Snow White

Pantomime written by the White family

10th—18th January 2020 at Headley Village Hall

Production TeamScenesProgrammePhotos

Snow White Xander White
Prince Orin Holly McGoldrick
Queen Malvinia Karina Farnlucher
Candice the Cook (Dame) Rufus Kendall
Muggles (the dame's son) Annaliese Farnlucher
Mirror Dil Williamson-Smith
Huntsman Jo Smith
Palace Guard Zak White
Postman Maggie Farnlucher
Miner Key Michaela Green
Miner Part Kathryn Witts
Miner Chord Abby Hibberd
Miner Setback Jonathan Neil
Miner Issue Neil Hardinge
Miner Injuries Unit Emma Worman
Morris Alun Diamond
Reflection Rachel Spiller
Puck Toby Spiller
Adult Chorus Wendy Downs, Maggie Farnlucher, Anne Flanagan, Shirley Neil, Tina Wareham
Juniors (forest creatures) Georgia Doel, Iona Hibberd, Kitty Levin, Violet Shaw, Ruby Sims, Jessica Spiller, Toby Spiller

Production Team

Director — Mel White

Musical Director — Jo Levy

MusiciansJo Smith, Nick Webb, Zak White

Stage Manager Janet Hardinge

Stage Crew Peter Glinn, Ellie Pope, Rod Sharp

Scenery construction Paul Heath

Scenery PaintingCavan & Loretta Syrad

Properties Janet Hardinge, Ellie Pope

Juniors' Directors Tina Wareham, Karina Farnlucher

Wardrobe Dil Williamson-Smith

ChoreographyKathryn Witts

Lights and Sounds Paul Heath, Neil Hardinge, Steve White

Front of HouseMembers of the Club

Ticket Sales & PublicityJanet Hardinge

Children's ChaperonesRachel Spiller, Tina Wareham

List of Scenes . . .

Act I Sc 1 – At the bitcoin mine
 Song 1 – Hi Ho – Miners
Act I Sc 1a – In the Kitchen
Act I Sc 2 – In the Palace
 Song 2 – Come Follow the Band – Chorus
 Song 3 – You're So Vain – Muggles, Chorus and Queen Malvinia

Act I Sc 2a You've got a friend in me
 Song 4 – You've got a friend in me – Candice, Snow, Muggles
Act I Sc 3 The Queen's boudoir
 Song 5 – I Put A Spell On You – Queen Malvinia and Chorus
Act I Sc 4 On the road
 Song 6 – On the road by Keane – Miners, juniors and Orin
Act I Sc 5 In the palace
 Song 7 – Working 9-5 – Chorus, Muggles, Candice and Snow White
 Song/Dance 8 – Rule the world, from Stardust – Snow and Orin

Act I Sc 5a In the dungeon
Act I Sc 5b In the kitchen
Act I Sc 6 In the Forest
Act I Sc 6a Woodland Scene
Act I Sc 7 In the Palace

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II Sc 1 In the Woods (UV scene)
Act II Sc 2 Dark Woods
 Song 9 – Ghostbusters – Candice, Prince and Muggles
Act II Sc 2a In the Dark Woods
Act II Sc 3 Miners' house
 Song 10 – Our House – Miners
Act II Sc 3a Miners' House
Act II Sc 4 At the Palace
Act II Sc 5 Community song
 Song 11 – 'A' You're Adorable

Act II Sc 6 At the palace
 Song 12 – This is Me – Snow White and Full Company
Act II Sc 7 – Candice and the Huntsman
 Song 13 – Reach for the Stars – Walkdown

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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