Headley Theatre Club — Newsletter April 2020

See 'things to do' while you isolate

'RetrospectiVE', July 17th & 18th

Will it, won't it? Who knows if restrictions will lift early enough for us to get the Summer Show on the boards. But Dil and Jo will work up a script which needs minimum rehearsal time (ie. things we largely already know!) if we get the all-clear for the show dates but not time for many rehearsals.


This year's AGM will have to be postponed until we can meet again (do know where , but don't know when). We'll let you know when we know.

Social Events

We were planning to hold another Club barbecue this year - but again, we'll have to see how global events unfold.

Dramatic Walk on Hindhead , Sunday 13 September

We've been asked by the organisers of the Haslemere Walking Weekend to do the Dramatic Walk on Hindhead again - assuming such things are allowed by then - so this is a 'heads-up' to the usual suspects. It may turn out to be the next thing we do!

Autumn Show, October 9, 10 &/or 16, 17

The current plan is to do the Murder Mystery (originally planned for April) in October - unless the Summer Show is cancelled, in which case we'll do RetrospectiVE in October and move the Murder mystery on to next Spring.

Pantomime, January 15, 16 & 22, 23

Due to falling audience numbers over several years (we haven't had a full house for a panto since 2009) the committee has decided to experiment with new start times for the shows. Fridays will remain an 8pm start, but Saturdays will be a 2pm matinée followed by a 6.30pm evening show. More news later as to what the show might be.

For further information on what we're planning to do in the future, see our website.

Things to do while you isolate

This is the link that Mel gave which she thought people might like to look at
it looks like a lot of fun - there is a lot there to interest many different tastes.

For the science-minded, New Scientist recommends the following
NASA's online exhibits and 36,000-year-old art in Chauvet cave.

Another one to try is https://www.zooniverse.org/projects