alton R.D.C. if it would be possible to borrow the money from them.
Apr: The plans for the United Effort were discussed:
Youth Fellowship (play)
Women's Institute (songs)
Interval - a few words about the Hall & raffle tickets to be sold
Guides (camp fire)
Song and result of raffle
Theatre Club (play)
Jun: B North's estimate for £179.5s to connect to main drainage was accepted. The matter of the store was to be reconsidered.
Jul: B North's estimate of £141 for the store was accepted.
Sept: B North's estimate of £17 for doors from the cloakrooms into the Hall was accepted. Heat to be put on on Sept 27th, and kept on if necessary.
Oct: Mrs Thomson-Glover was [again] given permission to paint the interior of the Hall at her expense. A new lock was supplied, and now the only door the Trustees key will open is the back door.
Dec: Agreed the Rector would draw up a letter to be widely circulated asking for funds to finish paying for the drains. Agreed that the United Effort would take place on Sat 3rd May, and that the Theatre Club, W.I. and Youth Fellowship be written to to ask for their cooperation.
The 'apron stage' became property of Village Hall during this year, according to Theatre Club records.
Jan: Meeting held at White Lilacs. To the great regret of all it was discovered that the Theatre Club had arranged to put on a 3-act play in May, the W.I. were committed to a drama competition and so were the Youth Fellowship - it was therefore decided to postpone the Village Hall entertainment to Sept 27th when it was hoped that all organisations would be able to cooperate. [According Theatre Club records, the 3-act play was in fact cancelled due to lack of cast!].
Jan: 'Rose and the Ring' performance by Theatre Club.
[Theatre Club records lost from May 1958 till June 1960].
May: It was agreed that Sept 27th was not a good date for a United Effort, and Mr Rabbetts agreed to sound out the Theatre Club to find if and when they could do anything to help in an entertainment. [There was none this year].
A letter from Mr S D Musson of Prospect Hill farm was read, and the Secretary instructed to write to the Charity Commissioners. Mr Musson's letter questioned whether the Village Hall was a private charity, as he had been told, or a parochial charity whose accounts should be presented to the Parish Meeting under Section 11 of the parish Councils Act 1957.
The Secretary wrote (to the Ministry of Education): The Trustees act under a Charity Commission scheme dated and sealed the 20th January 1925. In a letter dated the 3rd March 1950 from the Charity Commission, the Clerk to the Parish Council was advised as follows:-
"I have to say that as the Charity is for the benefit of the inhabitants of Headley and the neighbourhood (clause 3 of the Scheme of 20th January 1925) the Charity is not parochial within the meaning of Section 75 (2) of the Local Government Act 1894 and accordingly the Trustees are under no obligation to furnish the Chairman of the Parish Meeting with a copy of the accounts."
We shall be glad to know if recent legislation has in any way affected this ruling.
[The Charity Commissioners replied on 27th June saying, basically, that nothing had changed].
The estimate for erecting a new chestnut fence at the cost of £37 was discussed, and on a show of hands it was agreed that a post and wire fence be put up.
Oct: Mr Rabbetts would find out about suitable material for the kitchen floor.
Apr: A new piano had been bought for £10.
May: Estimate of £35 from Mr Hardy for painting the outside of the Hall accepted: Doors and window wood in dark Cuprinol; window ironwork, gutters and downpipes in Green; walls one coat of broken white Snowcem.
The Trustees were informed that a large puddle formed outside the kitchen door whenever it rained.
Jun: Sum of £9 approved for making 7 soakaways.
Jan: Boundary fence needed repairs, and the Secretary was instructed to get estimates for concrete posts and either chain link or wire. The chair store was very damp. The offer of an electric cooker from Miss Griffin was gratefully accepted.
Feb: Mr Rabbetts promised to order one of the new electric lights, and if it was successful others would be ordered. It was noted that the Conservatives had broken the rules by having a Bar and selling tickets at the door - this was not to happen again.
Mar: The Secretary was instructed to order 6 tables at a price of £6.2s. Mrs Rabbetts reported that the Theatre Club would put on a play for May 7th. The window above the main doors to be painted black when a builder had a long ladder at the Hall.
Jun: Mr Mortley was welcomed as a new Trustee. Theatre Club and W.I. thanked for all the work they had done - the United Effort had brought in £25.6.9d.
Sept: All the managers were present. It was agreed to black out the high window at the end of the Hall - Mr Mortley kindly offered his ladder. The Secretary was to purchase a 200 watt(?) lamp for the new light in the Hall and try out its effect before any further alterations were done.
The rule regarding the letting of the Hall on Sundays passed on March 11th 1955 was rescinded - the Hall can now be let, out of Church hours and without the use of the piano.
