History of The Headley Society

Subjects and speakers at our monthly meetings, from the beginning—

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Sep 5 — Inaugural Meeting - slides of Suters - Invited committee
Oct — Running a local Civic Society - slides of the River Wey - Laurence Giles
Nov 7 — Medieval sources of the history of Headley - Philip Brooks
Dec — Social - wine & cheese - local quizzes and objects to identify
Jan 2 — 'By the Wey', putting pen to paper - John Warren
Feb 6 — The influence of trees - Derek Patch
Mar — AGM - 160 members - the Rectory as our home - B.M Tudor Jones [we have an audio (MP3) recording of this talk]
Apr — The River Wey from Shottermill to Headley Park - Adrian Bird
May 1 — Headley records in the HRO - Andrea Bassett
May 3 — Litter pick-up
May 11 — Headley Mill open day
Jun 5 — Guided walk along the River Wey from Standford - John Ellis
Jul 3 — The Pageant of Headley, 1951 (which led to the formation of Headley Theatre Club) - Joyce Stevens
Aug 7 — Ramble - Broxhead Common and Headley Wood - Reg Robinson
Sep 4 — Timber-framed houses - Mr Fergie
Oct — The geology of Headley - Dr June Chatfield
Nov 6 — Headley's rich variety of trees - Derek Patch
Dec 4 — Social - cheese & wine - slides: roof timbers of the church - Jim Clark
Jan — No meeting
Feb 5 — Highway to Headley - John Warren
Mar 5 — AGM - Support our shops - Roger & Lynn Butcher, Pat Rogers, Ivy Dixon, David & Mary Fawcett
Apr 2 — On-shore oil exploration in Hampshire - John Butterfield
May 7 — Reminiscences of Headley - John & Peter Ellis, Nell Chandler, Joyce Stevens
Jun 4 — Walk from Picketts Hill to Dockenfield - David Sulman
Jun 14 — Visit to Wey House - Sir John & Lady Rawlins
Jul 2 — Members' souvenirs - wine & cheese social - Lane End Trio entertainment
Aug 6 — The Ancient Order of Foresters - Headley's banner (see front and back) on display - Mr T Hicks
Sep 3 — Enjoy the countryside - Craig Vincer
Oct 1 — Life in the Stone Age - David Graham
Nov 5 — Return of the salmon to the Wey - G Pugh (Thames Water Board)
Dec 3 — Party at Headley Park - Mrs Barnard's memories of it as a family home - Heather Bailey and her guitar
Jan 7 — Tracing your ancestors - Mr & Mrs Dring
Feb 4 — Conservation areas - Jefferson Collard (EHDC)
Mar 3 — AGM - Haslemere Museum centenary - A.J. Jewell
Apr 7 — Fullers earth - N.T. Hunt
Apr 23 — Exhibition by four local societies
May 5 — Better snapshots - Harry Price
Jun 2 — Two unique places of worship - St Francis and the Congregational Chapel - Elsie Johnson, Grace Barnes
Jul 7 — Car Treasure Hunt
Aug 4 — A lifetime in Headley - Joyce Stevens
Aug — A group joined the Hampshire Field Club on a visit to Tufton Church and the Whitchurch Silk Mill
Sep 1 — Fungi can be fun - George Malcher
Oct 6 — Weald & Downland Open-air Museum - Brig Walter Greenway
Nov 3 — Apples from Hampshire - The Earl of Selborne
Dec 1 — Party - the Standford Singers - photo competition
Jan 5 — Corné (our French twin town) - Gordon Wrigley
Feb 2 — Bee keeping as a hobby - J.A. White
Mar 2 — AGM - English customs - Col J Wilcocks
Apr 1 — Whitchurch Local History Society visited Headley for the day
Apr 6 — A dry pub crawl - Douglas Airey
May 4 — The Petersfield Society - Mary Ray
Jun 1 — The Standford story - a dramatisation at the Methodist Church - John & Marion Warren
Jul 6 — Ask the panel - a doctor, community worker, headmaster, magistrate & parish councillor
Aug 3 — The course of my life - Chris Howkins
Sep 1,2,3 — Historical exhibition and flower festival - Sue Allden
Sep — The mills on the Wey - John Ellis
Oct 5 — Medieval timber-framed houses - Elizabeth Lewis, curator, Winchester City Museums
Nov 2 — The English civil war - Mr A Turton
Dec 7 — Party - entertainment by Headley Theatre Club
1990 This was a year of change in the village - a new rector, vicar, Methodist minister, Parish Council chairman and clerk, and the Holme School by the Village Green was closed.
