The pantomime with the flying palace

11th—19th January 2013 at Headley Village Hall

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Cast List . . .

Widow Twankey, Owner of a Pekinese laundrette Martin Wellen
Aladdin, her elder son Rachel Spiller
Wishee Washee, her younger son Ollie West
The Emperor of China Jo Smith
The Empress of China Dil Williamson-Smith
Princess Jasmine, their daughter Katherine Wellen
Su-Shi, Jasmine's handmaiden and confidante Claudia Ridgely
The Vizir, the Emperor's advisor Rod Sharp
Norman, the Vizir's spotty son Thomas Hiller
The Executioner Hugo Millard
Ying, a member of the Emperor's guard Karina Farnlucher
Tong, another member of the Emperor's guard Pru Harrold
Abanazar David Burnham
Genie of the Lamp John McGregor
Slave of the Ring Mel White
Sage Marshya Teresa Marsh
Chorus Wendy Downs, Kay McGregor, Abbi Hibberd
Traders Jean Teuten, Natasha Hibberd, Anne Flanagan
Wishee's mates Abbi Brittain, Anastazja Kendall, Zak White, Zya White, Tommy Sharkey
Youth Chorus Tiana Howard, Vicky Kendall, Vikki Sharkey, Emily Brittain, Annaliese Farnlucher, Isabella Lockley
Cave Keepers Anastazja Kendall, Abbi Brittain, Zya White, Tiana Howard, Vicky Kendall

Production Team

Director — Tina Wareham

Producer — Janet Hardinge

Musical Director — Jo Levy, Instrumentalists Martin Levy (guitar), Richard Lewis (electric bass)

Junior Rehearsals — Mel White, Tina Wareham, Janet Hardinge

Costumes — Starburst Foundation and Wardrobe

Stage Manager — Paul Heath

Stage Crew — Paul Wareham, Tony Wareham

Set Construction & Painting — Stage Crew, Rosemary Judge, Cavan Syrad, Ellie Bradford, Ollie West

Lighting/Sound — Neil Hardinge, Steve White, Harry Lewis

Publicity — Janet Hardinge, Tina Wareham

Props — Ellie Bradford

Front of House — Janet Hardinge, Shirley Wellen, Sheila Wareham

Prompt — Maggie Farnlucher

Original Script — Jo Smith

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue - Abanazar and the Slave of the Ring
Scene 1 - A Street in Peking
Scene 2 - Down an Alley
Scene 3 - In Widow Twankey's Laundrette
Scene 4 - A room in the Emperor's palace
Scene 5 - Outside the Cave
Scene 6 - Inside the Cave
Scene 7 - On the road with Ying and Tong
Scene 8 - In Widow Twankey's Laundrette again

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

The Interlogue - Abanazar tries to explain to plot so far
Scene 1 - Inside Aladdin's new palace
Scene 2 - Outside Aladdin's new palace
Scene 3 - In the Dungeon
Scene 4 - Aladdin's Palace in Abanazar's land
Scene 5 - Community song
Scene 6 - Aladdin's Palace returns

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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