Green Room, 28 Feb 2020

The Green Room is our annual social event when we get together to have a chat, eat, drink – and indulge ourselves in doing things (theatrical!) that we wouldn't normally do. It's a chance to try out a song, a sketch, a monologue, a 'stand-up' routine, a musical number – anything you'd like to have a go at.

Don't be shy – that's not what we join Theatre Club for. Here, you're among friends who will support you even if (especially if) you're a beginner at whatever you're attempting.
Dig out the musical instrument that's been sitting in a corner; look up some verses or sketches that you think we'll all enjoy; find a partner and practice some close (or even distant) harmony. Be inventive – be brave.

Tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll add you to the list – and if you don't tell us by the end of January, we'll be asking you why not!

So thinking caps on, and let's have a party on Friday the 28th February.

This year we're asking for a £5 (£2.50 for students) contribution towards costs, and please bring a dish for the buffet and something to drink.

For more info on the Green Room, contact: Dil & Jo Smith