Jan 4 — The work of the Mid Southern Water Co - Gerald Stiff
Feb 1 — Working with nature - Craig Vincer
Mar 1 — AGM - a Canadian's recollection of the 40s - Gordon McGhee
Apr 5 — If pigs could fly - Judy Harrold
May 3 — Running a local paper - Gary Shipton, Editor, The Bordon Post
May 19 — We beat the parish bounds
Jun 7 — A traveller's life - at Wodehouse by their Romany caravan - Peter Ingram
Jul 5 — The over-development of Hampshire - Dudley Keep, County Councillor
Aug 2 — The Watercress Line - John Adams
Sep 6 — A quizzical supper (Society's 5th birthday)
Oct 4 — Badgers in Headley - PC Clive Brown
Nov 1 — Slide show of the changing seasons - Craig Vincer & Jim Clark
Dec 6 — Entirely a family occasion - exhibition of keepsakes & bygones - 'My strangest Christmas' - members' memories - self-catering buffet - carols
Jan 3 — Heraldry - Lt.Col John Willcocks
Feb 7 — Cancelled due to snow! (was to have been Chemicals in the Home and Garden by Roy Taylor of ICI)
Mar 7 — AGM - Taking the Haslemere Museum into its second century - Diana Hawkes
Apr 4 — East Hampshire churches - Rodney Hubbuck
Apr 27/28 — 'Here's Headley' - an exhibition in Village Hall of village life during 1990
May 2 — Waste recycling plant - Tony Miles, representative of the Hughes Group
Jun 6 — Meeting at the Tithe Barn with barbecue - Mr & Mrs John Darby
Jul 4 — Recycling, the way forward - Paul Streetly
Jul — Winning Carnival float 'Still Conkering'
Aug 1 — The River Wey at Mellow Farm - David Hadfield
Sep 5 — Mrs Barnard's birthday party at Picketts Hill
Sep 15 — A Headley family - Sue Allden
Oct 3 — Collectable bottles - Michael Wells
Nov 7 — The diaries of James Simmons, master papermaker of Haslemere - Martin Kane
Dec 5 — 'Cinderelder' potted panto by Jo Smith, performed by Society members - songs by Sarah & Dave Horne
Dec 8 — Chestnut tree from Carnival float planted by the Woodger family in the Rectory field
Jan 2 — Birds from my window - Fred Shepherd
Feb 6 — The early history of glass - Dr Denise Allen
Mar 5 — AGM - Local iron works - Robin & Carla Barnes
Apr 2 — Chimneys I have known - Mr V.J. Batten
May 7 — Metal detecting - John Forster
May — Bluebell walk from Picketts Hill to Dockenfield
Jun 4 — History of English furniture - Mr F.D.S. Embling
Jul 1 — Visit to Hatch House Farm, permission of Mr & Mrs Thompson - John & Peter Ellis & Bert Cook
Jul — Winning Carnival float, 'Always in the Swim'
Aug 6 — Postcards of Headley - Joyce Stevens
Sep 3 — Hampshire hops - W.J. Weeks
Oct 1 — Your treasures and their value - Mrs G Henderson
Nov 5 — Our schools and local history - Dr Tracey Jones (Head of history at Mill Chase)
Nov — 'To the Ar and Back' on sale - Joyce Stevens
Dec 3 — Christmas party - a recital of favourite songs - C&G Evans & A&D Thomas
Jan 6 — Rooting for the Woodgers - Janet Woodger
Feb 4 — How well do you know Hampshire? part 1 - Mr & Mrs R Haddock
Mar 4 — AGM - Problems facing local papers - Robin Radley, editor of The Herald
April 1st Sensitive Restoration of Historic Buildings, by Mr Deane Clark
May 6th Collection of Rural Relics, by Mrs Anne Mallinson
May 16/17 — Arts & Crafts exhibition - Guests of honour: Charles Bone (painter) & Sheila Mitchell (sculptress)
June 3rd Members Only Visit to Kingsley Mill
July 1st Headley Commons, by Mr Paul Edgar
August 5th Calendar of British Birds, by Mr Dennis Bright
September 2nd Woodland Toadstools, by Mrs Audrey Thomas
October 7th Slides of the Isles of Scilly by Marion Davey & Jim Clark (was to have been 19th Century cottage trades, by Mrs Daphne Grimm)
November 4th Ordnance Survey, by Mr David Harris
December 2nd Members Only Christmas Meeting - Party and Hampshire quiz

January 6th Postponed due to snow (was to have been How well do you know Hampshire? part2, by Mr & Mrs Roger Haddock )
February 3rd Aspects of Customs & Excise Work, by Mark Pegler from HM Customs & Excise
March 3rd AGM - My showman ancestors, and the origins of the bioscope, by Peter Morgan of Standford
April 7th The Art of the Broom Squire, by Mr Peter Burrows of Grayshott [we have an audio recording (tape) of this talk]
May 5th A Selection of 20th Century Collectable China, by Mrs Doreen Jonathan
June 2nd The 50th Anniversary of D-Day, by Mr Brian Olof
June — Visit to John Wilding's clock museum near Lurgashall
July 7th Members Only Visit to Wey House
August 4th The Story of Uppark House, by Mr A.W. Ambrose
September 1st Crime Prevention, by PC W.J.Slater
October 6th Focus on Wildlife, by Mr Dennis Bright
November 3rd The Royal Mail Service, by Gerry Cobb
December 1st Members Only Christmas Meeting - Buffet supper & hot punch - Father & Mother Christmas
January 5th The National Rivers Authority & Pollution Control, by John Goddard & Andy Thompson from the NRA
February 2nd 'How well do you know Hampshire?', Part 2, by Mr & Mrs Roger Haddock
March 2nd AGM - 'Yesterday Once More', by Mrs Jean Parratt
April 6th Hollycombe Steam & Woodland Garden Society, by Mr Chris Hooker
May 4th 'Haven for Wildlife', by Mr Dennis Bright
June 1st Impromptu talks by three of the Society's members (advertised speaker went to the wrong Headley!)
