Headley Theatre Club — Newsletter September 2020

Committee meetings still Zooming along!

Our committee meeting was a bit later this month due to holidays, but we all got together again electronically on the 14th to take stock of the ever-changing situation. At the moment, nobody seems to be sure how the new 'rule of six' applies to amateur dramatics – hopefully more light may be shed on it over time, so long as something else doesn't pop up meanwhile to muddy the waters again.

'Breakout Picnic' at the end of August

A big 'thank you' to Pru for hosting the 'Breakout Picnic' at the end of August. There were 17 of us there altogether and the weather, while not tropical, was at least dry and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We didn't know then that a restriction on numbers would come back or we'd have enjoyed it all the more!

'Green Room' in October – or later

It's looking less and less likely that we'll be allowed to congregate for a Green Room in the Village Hall any time soon – but what we'd like to suggest is that you make a plan to have something ready to perform when the curtain is finally allowed to go up. Hopefully before the end of the year.

Script readings by Zoom

Script readings by Zoom proved popular at first, but for the last three weeks not enough of you have logged in and the sessions have ended early after a brief chat. We'll try again at 8pm on Thursday 24th September when Tina will be introducing us to the "Third Week in August" – a play which we might very well stage for real when conditions allow. Have a look at it on the HTC Website under Scripts.

Dramatic Walk on Hindhead, Sunday 13 September

Sadly, this was cancelled by the organisers. Even more of a shame because the weather was good, and it was the day before the random 'rule of 6' was imposed. Maybe next year?

Christmas show

We still feel it would be nice to put together some sort of 'Christmas entertainment' for the village in December. Dil is happy to organise it. Give us your thoughts and 'watch this space'.

Murder Mystery in April

Current thoughts are still for us to attempt to stage 'The Wedding Reception' murder mystery, planned and cast for this April, twelve months later in April 2021.
And after that? – Give us your thoughts.

Club History

Look at the McKay Montage on the HTC Website and see how many people you can identify. It was done for Laurie Lewis at the time of her leaving for Spain, so that gives some of you a clue as to the year – around 2006.
and Jo is still open to receive any old Programmes you may have lurking which are missing from our records.

Stay safe, and hope to see you again before long.