Directed by Ellie Bradford

Performed by Headley Theatre Club at Headley Village Hall
6th, 7th, 13th and 14th October 2017
including 3-course meal


Jeffery Fairbrother Cavan Syrad
Peggy Ollerenshaw Karina Farnlucher
Gladys Pugh Rachel Spiller
Barry Stuart-Hargreaves Jonathan Neil
Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves Kathryn Witts
Ted Bovis Martin Wellen
Spike Dixon Ayrton Barrow
Fred Quilly Rod Sharp
Mr Partridge Nigel Owens
Bailiff & Mr Pritchard Nick Webb
Sylvia Garnsey Mel White
Dawn Angela Berry
Tracy Bentwood Shirley Neil
Betty Whistler Abigail Hibberd
Hilary Bovis Tina Wareham

Stage Manager: Paul Heath assisted by Paul Wareham
Props and Publicity: Janet Hardinge
Wardrobe: Dil Williamson-Smith
Light/Sound: Neil Hardinge
Catering: Pru Harrold

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