July 6th Members Only Visit to Headley Grange
August 3rd 'Victory 1945', by Mr Brian Olof
September 7th 'Then & Now, the history of postcards ', by Mr Peter Downes [the Society's 10th anniversary]
October 5th Hangers, Hollow Lanes & Green Lanes, by Mr John Ockenden
November 2nd A Painting Demonstration, by Mr Roger Dellar
December 7th Members Only 'Celebrating Christmas' - party with sketch by Headley Theatre Club
January 4th Rural Crafts on postcards, illustrated by Mr Tim Winter
February 1st The History of Buttons, by Mrs S Maynard
March 7th AGM - A Question of Weather, by Dr JR Storr
April 4th 'How well do you know Hampshire?', Part 3, by Mr & Mrs Roger Haddock
May 2nd 'Wild West Wales', by Mr Dennis Bright
June 6th Woodland Management from the Amazon to Hampshire, by Mr Benjamin Law
July 4th Members Only Visit to Trottsford Farm - John Ellis and Bert Cook reminisced
August 1st 'Hampshire Ways & Hampshire Days', by Mr Norman Goodland
September 5th 'A Walk Round Farnham', by Mrs Jean Parratt
October 3rd Counting Heads in Headley, by Mr Jo Smith
November 7th The Life of a Lady Bailiff, by Mrs Jean M Hayes, MCBA
December 5th 'Songs of Hampshire', by Mr Steve Jordan
January 2nd Members Only 'Welcome to 1997' - a Scottish evening with Dennis Davis and his bagpipes, and Jim Scrimgeour with memories
February 6th Tracing Family History, by Mr Roger Bennett
March 6th AGM - English Explained, by Mrs Hester Whittle and Mr Richard Lane
April 3rd The History of Wallpaper, by Mr Ted Hyde
May 1st Fair Trading Standards, by Mr RC Matthews
June 5th Light Among the Trees, by Mr Peter Beale
July 3rd Members Only Visit to Curtis Farm
August 7th The Woodturner's World, by Mr Bob French
September 4th Exploring the Oceans, by Mr A.L. Rice
October 2nd 'Old Alton', by Mr Tony Cross
November 6th 'Inside an Auction House (Sotherby's)', by Mrs Lorraine de la Tour
December 4th Members Only Christmas party in Curtis Barn - Arford Bells entertained
January 8th Disability: One in Ten, by Mr Mark Walsh
February 5th The History of Bricks, by Mr Kevin Stubbs
March 5th AGM - William Cobbett - the most powerful of political writers of his day, by Mrs Molly Townsend
April 2nd Farnham's Hop Heritage, by Mr Chris Hellyer
May 7th Noar Hill: Past, Present and Future, by Mrs Lynn Fomison
June 4th Haslemere: Where Three Counties Meet, by Tim Winter
July 2nd Members Only Visit to 'Waterside', Passfield
August 6th Mini 'Antiques Road Show' with valuations, by Mr Jack Brown
September 3rd Fighting Climate Change, by Rick Kimber
October 1st A Brief History of Whitaker Wright & Witley Park, by Adrian Brown
November 5th The Headley Memorial Book, by Joyce Stevens
December 3rd Victorian Kitchen & Christmas Fare, by Rosemary Gilmour
January 7th Trees & Myths, by Richard Wingfield
February 4th The Future of Alpaca Farming within the UK, by Charles Burchell
March 4th AGM - Carnival Glass, by Mr & Mrs Thistlewood
April 1st Antique boxes; their history and restoration, by Mr & Mrs Peter Chris
May 6th Superstitions: "Why do we do that?", by Mrs Geraldine Winters
June 3rd Auctions and Antiques, by Mr Chris Jacobs of Jacobs & Hunt, Petersfield
July 1st Members Only visit to Mellow Farm
August 5th My Liphook Connections, by Mrs June Spong
September 2nd Dairymaid's Flora, by Mr Chris Howkins
October 7th "Good Stuff": paper-making in Headley, by Joyce Stevens & Jo Smith
November 4th Crop Circles: "Mixing in the right circles", by Lucy Pringle
December 2nd The History of Shopping in the 20th Century, by Michael Gallagher
January 6th Members Only Old Christmas in the new Millennium, at Curtis Farm Barn
February 3rd The History of Hampshire Inn Signs, by Mr & Mrs Roger Haddock
March 2nd AGM - 20th Century Towers of Babel, by Professor Michael Withers
April 6th The River Wey Trust, by Adrian Bird
May 4th Historic Guildford, by Mrs Williams
June 1st Rabbits: the good, the bad and the ugly, by Dr Roger C Trout
July 6th Members Only visit to Tulls Farm House
Aug 3rd An Introduction to Heraldry, by Rodney Smith
Sept 7th Old Tools, by Henry Jackson MBE of the Rural Life Centre, Tilford
Oct 5th The Channel Tunnel, by Colin Kirkland
Nov 2nd History of Violins, by John Lodge
Dec 7th Plants to Celebrate Mid-winter, by Chris Howkins
Jan 4th Members Only Social Evening
Feb 1st Caring for the Countryside and Wildlife, speaker from The National Trust
Mar 1st AGM - Headley Archives & Quiz about Headley
Mar-May Exhibition 'Headley by the Wey' mounted for the Spring season at the Rural Life Museum, Tilford
Apr 5th Haunted East Hampshire, Malcolm Campbell
May 3rd Half a Million Years of History, David Graham
Jun 7th Hampshire Sun Dials, Peter Ransom
Jul 5th Members Only visit to Old Rectory, Headley
Aug 2nd "The Village" - Bentley on TV, Capt Andrew Thompson, CBE RN Ret
Sep 6th Local Rambling, Ian Baker, Liphook & District Ramblers
Oct 4th Antique Jewellery, Stephen Thurlow
Nov 1st Badgers, Cdr AY Norris, Hampshire Wildlife Trust
Dec 6th Members Only St Nicholas Day Social Evening
Jan 3rd Radar, Prof Michael Withers
Feb 7th The Edward Barnsley Furniture Workshop, John Barnsley
Mar 7th AGM, A Quick Leaf Through Book Selling, Julian Wilson
Apr 4th A Peep into some National Trust gardens, Pauline Turner
May 2nd Selborne & Headley Workhouse Riots of 1830, John Owen Smith
Jun 6th HMY Britannia, Rear Admiral B.Perowne
Jul 4th Members Only Summer visit to the Rural Life Centre, Tilford
Aug 1st Gem Stones, Fact & Fiction, Colin Winter
Sep 5th Old Houses in Hampshire, Linda Hall
Oct 3rd "When did we start eating that?" Sarah Edington
Nov 7th The History of Post Boxes, Mrs V. Willis
Dec 5th Members Only, at Curtis Barn Wine Tasting & Talk, Prof. J. Schooler (from Lurgashall Winery)
Jan 2nd Local Mysteries – a slide show, Chris Shepheard
Feb 6th Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Rod Green, Assistant Park Manager
Mar 6th AGM, Headley Archives, John Owen Smith
Apr 3rd Shades of History the Romantic History of Silhouettes, Michael Pierce is acknowledged as the foremost master of the painted silhouette art now living. He produced silhouette profiles of both HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh for the Silver Jubilee and has exhibited at Goldsmith's Hall, London, Chartres and San Francisco. Country Life magazine has made him one of their elite 'Living National Treasures'
May 1st Roman coins of Frensham Common, and other recent finds, David Graham Locally based historian, David Graham, tells of the latest archaeological finds.
