Headley Theatre Club
Established 1952
Tel: 01428 712892

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based at Headley , Bordon, Hampshire

Constitution 2018

1          GENERAL

1.1       The Name shall be “The Headley Theatre Club”

1.2       The aim and objectives of the Club will be:

                   [a] To foster and encourage drama within the community

                   [b} To entertain its members, friends, guests and the general public

                   [c] To unite the village in good fellowship

2          Membership

2.1       Adult Membership – Full membership shall be open to all those aged 18 years and over who wish to support the activities of the club.   All such members should be registered with the membership secretary.   There may be an annual subscription charged, the amount of this subscription to be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting [AGM].

2.2       Guests may be invited to assist the club in staging productions but should register with the membership secretary to be given temporary membership.

2.3       Junior/Youth Section will be run by the club subject to there being sufficient demand.   Any junior members will be appropriately supervised and the “Child Protection Policy” operated by Headley Village Hall Trustees will be adhered to.  There may be an annual subscription charged, the amount of this subscription to be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting [AGM].

2.4       Junior and Youth Group members shall be entitled to vote for their own representative on the Committee, but not for other adult members of the Committee.

2.5       The club has a suitable Data Protection policy which will be reviewed as necessary by the committee.



3.1       Committee members shall be elected annually at the AGM and the elected committee shall appoint the officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Business Manager) from the elected committee.

3.2       Any full member can be nominated for the Committee.

3.3       At Committee meetings each officer, committee member or co-opted member shall be entitled to one vote, but in the case of a tied vote the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

3.4       The Committee may create sub-committees and appoint members to deal with specific projects/activities as required.   These should report back to the full Committee.

3.5       A quorum for the Committee meetings shall be four, to include 2 officers.

3.6       The Committee may appoint a full member to fill a vacancy on the committee.

3.7       A President may be elected at a General Meeting to represent the club’s best interests and to arbitrate in any dispute.   Any Full Member can be nominated as President.


4.1       The President, if one is appointed, when present, shall act as Chairman at General Meetings.

4.2       An AGM shall be held each year before the end of May.

4.3       A Quorum for all General Meetings shall be twenty full members, or one quarter of the membership, whichever is fewer.

4.4       Any matters to be raised at any General Meeting must be notified to the Secretary in writing a clear twenty-one days before the meeting, provided that the Chairman of the General Meeting shall have discretion to accept any other business as may be raised.

4.5       The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time, giving twenty-one days’ notice of its business.   Twenty members or one quarter of the full membership, whichever is fewer, have the right to call for such a meeting giving twenty-one days due notice to the secretary in writing.

4.6       An agenda shall be publicised and notice sent to all full members of every General Meeting not less than twenty-one days before the meeting is due to take place.   Nomination forms for election to the committee will be sent to all full members.   Completed nomination forms, with the approval of the nominee, should be received by the secretary seven days before the meeting.

4.7       Changes to the Constitution must be presented to a General Meeting and would require a two-thirds majority of members who attend the meeting for approval.

4.8       Only full members as defined in sub-paragraph 2.1 shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.


5          FINANCIAL

5.1       The financial year shall be from 1st May to 30th April each year.   Copies of the accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the AGM each year and will be reviewed by a suitably qualified person.

5.2       The annual subscription rate (if any) shall be fixed at the AGM in accordance with sub-paragraphs 2.1 & 2.3.   Subscriptions (if any) become due from the date of the AGM.  A period of two calendar months is allowed for payment.

5.5       The Committee shall control the finances for the furtherance of the club’s activities and Cheques drawn on the Club’s bank account should be signed by the approved signatories.

5.6       In event of the dissolution of the Club an Extraordinary General Meeting shall decide on the disposal of all club assets and properties.


(updated 5th February 2018)

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