"Now We Are 65" Rehearsal Schedule         See Proposed Programme & Timings

Note: This shows all available dates. It will be up to directors of individual items to choose when and where they want to rehearse.
Someone will open up the Hall each night unless it becomes apparent that nobody wants to use it that evening.  
Please keep Dil or Jo Smith informed of dates you wish to use.  

Also note that the final Thursday before the show isn't available to us, so we've scheduled the Dress Rehearsal for the Tuesday.                                                                           

When                          What                                                                                                                    Where

Tue 7 Feb                    Done                                                                                                             Village Hall

Thu 9 Feb                    Done                                                                                                             Village Hall

Tue 14 Feb                  Done                                                                                                             Village Hall

Thu 16 Feb                  3rd Thursday – no rehearsal                                                                                           

Tue 21 Feb                  Done                                                                                                             Village Hall

Thu 23 Feb                  Done                                                                                                             Village Hall

Tue 28 Feb                  Done                                                                                                             Village Hall

Thu 2 Mar                    Done                                                                                                            Village Hall

Tue 7 Mar                    Done                                                                                                            Village Hall

Thu 9 Mar                    Done                                                                                                            Village Hall

Tue 14 Mar                  Done                                                                                                            Village Hall

Thu 16 Mar                 3rd Thursday – no rehearsal                                                                                           

Tue 21 Mar                   Done                                                                                                           Village Hall

Thu 23 Mar                   Done                                                                                                           Village Hall

Tue 28 Mar                                                                                                                                      Village Hall

Thu 30 Mar                                                                                                                                      Village Hall

Tue 4 Apr                                                                                                                                        Village Hall

Thu 6 Apr                                                                                                                                        Village Hall

Tue 11 Apr                                                                                                                                       Village Hall

Thu 13 Apr                  No Jo Levy                                                                                                   Village Hall

                                    *** EASTER ***

Mon 17 Apr                2.30pm Dress Rehearsal                                                                             Village Hall

Tue 18 Apr                  Rehearsal                                                                                                     Village Hall

Thu  20 Apr                3rd Thursday – no rehearsal                                                                                           

Fri  21 Apr                 8pm Evening performance                                                                           Village Hall

Sat  22 Apr                 8pm Evening performance                                                                          Village Hall

Sun 23 Apr                  10am  Clear up!!                                                                                All willing       VH

Rehearsals start at 7.45pm
Please ring Dil/Jo on 01428 712892 with any queries

Juniors will be rehearsing for their own show on Thursdays, 7 to 7.45pm