Jun 5th The Edwardian Country House, Hugh Edgar a polymath and much-travelled architect who is a National Trust volunteer, helping to research the history of Dapdune Wharf, Guildford. He applied and was chosen to play the part of the butler in the Channel 4 series, The Edwardian Country House.
Jul 3rd Members Only Summer visit to Moor House Farm picnic and a talk on the Watermeadows
Aug 7th Space for Everyone the small satellite revolution, Prof Sir Martin Sweeting FREng - professor at University of Surrey and managing director of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. He travels widely.
Sep 4th Photography for the Enthusiastic Amateur, Jeremy Whitaker with helpful hints for better photography and a selection of his slides.
Oct 2nd Finding of Longitude, Ken Atherton describes the epoch-making discovery After commencing his career as a cartographic draughtsman with the UK Hydrographic Office, he was appointed Curator of Original Documents at the UK Hydrographic Office in 1991 and was also responsible for maintaining British Admiralty charts. Now retired, he concentrates on freelance historical map and maritime chart research. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a Fellow of the British Cartographic Society, as well as being a member of many other organisations. He has written a number of professional papers and appeared in and given advice to a variety of TV programmes, the latest being Simon Schama's "The History of Britain".
Nov 6th The Royal Woolmer Way, Mike Wearing of the Deadwater Valley Trust outlines the new walk from Liss to Frensham.
Dec 4th The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park, John Davis, retired civil servant who worked at Bletchley Park in more recent times, gives an insight into the war-time efforts of breaking the Enigma codes.
Jan 8th Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn 'The Review' musical entertainment.
Feb 5th Our Own Wood, Professor Julian Evans OBE recounts how he planted his own Hampshire wood formerly the Forestry Commission's chief Research Officer and an expert in managing broad-leaved woodlands, he has written several books, including "A Wood of our Own" (now out of print) and "What happened to our Wood" published in Sept 2002.
Mar 4th AGM, Members' evening: Sue Allden (Ancient Forests & Roman Pots); Marguerite Withers (Machine Embroidery, with exhibition)
Apr 1st Musical Instruments of the 16th to 18th century, including demonstration, by Jeanne and Marguerite Dolmetsch grand-daughters of Arnold Dolmetsch and daughters of Dr Carl Dolmetsch, CBE, they were trained to play the recorder, viol and harpsichord. Later, they studied violin, viola and piano at the Royal Academy of Music. They tour the world as soloists and chamber music artists; they also give recitals and lectures. The sisters are craftsmen and directors of the Dolmetsch Early Musical Instrument workshop and directors of the annual Dolmetsch Summer School and Haslemere Festival.
May 6th The Hobby of Metal Detecting, John Forster outlines the role of metal detecting in archaeology today. [Bring any 'finds': coins, pottery, etc. for identification]
June 3rd Around the World with Magic and a Mess Tin, Robin Maddy the story of feeding the Army over the centuries interspersed with some of his own experiences with the odd magic trick thrown in!
July 1st Shulbrede Priory, Laura Ponsonby well-known botonist and author relates the history of her home near Lynchmere
August 5th Members Only, 7.30pm summer visit to Windridge, Headley Hill Road picnic and hear about this 19thC chalet built by Edward I'Anson.
September 2nd A Future for Whales? asks Victor Machin, a passionate proponent for whales, who attends International Whaling Commission Meetings
October 7th Jane Austen's Alton, Jane Hurst describes how the town looked in the 18thC how much would Jane Austen recognise if she were to return today?
November 4th The House that Ben Built, Ben Law tells us of his lifestyle living in a Sussex wood and the house he built there as shown on Channel 4's 'Grand Designs' programme
December 2nd Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn A selection of seasonal writings by Charles Dickens presented in Victorian costume by Vera Hughes and David Weller [Note change of time and venue from normal meetings]
January 6th The English Civil War, David Wright (and friends from the Civil War Re-enactment Group of Alton) Talks on both the military and the social side of the Civil War
February 3rd Flora Thompson, beyond Candleford Green, John Owen Smith local author and historian tells us of that period in the life of the author of 'Lark Rise to Candleford' before she became famous
March 3rd AGM, Members' evening April 6th "What's Your Best on This?" Gillian Rawcliffe, collector, buyer and restorer, recounts how she began collecting virtu, bric-a-brac, old dolls and other interesting items
May 5th With Love from the Trenches Geoff Salter covers the history of embroidered postcards from the First World War
June 2nd From Feast to Famine: Food from Elizabeth to Victoria with Margaret Henderson
July 7th William Lee, Apothecary-Surgeon Daphne Reggler recounts her research into the life of this 18th century, Headley-born doctor
Aug 4th 20th Anniversary Evening, 7.30pm at the Church Centre
Sept 1st Wessex Sound & Film Archive David Lee, Archivist, talks about the work of the archive and shows Pathé Newsreel clips
Oct 6th "Secrets of the Georgian Bedchamber" Alan Green reveals all!
Nov 3rd Lines in the Landscape National Trust Warden Chris Webb describes the local scenery
Dec 1st Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn Christmas Celebration with Terry Elford who entertains us with familiar songs [Note change of time and venue from normal meetings]
Jan 5th Nanotechnology, Industrial Revelation! Professor Mike Withers enlightens us on this new 'ology'!