Dec: 'Dial M for Murder' by Theatre Club.
May: Mr Rabbetts would order one more of the lights for the Hall and if this was an improvement the other two would be done when finances allowed. A pair of light steps, about 8 tread, were to be ordered. The purchase of 18 stacking chairs from the C of E Institute at Bordon at £5 was confirmed - they would need new backs. The Secretary was to consult Gould-Chapman about the mending of the slatted chairs. A heavy type manhole cover was needed outside the kitchen door.
Sept: The store appeared to be quite dry now. The new steps had been purchased. 22 of the chairs had been mended and seemed most satisfactory. A letter from the Theatre Club was read complaining about the unsanitary state of the lavatories. The Youth Fellowship had now returned to the Hall, but wished to change their day from Monday to Friday - however Friday was booked by the Roman Catholic Priest for Tombola. The Youth Fellowship was given permission to keep a large cupboard in the Hall.
Mar: Theatre Club celebrate 10th anniversary with 'Present Laughter'.
May: Youth Fellowship still asking to change their day to Friday. It was agreed that tables should not be charged for in future. it was agreed to hold a United Effort later in the year.
Aug: Estimates to be obtained for putting the heating of the Hall onto oil or electricity. Mr Rabbetts asked to be allowed to put several plugs in useful positions on the stage so as to make it safer when additional lighting was wanted. The space under the stage was to be cleaned out.
Sept: Estimate of £274.11s from H Warburton of Lindford for oil heating was discussed, and accepted.
Nov: The United Effort was discussed.
Mar: Meeting called chiefly to discuss the small thefts that were occurring in the Hall - decided that nothing could really be pinned on anyone, as the Hall was not always locked. Decided that a caretaker who could work in the mornings and be more available at other times was required - a notice was to be put in the paper, and the Secretary told to give Mr Hardy a month's notice.
Apr: Mr Budgen, who lived at the Holly Bush, appointed caretaker. He would be paid £3 a week, and extra for getting the place clean.
May: 'Pygmalion' by Theatre Club.
Jun: List of Trustees: Mary L McAndrew W.I. Representative; Pauline S Buck; Beatrice Mary Snow; C W Rabbetts; P Thomson-Glover; C J Mortley
Trustees all signed the minute book as accepting Trusteeship for 4 years. A letter was drafted and sent to the Parish Council saying they would be presented with a copy of the Hall's annual accounts for perusal and discussion only.
Jul: Noted and approved that the windows had been cleaned for £2. Charges for letting discussed, and the following note put in the paper:
"In an effort to meet growing expenses the Headley Village Hall Trustees regret that they are obliged to increase the charge for the hire of the hall from Sept 1st as follows: Basic rate £2 afternoon or evening; £3 if booked as a continuous booking; regular bookings to be raised 10% a month; committee rooms and rehearsals unchanged."
Mr Mortley felt the need for a new piano was urgent. The Theatre Club may put a shed to be used as a store in the Hall grounds on a site to be agreed, but [the Trustees?] will not be responsible for the building or the contents. The Theatre Club to pay 10/- a year rent on Jan 1st.
Sept: Agreed that Mr Treagus, 70 Churchfields, be employed as caretaker. Agreed that £1 be charged for morning lettings. Theatre Club asked if they could raise the height of their new store by 3ft - this was agreed.
Jan: Mrs Thomson-Glover was anxious to start a Lunch Club for over 70s or over 60s if they lived alone. She asked two things: to be allowed to install an electric cooker and also a basin with hot water in the kitchen - this was necessary by law if food was sold.
Jan: 'Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe' panto by Theatre Club.
Apr: 'Your Obedient Servant' by Theatre Club.
May: The letter from the Charity Commission was read: it was not possible (without an Act of Parliament) to hand over the Hall to the Parish Council as had been suggested at a Parish Meeting. It was pointed out that the Parish Council appoint 5 of the 7 Trustees.
It was reported that the store room was very damp [again], and Knight of Lindford was to be asked what could be done.
Sept: 'Venus Observed' by Theatre Club.
Oct: Agreed, if possible, a new floor should be put down - Mr Rabbetts asked to get in touch with Messrs Carter of Farnham to get their ideas and an estimate.
Jan: 'Little Red Riding Hood' by Theatre Club.
Feb: Agreed a new floor should be put down, and an appeal launched - Secretary to order 500 copies of the appeal letter. It was agreed that deal, the kind of wood used before, would not stand up to modern heels. D North of Arford was to be asked to tender for the new floor, and also make enquiries about 'armour tiles'. Mr Mortley had found a piano for £5.
Apr: Approved that C.I.G.S. Ltd of Farnham should use the 1 Grade Maple Strip flooring, and should start work on July 26th - they had undertaken to finish by Aug 5th. Agreed that an "At Home" should be held by the Trustees in the Village hall on June 23rd.
