Humpty Dumpty

12th—20th January 2018 at Headley Village Hall

Production TeamScenesPhotos

Humpty Dumpty Rod Sharp
Old King Cole Kevin Stephenson
Queen of Hearts Penny McKay
Duke of York Zak White
Captain of the Guard Neil Hardinge
King's Men Aimee Aldridge, Charlie Berendt, Louis Clist, Simon Fairhurst, Lily Garrett, John McGregor, James Matson
Puss, the Palace cat Dil Williamson-Smith
Widow Welly Mavis Standing
Jack, her eldest son Emma Worman
Jill, her eldest daughter Tiana Howard
Monday Endeah Boorah
Tuesday Iona Hibberd
Wednesday Poppy Newman
Thursday Grace Dorans
Friday Jasmine Newman
Saturday Kitty Levin
Sunday Toby Spiller
Miss Muffet Karina Farnlucher
Georgie Porgie Mel White
Willie Winkie Kathryn Witts
The Wolf Charles Berendt
Tom, the piper's son Annaliese Farnlucher
Boy Blue Simon Fairhurst
Bo Peep Holly McGoldrick
Mary Victoria Kendall
Her lamb Georgia Doel
Three pigs Grace Dorans, Summer Wareham, Jasmine Newman

Adult Chorus: Angela Berry, Louis Clist, Wendy Downs, Maggie Farnlucher, Anne Flanagan, Fiona Ryland, John Ryland, John McGregor, Caroline Stephenson

Production Team

Director — Jill Turner

Producer/Author — Jo Smith

Musical Director — Jo Levy

Instrumentalists Jo Smith, Nick Webb, Zak White

Stage Manager Abby Hibberd, assisted by Lola Howard, Danielle Matson & Janet Hardinge

Scenery construction Paul Heath & club members

Scenery Painting Cavan and Loretta Syrad

Properties Janet Hardinge

Juniors' Director Tina Wareham

Costumes/Adult Choreography Dil Williamson-Smith

Lights and Sounds Paul Heath, Paul Wareham

Front of HouseMembers of the Club

Ticket Sales & PublicityJanet Hardinge, Tina Wareham

Children's Chaperones — Rachel Spiller, Tina Wareham, Sharon Worman

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue Humpty Dumpty
Scene 1 Outside Widow Welly's house
Scene 2a On Parade with the King's Men
Scene 2b In Miss Muffet's Parlour
Scene 3 The Farm in Nursery Rhyme Land
Scene 4a In the Royal Palace
Scene 4b On the way to the Wall
Scene 5 At the Wall

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

Scene 1 The Farm in Nursery Rhyme Land
Scene 2a By Miss Muffet's parlour
Scene 2b In the Royal Palace
Scene 3 At the Wall
Scene 4 Repairing Humpty
Scene 5 At the Wall

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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