Headley Theatre Club - Newsletter for July 2019

Junior Pantomime
Did you get to see the Junior/Youth performance of Aladdin on Saturday 29 June? If so, you'll know that there were some encouraging performances on display from our younger members. Well done to them, and well done also to Tina and Karina for the time and dedication they put into the show and the many weeks of activity that preceded it. There are some photos on the Club website.

Many thanks to John McGregor for funding this year's Club barbecue, and for ordering such glorious weather! About 40 of you came along, including Janet making her first proper outing this year, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Dil and Jo for hosting.

'Allo 'Allo
Tickets for the 'Allo 'Allo supper evenings on 12/13 July sold out before we had even put the boards up. As I write, the scenery is complete and the cast are preparing for their final rehearsals. If you fancy being a French waiter or waitress, we are still a little short of servers for the two evenings.

EUAN at Lindford, 20 July
Lindford Village Hall is bringing in drama for the first time. On Saturday 20 July, Chewboy Productions are visiting with their show 'EUAN'. Tickets are £8 from Lindford Parish Council or phone 01420 475788 and there will be a cash bar. It's had good reviews from performances in London, and starts at 6.30pm. If you want to join a group going to it, let Jo Smith know.

Visit to Hatchlands, 11 August
Some of us have booked to see an open-air performance of 'Private Lives' at Hatchlands on Sunday 11 August. Please let Dil know if any queries.

Autumn Show
The musical entertainment offered by Chris & Clare in October is to run on the evening of Saturday 19 and the afternoon of Sunday 20 October. This is instead of our normal autumn production and will be for Village Hall funds. We will publicise it and assist with food, backstage and front of house. At the moment we are trying to think of an appropriate eye-catching title for the show. Any suggestions?

'Shed Days'
Since we won't be using the Hall for rehearsals in the run up to October, we'll plan to use a number of the evenings to sort out our storage in and around the Hall. Those of you who took part in our 'shed day' in May will know what a difference a day makes!

Dramatic Walks
Jo Smith will be running his Dramatic Walks: around Waggoners Wells on August Bank Holiday Monday (26 Aug) and over Hindhead Common on Saturday 28 September. He has asked the 'usual suspects' to play the roles they have played in the past, but there are also 'crowd scenes' in both dramas which anyone can join in. Please contact Jo if you want to know more.

Pantomime 2020
Mel and Steve White are writing a version of Snow White for performance in January 2020. Mel will be directing. Normally auditions would be held after the Autumn show, but she may take advantage of the lull to bring them forward this year. More news later.

Future productions in 2020
Rachel is considering running a Murder Mystery, and it's a long time since we've put on an Old Time Music Hall. These are two possibilities for 2020, but please let the committee know if you have ideas of your own.

For further information on what we're planning to do in the future, see our website.