Feb 2nd Voices of Petersfield Pamela Payne on recording the memories of a community
Mar 2nd AGM followed by an illustrated talk on Headley by John Owen Smith
Apr 6th Life in the 1930s through advertisements Jane Hurst peruses local newspapers to give an insight into life of the time
May 4th — Spies in Petticoats Carol Brown from Guildford Museum talks about the women of the SOE of WW2 who trained at Wanborough & Wintershall
June 1st — Farnborough: the early days Gordon Knowles of the Surrey Industrial History Group relates how Farnborough developed
July 6th — Queens at WarCdr Bruce Nicholls, OBE, RN gives a history of the Cunard Line, including the great liners' wartime service during WW2 and the Falklands Campaign, as well as the Cunard Line today and the new Queen Mary 2
Aug 3rd — Members Only, 7.30pm summer visit to Barford Stream Cottage. Bring a picnic and visit this 17th century house [Note change of time and venue from normal meetings]
Sept 7th — Butterflies Lyn Fomison gives an illustrated talk on how to save the butterfly
Oct 5th — The History of Whitehill & Bordon Adam Carew and Chris Wain cover the history of these local areas from pre-history to the modern day
Nov 2nd — Ropes & Lines, Knots in Twines the Guild of Knot Tyers with Gordon Perry talk about the construction of rope in past times and present and demonstrate their skills as knot tyers
Dec 7th — Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn The Magic Lantern and Victorian Humour Alan Brindle, a collector of lantern slides entertains us at our Christmas Party [Note change of time and venue from normal meetings]
Jan 4th — Film and TV Props Louise Lusby, a designer based at Shepperton Studios, shows many props and describes the making of them
Feb 1st — All Tanked Up John Owen Smith recalls the Canadian armoured regiments that came to Headley during WW2 and their impact on the community
Mar 1st — AGM and Members' evening
Apr 5th — 'A Parcel of Gold for Edith'John Owen Smith (change from advertised programme)
May 3rd — Lost Wey to the SeaTony Pratt of the Wey & Arun Canal Trust on the history of the canal and how current restoration is progressing
Jun 7th — The Flag Man and his FlagsCdr Bruce Nicholls describes the principles, practicalities and protocol of designing, making & flying flags
Jul 5th — A Taste of IndiaLaura Ponsonby tells of her travels to the sub-continent
Aug 2nd — Members Only, 7.30pmsummer visit to Kingsley Mill
Sep 6th — Grayshott Society & ArchivesWhat's happening in our sister village?
Oct 4th — Weather PermittingPhilip George gives a slide show exploring local landscapes; even here lighting and weather conditions can be quite dramatic
Nov 1st — By Butchering, Baking & Candlestick Making: Working for a living in BritainAlan Green examines the lot of those who had to toil for a living
Dec 6th — Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening
Jan 3rd — Wetlands & WaterwaysNigel Choat (late change to programme)
Feb 7th — British Forces Broadcasting ServiceAlan Grace of BFBS Forces Radio reminisces about the Service and the people and places he encountered over the years
Mar 6th — AGM & Members' Evening — talk on Buttons by our President, Betty White
Apr 3rd — Smuggling in HampshireDolina Clark divulges the secrets of an historic trade
May 1st — History of Aldershot & District Traction CoPeter Trevaskis
Jun 5th — The Bridger Diaries of DockenfieldMaureen Stone and Sheila Haytree: social history on our doorstep
Jul 3rd — Ludshott Common, Chris Webb, our National Trust warden, on the centenary of its acquisition by The National Trust
Aug 7th — Members Only, 7.30pm — summer visit to see Headley Mill in operation — bring a chair and a picnic
Sep 4th — Fifty five years of Recording Surburban LifeDavid Piggott tells the story of Acorn Films and the 'Chingford Newsreel'
Oct 2nd — Tales of the UnexpectedAlan Copeland (but we're not sure what to expect!)
Nov 6th — The Greening Campaign & Sustainability CentreTerena Plowright (actually Richard Weavis gave the talk) advises on how to reduce energy consumption
Dec 4th — Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening
Jan 8th — Update on NanotechnologyProf Mike Withers reveals the latest developments in this field
Feb 5th — The Bordon eco-town: how would it affect Headley?Marilyn Metcalfe gives her opinions and asks for open discussion (change to published programme) Note: This was an open meeting, no charge for admission to non-members
Mar 5th — AGM & talk: 'They Lived at Hatch Farm' by Rev Marion Warren
Apr 2nd — "Food from the Middle Ages to Mrs Beeton"Anne Jones of Farnham Museum tempts our culinary palates!
May 7th — "The A3 Tunnel" — IAN WHYTE, Community Relations Manager for Balfour Beatty updates us on the building of the Hindhead tunnel
June 4th — Hampshire Mills — JOHN SILMAN, President of the Hampshire Mills Group, takes us on a visual tour of Hampshire Mills
July 2nd — Lutyens Grand Designs — MICHAEL EDWARDS, RIBA, acquaints us with the designs of the veritable Victorian architect, Edwin "Ned" Lutyens
Aug 6th — 7.30pmVisit to All Saints' Church and churchyardbring a chair and a picnic — This was a change to the published programme
Sept 3rd — The Meon Valley Railway — RAY STONE tells us about this railway line which ran from Alton to Fareham and closed in 1955
Oct 1st — The History of Alice Holt Forest — HELEN WALLACE of the Forestry Commission fills us in on the history of this ancient forest

Fri Oct 23rd — The Joyce Stevens' Memorial Lecture — ARTS & CRAFTS HOUSES & GARDENSPAUL ATTERBURY of the Antiques Roadshow.

Nov 5th — The Marine World around the British Isles — LEN DEELEY gives an illustrated, detailed account of the British underwater world.
