Wyrd Sisters Rehearsal Schedule          

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When                          What                                                                                                                    Where

Tue 16 Jan                   Read-through                                                                                                Village Hall

Tue 23 Jan                   Auditions                                                                                                      Village Hall

Tue 30 Jan                                                                                                                                        Village Hall

Thu 1 Feb                    Blocking                                                                                                        Village Hall

Tue 6 Feb                                                                                                                                         Village Hall

Thu 8 Feb                    Recording                                                                                                      Village Hall

Tue 13 Feb                  First half                                                                                                         Village Hall

Thu 15 Feb                  3rd Thursday – no Hall     Words at 12 Kay Crescent                                    12 Kay Cres                                                        

Tue 20 Feb                  First half                                                                                                        Village Hall

Thu 22 Feb                  Second half                                                                                                   Village Hall

Tue 27 Feb                  Second half                                                                                                    Village Hall

Thu 1 Mar                    CANCELLED due to weather                                                                      Village Hall

Tue 6 Mar                    Both Acts                                                                                                     Village Hall

Thu 8 Mar                    Scenes 21 & 22                                                                                            Village Hall

Tue 13 Mar                  Act 1                                                                                                            Village Hall

Thu 15 Mar                 3rd Thursday – no Hall     Music at 12 Kay Crescent                                                                                             

Tue 20 Mar                 6.30pm - Costume call before rehearsal                                                        Village Hall 
                                   7.45pm - Act 1 Scene 10 to Act 2 Scene 20 (warm clothes!)

Thu 22 Mar                 Act 1                                                                                                            Village Hall

Tue 27 Mar                 7pm - EGM; 7.30pm - Costume call before rehearsal     Act 2                       Village Hall

Thu 29 Mar                 Act 2                                                                                                            Village Hall

There will be some 'stagework' going on over Easter - contact Steve for details

                                   *** EASTER ***

Tue 3 Apr                   Run through whole play     Possible photocall                                                  Village Hall

Thu 5 Apr                   Scenes with people in                                                                                     Village Hall

Sun 8 Apr                   10am - Stage work
Dress Rehearsal #1                                                                       Village Hall

Tue 10 Apr                  Bits & pieces, plus test firing of pyro                                                              Village Hall

Thu 12 Apr                 Dress Rehearsal #2                                                                                    Village Hall

Fri  13 Apr                 8pm Evening performance - went well!                                                       Village Hall

Sat  14 Apr                8pm Evening performance - another good show                                          Village Hall

Sun 15 Apr                 9.30am. Clear-up of marquees

Tue 17 Apr                 No rehearsal

Thu 19 Apr                 No rehearsal

Fri  20 Apr                 3pm Set-up; 8pm Evening performance                                                        Village Hall

Sat  21Apr                 8pm Evening performance                                                                            Village Hall

Sun 22 Apr                 8am Early morning clear-up and re-rigging of stage lights

Evening rehearsals start at 7.45pm
Please ring Steve/Mel on 01428 713852 with any queries

Rehearsal Schedule for "Over the Top"