Toad of Toad Hall

Play written by A.A. Milne from the book 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame

11th—19th January 2019 at Headley Village Hall

Production TeamScenesPhotos

Marigold Holly McGoldrick
Nurse Wendy Downs
Mole Kathryn Witts
Ratty Rod Sharp
Mr Badger Nick Webb
Toad Rufus Kendall
Alfred Tina Wareham
Chief Ferret Charlie Berendt
Chief Weasel Victoria Kendall
Chief Stoat Simon Fairhurst
1st Field Mouse Theo Moore
2nd Field Mouse Kitty Levin
3rd Field Mouse Jasmine Newman
Policeman John McGregor
Usher Jo Smith
Judge Kevin Stephenson
Turkey Iona Hibberd
Duck Georgia Doel
Phoebe Abby Hibberd
Aunt/Washerwoman Caroline Stephenson
Mama Rabbit Annaliese Farnlucher
Harriet Rabbit Endeah Boorah
Lucy Rabbit Aimee Aldridge
Fox Summer Wareham
Bargewoman Angela Berry/Caroline Stephenson
Wild Wooders Junior & Youth Chorus
plus Lily Garrett, Poppy Newman & Jacob Pulman

Production Team

Director — Pru Harrold

Co-director — Jo Smith

Musical Director — Jo Levy

Stage Manager Dil Williamson-Smith

Stage Crew Peter Glinn, Karina Farnlucher

Scenery construction Paul Heath, Paul Wareham & club members

Properties Jill Turner

Juniors' Director Tina Wareham

Wardrobe Dil Williamson-Smith

Lights and Sounds Paul Heath

Front of HouseMembers of the Club

Ticket Sales & PublicityJanet Hardinge, Tina Wareham

Children's ChaperonesMembers of the Club

List of Scenes . . .

Prologue — Down by the Willows
Act I — The River Bank
Act II Sc 1 — The Wild Wood
Act II Sc 2 — Mr Badger's House
Act II Sc 3 — The same (some weeks later)


Act III Sc 1 — The Court-House
Act III Sc 2 — The Dungeon
Act III Sc 3 — The Canal Bank
Act IV Sc 1 — Rat's House by the River
Act IV Sc 2 — The Underground Passage
Act IV Sc 3 — The Banqueting-room at Toad Hall
Epilogue — The Wind in the Willows

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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