Dec 3rd — Members Only, 7.30pm at Curtis Barn — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening
Jan 7th — MEETING CANCELLED due to snow
Feb 4th — Wild Britain — a slide show by NIGEL CHOAT
March 4th — AGM & A Mountaineer's Eye View of South-East England — an illustrated tour given by CHRISTOPHER HUTCHINSON (moved from January)
April 1st — Illustrated Tour of Headley Parish — JOHN OWEN SMITH (change to the originally published programme)
May 6th — Book Collecting for Profit & Pleasure — PAUL ROBINSON
June 3rd — The Trees at Alice Holt — Dr RICHARD JINKS
July 1st — Local Early Saxon Landscape — CHRIS HOWKINS
Aug 5th — Open to All7.30pm at Church Centrethe Society's Silver Jubilee Celebration — Hog Roast
Sept 2nd — Chingford Newsreel continued — DAVID PIGGOTT
Oct 2nd — We hosted this year's AGM of the Local History Section of the Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society in its 125th year
Oct 7th — Frensham Common, the Future is Bright — STEPHEN WEBSTER (change to the originally published programme)
Nov 4th — Woodland Crafts & Industries — TIM WINTER
Dec 10th Members Only7.30pm at Curtis Barn — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening — rescheduled to this date due to weather
Jan 6th — The Headley War Memorial — MARK BANNING
Feb 3rd — History of the American Folk GuitarANDREW PERRY
Mar 3rd — AGM with cheese & wine
April 7th — The River Wey Navigation — ALAN WILLIAMS (change to the originally published programme)
May 5th — Going for a Song — PETER RAW brought along a dozen or so items, gave some information about them, and asked the audience for a valuation
June 2nd — World War 2 defences in Surrey — CHRIS SHEPHEARD
July 7th — Parham in the time of the Bishop Family c.1680–1720 — JANE Le CLUSE
Aug 4th — 7.30pm — A Stroll round Headley and the Churchyard with JO SMITH and CAROLINE LEMKA
Sept 1st — Basingstoke Canal, Past, Present and Future — ROGER CANSDALE
Oct 6th — Medieval Farnham — DAVID GRAHAM
Nov 3rd — Surrey Safari — GEOFF LUNN, wildlife photographer
Dec 1st — Members Only7.30pm at Curtis Barn — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening
Jan 5th — OPEN MEETING, all welcomeTalk on the Headley Village Website — Alistair Young
Feb 2nd — Napoleonic Prisoner of War Work, with interesting Hampshire connections — Tony Cross
Mar 1st — AGM with wine & cheese — plus a talk: 'Movies without Movement' an amusing 'modern lantern show' by John Gamble and Kathleen Bird of Ludshott Photographic Club
Apr 5th — History of the Army in Bordon — Chris Wain
May 3rd — Gertrude Jekyll her Life & Work — Marion Emery
June 7th — The History & Archaeology of Basing House & Odiham Castle — David Allen, keeper of Archaeology at Basing House
July 5th — Members Only7.30pmSummer visit to Arford Lodge
Aug 2nd — From Hop Fields to Lavender Fields — Tim Butler
Sept 6th — Never at Sea: the Wrens — Katherine Minchin
Oct 4th — Haslemere People & Places — Tim Winter
Nov 1st — Help the Heroes — Mike Betts
Dec 6th — Members Only7.30pm — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening
Jan 3rd — The Seasons: wildlife photography with bird sounds — Geoff Lunn
Feb 7th — Rev Laverty and his Notebooks — John Owen Smith
Mar 7th — AGM, followed by talk Scams Awareness — Julie Gallagher from Hampshire CC
Apr 4th — Weald & Downland Museum: its History and Work — Alan Woods
May 2nd — The Barrows of Petersfield and their connection with Avebury and Stonehenge — Peter Price
June 6th — The Mary Rose — Alan Turton
July 4th — Members Only7.30pmSummer visit to Old Cottage, Churt Road
Aug 1st — History of the Ordnance Survey — Geoff May
Sept 5th — Tudor Cabinet of Curiosities — Denise Quinney
Oct 3rd — Gilbert White and his Garden at Selborne — David Standing
Nov 7th — Dramatised Reading from 'A Christmas Carol' — Jonathan Jones
Dec 5th — Members Only7.30pm — Christmas Party and Quiz Evening
Jan 9th — Behind the Scenes at The Houses of Parliament — Steve Priestley
Feb 6th — Farnham Pottery — David Graham
Mar 6th — AGM, followed by "Pubs, Taverns, Inns and their Signs" — Tony Cross
Apr 3rd — "Without the Veil" in Saudi Arabia — Katharine Minchin
Apr 11th — Historic Headley The first in a series of talks on the history of Headley — John Owen Smith
May 1st — The Insulin Murders: a miracle drug which can be used for mischiefProf Vincent Marks
June 5th — Uppark and its People, including the scandalous Earl of TankervilleDr Bob France

Fri June 27th — The Joyce Stevens' Memorial LectureOur Queen and the Modern MonarchyRobert Hardman


July 3rd — Members Only7.30pmSummer visit to The Old Rectory, Headleyincluding Hot dogs
Aug 7th — Hindhead after the Tunnel: Looking at past land use & conservationMatthew Cusack, National Trust Head Ranger, Southwest Surrey Hills
Sept 4th — Thomas Adlam VC: Interesting facts of memorable winnersMalcolm Buchanan
Oct 2nd — Civil War in Hampshire Alan Turton
Oct 24th — Historic Headley The second in a series of talks on the history of Headley — John Owen Smith
Nov 6th — A Short Biography of the English ChannelIain Kennedy
Dec 4th — Members Only7.30pm — Christmas Party
Jan 8th — The Introduction of Hops in the UKBill Weeks
Feb 5th — The First 500 Years of Loseley Park Jennifer Nicholas
Mar 5th — AGM, followed by The Story of John Betjeman, his life & poetry (including local connections) — Paul Robinson
Apr 2nd — The History of Town Criers and significance of regaliaJonathan Jones, Farnham Town Crier
Fri 10th Apr — Historic Headley The third in a series of talks on the history of Headley — John Owen Smith
May 7th — Artist's Village (Watts Gallery) — Jane Turner
Jun 4th — William Cobbett: a remarkable life — Julia Mayo
Jul 23rd — 7.30pmSummer visit to Headley Village Hall — to hear Jo Smith talk about its history and see the Headley Archives on display — bring a picnicThe evening is open to all, members and non-members alike, and is free.
