Headley Theatre Club Newsletter – July 2018

We are coming up for the dress Rehearsals for the summer show, Over the Top and tickets are on sale for the performances on 13th and 14th July.  Please contact Janet on 01428 717358 if you still need to purchase yours.   Tina will be in touch with those of you who have offered to help during the performance.

The Club Barbecue will be on Sunday 15th July at 2.30pm at Dil & Jo’s house.  This is an event to which your family are invited too.  The Club will provide salads, breads and puds but please bring any meat/fish/veg alternative you would like to cook on the BBQ and something to drink.  We hope for good weather!

(Let us know if you need directions).

The read-through and auditions for the autumn production will take place on Tuesday 17th July and Tuesday 24th July respectively, 8pm in the Village Hall.  The dates for the show are 28th/29th September & 5th/6th October.

Below is a message from Nick which gives some idea of the characters in the two sketches:–

“As you will know I am directing another 2 episodes of Fawlty Towers, A Touch of Class and Waldorf Salad.  They are probably the last 2 episodes that can be staged at Headley due to the complex staging of the remaining 6 episodes.

For continuity we are keeping the main characters as they were, David to play Basil, Mel to play Polly and Pru to play Sybil.  Luke is out of the country so the part of Manuel is up for grabs.

“The lists of characters for each play are below – there are plenty of small parts with a few non-speaking parts.  Please take a bit time to watch the episodes on Youtube to decide on the sort of characters that interest you.

A Touch of Class





Major Gowen

Miss Tibbs

Miss Gatsby

Lord Melbury (Con man)

Danny Brown (Under-cover Detective)

Sir Richard Morris (Hotel Guest)

Lady Morris (Hotel Guest)

Mr McKenzie (Hotel Guest)

Mrs McKenzie (Hotel Guest)

Mr Watson (Hotel Guest)

Mrs Watson (Hotel Guest))

Mr Wareing (Hotel Guest)

Mrs Wareing (Hotel Guest)

Waldorf Salad





Mr Johnston (Hotel Guest)

Mrs Johnston (Hotel Guest)

Mr Hamilton (American Guest)

Mrs Hamilton (Hotel Guest)

Miss Gatsby

Miss Tibbs

Major Gowen

Terry (Chef)

Miss Hare (Hotel Guest)

Mr Arrad (Hotel Guest)

Mrs Arrad (Hotel Guest)

Miss Gurke (Hotel Guest)

Mr Lisbon (Hotel Guest)

“I look forward to seeing you on the 17th & 24th July.”

The Headley Village Fete will be on Saturday 15th September.  We’re are still looking for a few acts to play in the beer tent – any bands/groups/duos/solos – so if you know anyone who would like to showcase themselves with a 20/30 minute set on the day (why not you?) get in touch with Dil for further information. 

We may use some of the material from the Summer Show, as the theme of the fete is WW1 and Women’s Suffrage.  We will also have a stall and a small collection of costumes for people to dress up in and have their photos taken in the village hall foyer (any volunteers to help with either of these would be greeted with enthusiasm!)

That’s all for now, but to keep up with the latest news see the Club’s website at www.headley-village.com/drama.  And btw, as we are in the process of revamping the website – if you have seen a site for a similar group that you particularly like let us know – we are still looking for inspiration!