'Allo 'Allo by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft

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Directed by Nick Webb

Performed by Headley Theatre Club at Headley Village Hall
2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th October 2009


René Artois Jo Smith
Edith Artois Dilys Smith
Yvette Mel White
Michelle Isabelle Glinn
Mimi Emily Downs
Colonel Von Strohm Peter Glinn
Helga Karina Farnlucher
Captain Alberto Bertorelli John Preskett
Herr Flick Rod Sharp
Crabtree Vicky Meadows
Leclerc Nick Webb
Lt Gruber Martin Wellen
General Von Schmelling Tim Rose
Airman 1 Paul Wareham
Airman 2 Paul Heath
Soldiers Jo Levy, Josh Humphrey
Peasants Wendy Downs, Jill Turner, Maggie Farnlucher, Kay McGregor
Café Pianist Jo Levy

Production Team

Director Nick Webb
Assistant Director Jean Teuten
Costumes Mavis Standing, Dilys Smith
Stage Managers Paul Heath, Paul Wareham
Stage Crew Paul Heath, Paul Wareham, Tony Wareham, Neil Hardinge, Tina Wareham, and helpers
Lighting/Sound Paul Kosinski, Josh Humphrey, Tina Wareham
Set Construction Cast and Crew
Publicity and Theme Artists Tina Wareham, Janet Hardinge
Front of House Neil and Janet Hardinge and helpers
Bar John McGregor, David Burnham and helpers
Catering Pru Harrold (Pru's Pantry)

Our thanks to all those who sold tickets for us, especially Tina's Hairdressers and Alfred Whittle & Sons (Headley Down)


Act I

Scene 1 - René's Café
Scene 2 - Larder
Scene 3 - Colonel's Quarters
Scene 4 - Flick's Quarters
Scene 5 - René's Café
Scene 6 - Side Room in Café
Scene 7 - René's Café

**** INTERVAL of 15 minutes or so ****

Act II

Scene 1 - René's Café
Scene 2 - General's Office
Scene 3 - Flick's Headquarters
Scene 4 - Colonel's Office
Scene 5 - René and Edith's Bedroom
Scene 6 - Cinema
Scene 7 - René's Café
Scene 8 - Larder
Scene 9 - René's Café

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