Aug 6th — "That's the way to do it"; my life as a Punch & Judy professor — Ken Dalston
Sat 29th Aug — 10.30am–4.30pm — "Here's Headley" in Headley Village Hall — all clubs & societies in and around Headley were invited to have a free stall and 'sell' themselves to the population (over 40 stalls)
Sep 3rd — Rare earth metals vital for modern life; history/technology leading to the use of these every-day elements — Dr Ralph Kay
Oct 1st — Odiham and The Magna Carta — John Champion, chairman of The Odiham Society
Nov 5th — Brookwood Cemetery; creation of the Cemetery and some of its famous residents — Kim Lowe
Fri 11th Dec — 7.00pm Yuletide Feast at Headley Village Hall, with food & entertainment provided by Headley Theatre Club — tickets £12 — open to non-members
Jan 7th — "GBS: Playing the Clown"; a one-man show and part talk — Brian Freeland
Feb 4th — Haslemere; story of the town since the 1800s and the influence of the railway — Tim Winter
Mar 3rd — AGM, followed by Jo Smith with an illustrated talk on 'Characters of Headley's Past' (the book that never was!)
Apr 7th — Winchester Cathedral; its history, events & treasures — Bill Weeks
May 5th — The History of Brooklands — Tim Morris of The Brooklands Trust
Fri 13th May — Historic Headley — The fourth in a series of talks on the history of Headley: First talk: Update on WW1 Memorial project (Caroline Lemka/Steve Priestley); Second talk: Flora Thompson in Hampshire (Jo Smith)
Sat 11th June — Her Majesty the Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration — Headley Parish Council organised a 'Street Party' on the Village Green.
July 7 — Regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon, we're underway and the development has begun! — Steve Pearce, Regeneration Director, EHDC
Aug 4th — Ballards Brewery Talk & Beer Tasting — Carola Brown
Sept 1st — The History & Mystery of Silver — Simon Parton
Oct 6th — Life for a Lady 100 years ago — Jane Hurst of the Curtis Museum
Nov 3rd — From 'Gentlemen Officers' to the Modern Sandhurst — John Jackson
Dec 1st — Experience The History of Magic — John Field, Member of the Magic Circle
Fri 6th Jan —
7.00pm 12th Day of Christmas Feast with entertainment at Headley Village Hall
Feb 2nd — Smart Living — Mike Culver, of the Waste Prevention Team, HCC
Mar 2nd — AGM plus Steam to Mandalay with Railway enthusiast Paul Whittle
Apr 6th — Jane Austen and the Armed Forces — AlanTurton, Military Historian
May 4th — South Downs National Park — Doug Jones
June 1st — The English Switzerland — Marion Dell
July 6th — Wey & Arun Canal — Kevin Crawley
Aug 3rd — 5.00pmA trip on the Wey & Arun Canal, from Loxwood - cost £5 each - non-members welcomed (max 50 people)
Sept 7th — Ghosts of East Hampshire — Adam Carew
Oct 5th — The real AA Milne — Sue Morris and Alfred Bradley

Tuesday Oct 17th — 8pm — The Joyce Stevens' Memorial Lecture"Grandma Flew Spitfires" — Richard Poad — in Headley Village Hall — £5 entry


Nov 2nd — Scotland Yard Detective — Steve Roberts
Dec 7th — The Butler's Christmas — Bob France
Jan 4th — My Family and Other Set backs — Mel Rees
Feb 1st — Empress Eugenie — Jo Gosney
Mar 1st — *** AGM CANCELLED *** Jane Lewis of the Surrey History Centre will now come to us on Friday 9th November (see below)
Apr 5th — Pam on a Bike — Pam Goodall
May 3rd — Blackdown Air Disaster — Christine Maynard & Elaine Ireland of the Fernhurst Society
Jun 7th — Journey of a Craftsman — Colin Norgate
Jul 5th — Protection of the Royal Family — Colin Tebbutt MVO
Aug 2nd — Members Only6.30pmVisit to National Trust Base at Coopers Field for a short talk and guided tour of their workbase, followed by a picnic
Sep 6th — The Real Pirates of the Caribbean — Iain Kennedy
Oct 4th — Conan Doyle, the Surrey/Hampshire Connection — Michael Gunton

Friday Nov 9th — 8pm A report on the completion of our WW1 project — plus Jane Lewis of the Surrey History Centre updates us on her Headley project — in Headley Village Hall — all welcome; no charge for entry



Friday Dec 14th — Presentation with a Christmas Theme — Tony Creasey [Note: NOT the 1st Thursday]
Jan 10th — Born in Siberia — Helena Hendin [Note: NOT the 1st Thursday]
Feb 7th — A Drop of the Hard & Soft Stuff — David Rose
Mar 7th — AGM plus a Quiz
Apr 4th — 'All Tanked Up', the Canadians in Headley during WW2 — Jo Smith
May 2nd — Watercress Line: the past, the present & the future — David Yaldren
Jun 6th — The work of the CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England) in Hampshire
Jul 4th — Around the World on a Double-decker — Richard King (see details of his book)
Aug 1st — Members Only6.30pmVisit to Undershaw, former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sep 5th — A Guide's Guide to Highclere Castle — Sarah Somerville
Oct 3rd — Harlots, Dung and Glory — Andrew Negus
Nov 7th — Chocolate making from cocoa bean to bar — Dawn Shrives, Le Salon du Chocolat
Dec 5th — Wine Tasting with the Grayshott Wine Company
Jan 9th — William Morris — Jim Miles [Note: NOT the 1st Thursday]
Feb 6th — Upstairs/Downstairs at Stansted Park — Janet Sinclair
Mar 5th — AGM — then a presentation by Chris Knott (Strategic Infrastructure Director) and James Child (Project Director) of the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company on "Bordon: Where to next?"
