Headley Theatre Club — Newsletter January 2021

The committee had its first meeting of the New Year (by Zoom, of course) and spent some time thinking about what else we could do in the short term using our current Zoom account.

Thursday Evening Zooms

We will continue to open up a Zoom session every Thursday at 8pm. Sometimes it may be a Play-Reading, sometimes a Quiz, and sometimes it's just to chat – but we've also decided to try showing some of our past productions by Zoom. We'll be testing the technology, possibly also putting them on Youtube for future viewing, but do let us know your favourite shows to watch again, and we'll do our best to fit them in if we have a good recording of them. More on this when we know more.
These Thursday sessions keep us together. Do join in if you haven't given it a try. Joining instructions are sent out to members each week – let us know if you're not receiving them.

Another Quiz by Zoom on Thursday 14th January

This Thursday we have decided to host another of Jo's quizzes. Just for fun – no fee, no prizes, and you mark yourselves – so it's only yourselves you're cheating! Feel free tell friends outside the Club – we're happy for as many to join us as possible.

And post-Zoom

Our Zoom account runs until May, when we'll decide whether to renew or not depending on circumstances.
When we can eventually meet again (and one day we will!) we'd like to have a show ready to go, which means something that won't need a lot of rehearsing – possibly along the lines of a musical evening. If you have any ideas, let us know.

Lend Lease

We've been lending our Zoom account to The Headley Society, for a fee, for them to do a few Zoom presentations. In the first of these, Jo Smith gave an illustrated talk on aspects of Headley's History – and we had over 50 screens logged in and estimated that nearly 90 people watched it from as far afield as Huddersfield and Herne Bay. If you missed it, or would like to watch it again, here's a link to it on Youtube. He's due to give another talk on 4th March which will probably incorporate the history of Headley Theatre Club.

Stay safe – and hope to see you Zooming soon, and in the flesh before long.