May: 'The Grass is Greener' by Theatre Club.
Jun: Held at Linsted Farm. The "At Home" discussed further. Theatre Club asked if they could erect a hut for storage in the grounds of the Village Hall - after discussion it was agreed that the hut they had suggested for this purpose was not suitable.
Oct: Held at White Lilacs. Letter sent to thank the Parish Council for the £60 contribution towards the new floor. Summary of a/cs to 5 Sept 1965 included in minute book.
Nov: Noted with alarm the damp [again] in the store room. The Horticultural Society asked permission to keep their tables and trestles under the stage - agreed on the understanding that other societies could use them in the Hall.
Jan: 'Jack and the Beanstalk' by Theatre Club.
Mar: Theatre Club request to build a storeroom in the Hall grounds were agreed - plans explained in detail by Mr Rabbetts - and a peppercorn rent of 10/- a year to be paid. W.I. asked if they could put up a notice board - permission granted. The Library asked if they could extend their small cupboard, and no objection was raised.
May: 'Gigi' by Theatre Club.
Nov: The Youth Fellowship asked for use of the cupboard on the kitchen side of the stage - this was agreed to. Three quotes were to be asked for to cure the damp in the store room. Southern Electricity were to be asked to list(?) all the wiring. The Theatre Club wrote a long letter of complaint about the lighting on the stage and the conditions of the curtains. The chairman responded that the W.I. were about to consider the renewing of the curtains.
Dec: Bert North's estimate of £28 for making good the storeroom roof was accepted. The Theatre Club had put a great deal of their props into the coal storeroom, and the Trustees decided that this being the case, the idea of connecting the two storerooms was abandoned.
Jan: 'Cinderella' by Theatre Club - written by John Chasty.
Feb: The storeroom was examined and passed as satisfactory. Mr Mortley reported that the electrical wires had been examined and the alterations approved by the S.E.B. - the work had been carried out by a member of the Theatre Club. The village United Effort was discussed, and the Secretary told to ask Mrs Lewcock what help she needed. Mrs Buck expressed very strong feelings about the proposed Church Centre taking away revenue from the Hall (letter attached in the minute book).
May: Great deal of discussion about the future running of the Hall - suggestion to consult Mr Greenslade of The Castle, Winchester.
May: 'White Sheep of the Family' by Theatre Club.
Jun: Mrs Charman wrote requesting to run a Nursery School in the Hall every Mon-Fri during term time. Agreed that she could hire the Hall for a year, but it would not be continued if it was found to be very inconvenient.
The Trustees were told that Mr Greenslade would meet them on June 20th at 6.15 to hear what could be done about the suggestion that the committee of management should be enlarged and more representative.
At the meeting, he suggested a draft letter to be sent to the Parish Council, to 'get things started' - this letter is attached to the minute book. It recommends a committee of 5 elected members and 9 representative members from the following societies: Youth Fellowship; Headley Theatre Club; Headley W.I.; Headley Horticultural Society; Headley Old Folk's Club; Headley Ratepayers' Association; Headley Down Ratepayers' Association; Headley Parish Council; Headley Royal British Legion Women's Branch.
Jan: 'Charley's Aunt' by Theatre Club.
Mar: The resolution for the extended committee was unanimously agreed. Agreed that the Nursery School should be allowed to put their cupboard in the Ladies Cloakroom.
Apr: The Trustees present signed the deed asking the Charity Commissioners to proceed with the new rules - signatures of those absent to be obtained.
Apr: Spring play by Theatre Club - title unknown, produced by Dawn Lewcock.
May: Met at White Lilacs. Mrs Thomson-Glover told the Trustees that she had been to see the Charity Commissioners in London. They had said that they must have the names of three foundation members of the new management committee who would retire in rotation. She was then asked to write to Miss McAndrew, the Rector, and Mr Murson to ask them to serve.
Sept: The foundation members had all accepted to serve.
Jan: 'Albert Laddin' (by Dawn Lewcock) & Social Evening by Theatre Club.
Apr: The Secretary was instructed to write to Mr Murson, the Charity Commissioners and the Education Ministry to ask them to do something about the new management which they had already considered for over two years. A new caretaker was appointed, Mr Coombs, who undertook to keep the Hall building clean.
May: Apologies for delay from the Charity Commissioners - they had filed all correspondence thinking it was to do with Headley near Newbury! Letter of concern sent to the PCC complaining that the Church Centre was taking lettings from organisations who once used the Village Hall.
May: 'Wanted One Body' by Theatre Club - produced by Stan Sharp.

End of Minute Book for March 1949 - May 1969

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