Apr 2nd — CANCELLED — History & Mystery of Maps by Tony Painter, rescheduled for Feb 2022
May 7th CANCELLED The Atlantic Railway: Brunel's Vision — Iain Kennedy, rescheduled for May 2021
Jun 4th — CANCELLED Gospel Green Cyder tasting
Jul 2nd — CANCELLED Portsmouth, part 2 — Andrew Negus, rescheduled for May 2022
Aug 6th — CANCELLED Visit to Headley Grange, rescheduled for Aug 2021
Sep 3rd — CANCELLED Surrey Border Movie Makers, rescheduled for Oct 2022
Oct 1st — CANCELLED 'Four Men of Frensham' — Steve Priestley, rescheduled for Sept 2021
Nov 5th — CANCELLED The Flying Boats of Southampton ('Ships of the Sky') — Colin van Geffen, rescheduled for Sept 2021
Friday Dec 4th — CANCELLED Christmas Social in Headley Village Hall — including musical entertainment from Clare & Chris, rescheduled for December 2021
Jan 7th — Uppark: Fire & Restoration — Bob France — This talk was CANCELLED (moved to October), but was replaced by …
Jan 7th — Headley Parish Council, the early years — Jo Smith (by Zoom)
Feb 4th — Guildford's Wartime Defences — David Rose (by Zoom)
Mar 4th — Headley's Dramatic History + AGM — Jo Smith (by Zoom)
Apr 1st — The River Wey Trust: its past, present and future Alistair Young, (by Zoom)
EXTRA: Apr 15th — Headley Theatre Club, the first 50 years — Jo Smith (by Zoom)
May 6th — The Atlantic Railway: Brunel's Vision — Iain Kennedy (by Zoom)
   'Buy your ticket at Paddington Station and disembark in Boston or New York', was Brunel's plan.
Jun 3rd — The Most Heroic Failure of Modern Times – Shackleton's Antarctic — Jeremy Holmes (by Zoom)
Jul 1st — Repercussions of COVID-19 and our Relationship with Nature — Tony Whitbread, President of Sussex Wildlife Trust (by Zoom)
Aug 5th — Members Only6.30pmVisit to Headley Grange [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID], rescheduled for May 2022
EXTRA: Friday Aug 6th — Headley's Hidden History, a pot pourri — Jo Smith (by Zoom)
Sep 2nd — Four Men of Frensham — Steve Priestley
Oct 7th — Uppark, Fire & Restoration — Bob France, plus a 'Tell us in Ten' on Standford Grange Farm SANG by Bill Wain
Nov 4th — 'View from the Wings' — Brian Freeland
Friday Dec 3rd 7.00pm — Christmas Social in Headley Village Hall this was open to members and their friends.
Musical entertainment was by Clare Loosley & Chris Cook; there was a finger buffet, mince pies and mulled wine, a raffle and table quiz – and all for just £10 per head.
Jan 6th — The Flying Boats of Southampton ('Ships of the Sky') — Colin van Geffen — by ZOOM
Feb 3rd — History & Mystery of Maps — Tony Painter
Mar 3rd — AGM + Matt Bramich (Ludshott Common's ranger) + Quiz
Apr 7th — (at Headley Village Hall) Flora Thompson: Beyond Candleford Green — Jo Smith — meeting open to all: no charge
May 5th — Portsmouth (part 2) Harlots, Dung & Glory! — Andrew Negus
May 26th — Members Only6.30pmVisit to Headley Grange
Jul 7th — The History of Cunard: the Route to Glitz and Glamour! — Steve Herra
Aug 4th — Shaw House — Sarah Somerfield: "The Elizabethan manor house at Shaw has many fascinating stories to tell. Built from the profits of the cloth trade in 1581, it has since enjoyed visits from royalty, including Elizabeth I and Charles I, as well as being the setting for Civil War battles and accommodation for soldiers during World Wars. Later, Shaw House became a school for local pupils. Now in the 21st century, following over 6 million of conservation and restoration, the House is a visitor attraction and business and conference centre. Many of its secrets were not revealed until restoration, and it is my pleasure to share them with you now"
Sep 1st — LATE CHANGE Selborne & Headley Workhouse Riots of 1830, John Owen Smith – see report on this and a 'Tell us in Ten' on Standford Grange Farm SANG [This evening should have been a talk by the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Team, but they pulled out the day before]
Oct 6th — Surrey Border Movie Makers: entertaining short films
Nov 3rd — Are there Romans at the bottom of your garden? — Keith Baker of Liss Archaeology told us of the recent work and invites you to bring artefacts for him to look at
Dec 2nd — 7.00pm Christmas Social in Headley Village Hall — The price of 15 covered a hot supper, 'reverse' quiz and entertainment. Due to indisposition among the Shantymen, entertainment was provided by Arford Bells (who we thank for standing in at short notice). There was also raffle.
Jan 5th — Alton Climate Action Network
Feb 2nd — Headley on the Web in Headley Village Hall — Alistair Young & Jo Smith will explain what we have on the village websites, how we got there, and where we are going — includes live access to the websites
Mar 2nd — AGM + John Childs of Grayshott Heritage — 'Death and Life in Tudor Grayshott'
Apr 6th — The Story of the Suez Canal — Iain Kennedy
May 4th — Surrey Hills & the Surrey Hills Society — Ken Bare
Jun 1st — Harlots, Dung & Glory (Portsmouth, part 3) — Andrew Negus
Jul 6th — Making Wine in Hampshire — Robert MacCulloch, Head Winemaker, Hattingley Valley, Lower Wield — with tastings
Aug 3rd — 6.30pmVisit to All Saints Headley churchyard — an introduction and guided tour by Jo Smith
Sep 7th — Change of Programme: The History of Liphook Road, Headley — Jo Smith,
    — plus, a 'Tell us in Ten' by Headley Climate Action Network

Oct 5th — Family History Stories by Headley Society members
Nov 2nd — White Horses and Hill Figures — Tony Painter
Friday Dec 8th — 7.00pm Christmas Social in Headley Village HallGuildford Rock & Roll Years — David Rose

Current programme

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