Headley Theatre Club — Newsletter July 2020

Plans for 'Breakout'

While we still don't really know what rules & regulations will apply over the next few months, the committee has decided it's time for us to make at least a couple of positive decisions. So, we are proposing the following:—

'Breakout' picnic at the end of August

Pru has kindly offered her large garden for us to use on Sunday 30th August for a chance to see each other again at whatever 'social distancing' guidelines pertain at the time. Bring your own food and drink. * PLEASE SEE BELOW.

'Green Room' on Friday 9th October

On the day when we should have been performing the first night of our Autumn show, we will instead be holding another Green Room evening. We have no idea what regulations may be in force then, but we're assuming things will have eased enough for this to be practical. And while we would intend it to be largely for our own entertainment, we could, if the situation allows, begin to invite people from outside the Club (ie. an 'audience') to come and share it with us. * PLEASE SEE BELOW.

Script readings by Zoom

Meanwhile, script readings by Zoom continue at 8pm on Thursday evenings and still seem to be popular, with an average about eight or nine people 'turning up' each week. This is enough for us to feel it's worth continuing, but we could always do with more - so if you are interested, even as an 'observer', please do log in on the night. You should all be getting the invitation by email each week. If not, let us know.

Murder Mystery evening by Zoom

Rachel tells us she has run a successful Murder Mystery evening by Zoom elsewhere, and is happy to do the same for us. So we have decided to use the evening of Thursday 23rd July for this (instead of the usual script-reading). We'll send out more information nearer the time.

Dramatic Walk on Hindhead, Sunday 13 September

As we said last month, this is still being advertised by the Haslemere Walking Festival people, and if they (and the National Trust) are happy for it to go ahead, we're happy to perform in some way, shape or form.

December 2020/January 2021

Will things evolve to a state where we can get a cast together in October to start rehearsals for a winter performance? It would be nice to be able to put together some sort of 'Christmas entertainment'. Give us your thoughts and 'watch this space'.

Murder Mystery in April?

Current thoughts are still for us to attempt to stage 'The Wedding Reception' murder mystery, planned and cast for this April, twelve months later in April 2021.

And then?

Frankly, who knows? As the situation evolves we'll be considering, with your help, what other possibilities exist in 2021 and beyond.

Club History

Jo Smith is still busily scanning through a pile of photos and other pieces that people have lent him to update our historical archive. Look at the website under 'History' and see if there are any gaps that you can fill, and if so, let him have it!

Stay safe, and hope to see you before long.

* For both the Picnic and the Green Room we shall need to know who is coming in advance, as numbers may have to be limited. We'll send out reminders nearer the time.

For further information on what we're planning to do in the future, see our website.