Scripts for reading by Zoom!

For 8pm on Thursday 27th August 2020 (Tina sourcing):—

We've decided to pause Zoom script-reading for a few weeks as various people are away.
Tina is looking for the script to 'Third Week in August' which we had planned to run in August 2008 but couldn't cast.

If you have a favourite script that you'd like us to read, let us know.

Scripts prepared, and yet to be used:—

What Shall We Do With The Body? – performed 1988

Jobsworth Ep8 - Round the Bard – performed 2018

MacHamlet – performed 2011

The Broomsquire – last performed 2013

Flora's Heatherley – last performed 2006

Flora's Peverel – last performed 2007

'Allo 'Allo (Headley version) – performed 2019

Plaza Suite Act 2 – performed 1999

Plaza Suite Act 3 – performed 1999

Diminished Hamlet

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