Headley Theatre Club presents

The Broomsquire

a dramatisation of Sabine Baring-Gould's celebrated Victorian novel

touring from 14th to 23rd June 2013

Photos - details of the 2013 tour - details of the 2001 production

Cast List . . .

Matabel, the foundling Izzy Glinn
Jonas Kink, the Broomsquire Luke Oates
Simon Verstage, landlord of The Ship Inn David Irwin
Susanna Verstage, wife of Simon Mel White
Iver Verstage, their son Mark Spiller
Sarah Rocliffe, sister of Jonas Pru Harrold
Giles Cheel, an elder broomsquire Peter Glinn
Betsy Cheel, his wife Wendy Downs
Markham, a solicitor Nick Webb
Barelegs, an attorney Rod Sharp
Judge, at Kingston Crown Court David Irwin
Defence Counsel Neil Hardinge
Puttenham, Guardian of the Poor in Thursley Peter Glinn
Doctor, staying at The Ship Inn Neil Hardinge
Vicar of Thursley Rod Sharp
The murdered Sailor Nick Webb
Casey, a murderer Peter Glinn
Marshall, a murderer Neil Hardinge
Lonigon, a murderer Wendy Downs
Two labourers Rod Sharp, Peter Glinn
Chorus Wendy Downs, Dil Williamson-Smith
School Children Zak & Zya White
Serving wench Claudia Ridgely

MusiciansSteve White (pipes); Nick Webb (guitar)
SingersIzzy Glinn, Dil Williamson-Smith, Mel White, Nick Webb

Author — Jo Smith
Directors —
Jo Smith & Steve White
Co-Director —
Dil Williamson-Smith

Set Construction Members of Headley Theatre Club
Props Janet Hardinge & Ellie Bradford
Wardrobe Dil Williamson-Smith
Publicity Tina Wareham & Janet Hardinge

List of Scenes . . .

Scene 1 - Introduction
Scene 2 - At the Ship Inn, Thursley - Iver leaves
Scene 3 - In the Punch Bowl
Scene 4 - At the Ship Inn - in the porch
Scene 5 - Jonas proposes
Scene 6 - The wedding party at the Ship Inn - Iver returns
Scene 7 - At Jonas's house
Scene 8 - Mrs Verstage and Iver visit the Punch Bowl
Scene 9 - At the Ship Inn
Scene 10 - To Thor's Stone
Scene 11 - In the Punch Bowl
Scene 12 - The Birth
Scene 13 - The Bequest
Scene 14 - The Baptism party in the Punch Bowl

**** INTERVAL ****

Scene 15 - The Trustee
Scene 16 - Markham visits Matabel
Scene 17 - Jonas visits Iver in his Guildford studio
Scene 18 - Matabel takes the baby to see Sarah
Scene 19 - Jonas visits Barelegs the attorney
Scene 20 - Back in the Punch Bowl
Scene 21 - Matabel on the run
Scene 22 - The Trial
Scene 23 - At the Ship Inn
Scene 24 - To Thor's Stone again
Scene 25 - Finale

The play is performed 'in promenade' and runs for approximately 2 hours

The 2013 Tour

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