MacHamlet Goes West!

1056 and All That - our heroes go on a Tempest-tossed Atlantic cruise

A medieval feast to celebrate St George's Day
with a nod to the Bard

24th & 25th April 2015 at Headley Village Hall


Cast List . . .

Witch One Mel White
Witch Two
Jo Levy
Witch Three Dil Williamson-Smith
The Scottish Team:
  Mac Macbeth Mark Spiller
  Beth Macbeth Rachel Spiller
  Duncan Martin Wellen
  Banquo Jill Turner
  Birnam Wood Wendy Downs
  Glen Peter Glinn
  Morangie Rod Sharp
The Danish Team:
  Hamlet Luke Oates
  Gertrude Ann Flanagan
  Claudius Louis Clist
  Horatio Pru Harrold
  Yorick Tina Wareham
  Polonius Nick Webb
  Ophelia Karina Farnlucher
  Carl Mavis Standing
  Berg Ellie Bradford
Miranda Abby Hibberd
Prospero Richard Weller
Caliban Nigel Owens
Ariel Sam Owens

Author/Director — Jo Smith
Stage Manager — Nick Webb
Props — Janet Hardinge
Lights/Sound Neil Hardinge
Wardrobe/Co-Director — Dil Williamson-Smith

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

Scene 1 – The Witches convene
Scene 2 – In a Scottish pub
Scene 3 – Witches wonder which way
Scene 4 – The Scots prepare for the Cruise
Scene 5 – On-board entertainment
Scene 6 – The Witches make landfall
Scene 7 – Cruise arrival
Scene 8 – On the beach

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

Scene 1 – Prospero & Polonius
Scene 2 – On the beach again
Scene 3 – The Witches visit Prospero
Scene 4 – Miranda's idea
Scene 5 – Beach Volleyball competition
Scene 6 – Round-up
Scene 7 – Heading for home

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