View over Selborne (144K)

View over Selborne, Hampshire
home of Gilbert White (1720-1793)

View over Selborne

'Selborne' comes from seala burna,
'Stream of sallows' is its claim;
Springing from the steep-sloped hangers
Chalk streams still affirm the name.

And it's from atop those hangers
Selborne is ideally viewed,
Looking like some working model,
Church and houses neatly strewed.

Climb the Bostal path to spy
The village centre framed by trees,
Green or gold, depends on season,
Each has equal power to please.

Selborne, with its past and present,
Feeds the mind and feeds the eye,
Gilbert White, and Oates, and Ingham,
Woodland walks and views from high.

Such a mix in one location,
Workhouse riots, yew tree's fall,
New-thatched roofs and sunken pathways,
One day's visit won't see all.

Sample then the parts that please you,
Stroll from Church to Gracious Street,
See The Wakes and browse the bookshops,
Then adieu till next we meet!

© 1991 JOS

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