The Scots versus the Danes in the year 1040 (or thereabouts!)

A medieval feast to celebrate St George's Day
with a nod to the Bard

22nd & 23rd April 2011 at Headley Village Hall


Cast List . . .

Witch One Mel White
Witch Two
Jo Levy
Witch Three Wendy Downs
The Scottish Team:
  Mac Macbeth Mark Spiller
  Beth Macbeth Rachel Spiller
  Duncan Martin Wellen
  Banquo Pru Harrold
  Birnam Wood Jill Turner
  Glen Peter Glinn
  Morangie / McGonagal Rod Sharp
The Danish Team:
  Hamlet / Romeo Luke Oates
  Gertrude Kay McGregor
  Claudius / Henry V John Preskett
  Horatio Mavis Standing
  Yorick / Bottom Louis Clist
  Polonius / Malvolio David Irwin
  Ophelia / Juliet Karina Farnlucher
  Carl / Puck Natasha Hibberd
  Berg / Hans Christian Andersen Nick Webb
Lady Godiva Vicky Meadows
Skye Blue John McGregor
Shakespeare Jo Smith
Cleopatra Dil Williamson-Smith
Mistresses of the House Janet Hardinge & Tina Wareham
Masters of the Stage Messrs Heath, Wareham & Wareham
Bard of the Lighting Board Neil Hardinge

Author/Director — Jo Smith

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

Scene 1 – The Witches convene
Scene 2 – Hamlet meets Beth
Scene 3 – In a Scottish pub
Scene 4 – Bard-off #1
Scene 5 – Witches' brew
Scene 6 – On the field, teams in training
Scene 7 – Supporters' views
Scene 8 – In the Gym

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

Scene 1 – Polonius explains the situation
Scene 2 – Still in the pub
Scene 3 – Bard-off #2
Scene 4 – Pre-match build-up
Scene 5 – The Match
Scene 6 – Reviewing the consequences
Scene 7 – Back in the pub

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